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GROWLr Dating App Review (Gay Bear Social Media)

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As one of the best gay dating apps, GROWLr dating app is for gay bears to meet online and date each other immediately. As the winner of 2014 Cybersocket award for “The Best Hook-up App for Gay Men”, GROWLr knows how to help gay guys to find casual flings instantly.first page growlr


  • Every bear is welcome. A bear is a masculine man that belongs to a very inclusive part of the gay world. You can be hairy, muscular, heavy-set, etc. Of course, you don’t have to be any of those things. As long as you identify yourself as a bear in the gay community, you may want to try GROWLr dating app which will certainly bring you some sexy results. You are amazing no matter how you are labeled (or not labeled).
  • GPS-based technology introduces local gay men to you in your own neighborhood. You can also choose to meet other bears from around the world if you like. This gay dating app is very handy when it comes to travel dating, i.e. if you are going to visit another city, you may meet a gay man from that city online before you arrive! In this way, you can hook up with that gay man immediately when you arrive there.
  • Instant messages are private and intimate.
  • Live video calls are available – this isn’t available on many other gay dating apps.
  • Add private posts and view what’s new on your feed.
  • Complete Bear Run & Bear Bar listings, Checkin features, Galleries, Notes, and many more.
  • You can’t post naked photos on your dating profile.
  • Only gay men above 18 years old can join GROWLr dating growlr


  • It’s free to download and join.
  • Premium memberships:
  1. GROWLr PRO Membership: US$7.99
  2. GROWLr PRO Membership: US$3.99
  3. GROWLr PRO Membership: US$9.99
  4. GROWLr PRO Membership: US$19.99
  5. SHOUT! (5 Miles): US$4.99
  6. GROWLr PRO Membership: US$29.99
  7. SHOUT! (20 Miles): US$19.99
  8. SHOUT! (10 Miles): US$9.99
  9. GROWLr PRO Membership: US$59.99premium-growlr


  • If you don’t look like a Ken doll, you will find GROWLr dating app very useful because this app is for bears.
  • People on this gay dating app are not judgmental at all.
  • Many users have been their premium members for many years because they’ve enjoyed the results.
  • This dating app for gay men is very easy to use with a simple design – streamlined without bells and whistles.search2-growlr


  • You can’t block spammers and scammers who send you messages from 100 miles away.
  • Some scammers ask for things from you, so you need to stop talking to them.
  • Sometimes you can’t get one response after sending 400 messages (or maybe you’ll just get one response from those).
  • GROWLr dating app already makes money through advertising, but it still charges membership fees – and that’s not cheap.event-growlr

Users’ comments:

“This dating app for gay men is fantastic, but sometimes it has some technical issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible because those problems are annoying.” (Jim O., 24, Manchester)

“This is one of the best dating apps for gay men on the market. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hooking up with other gay men is very easy for me now, thanks to GROWLr dating app.” (William Y., 27, Houston)

“I’ve used this gay dating app to meet other gay guys in my local area and abroad. I think it’s extremely convenient because no matter I’m sitting at home or travelling the world, I can easy meet someone hot on my phone any time.” (Edward E., 33, Chicago)profile-growlr

Experts’ comments:

“GROWLr dating app is the most inclusive dating product for gay men. It’s also a travel dating app for gay guys who want to explore the world and have fun.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“I like GROWLr dating app because its database is huge. Although I’m not gay, all of my gay friends are on this dating app, so I feel very happy for them!” (Curt Coch)

“This dating app for gay men is very handy, effective and user-friendly. Highly recommended!” (Jade Seashell)

Editor’s Notes:

  • In fact, you may want to join more than one gay dating app if you want to maximize your chance of meeting someone high-value because in order to get quality, quantity is important.
  • Have some standards and then filter people according to your standards. Ideally, you should write down your standards and get familiar with exactly what you want.
  • This is the best era for gay dating because you don’t need to go to a gay bar anymore – now everything and everyone is available on the phone!
  • You can find casual flings and serious relationships on GROWLr dating app. All you need to do is to clarify what you want and ask what someone is looking for. If you two are on the same page, that’s the beginning of an interaction.


GROWLr Complete Overview


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I’m a gay man without regular income, so I’m looking for a rich partner. Is that possible on GROWLr?

Yes, that’s quite possible because there are many rich gay men on this dating app. But you’d better let them know what you are looking for so that they can decide whether they want to be with you or not. Please note that a relationship is about value exchange, meaning if you don’t have money, you’d better have something else to offer, e.g. a pleasant personality, good looks, the right connections, etc. Alternatively, you may try a gay sugar daddy dating app instead because rich men in that community already know what you are up to, as long as you tell them you are a male sugar baby.

  • I want to get married. Is it realistic to find a marriage partner on GROWLr dating app?

Actually, that has already happened – many of their members got married. Please remember that almost every long-term relationship/marriage started as a short-term relationship or a fling. It’s nearly impossible to start something serious with someone without any understanding of each other in the first place. Of course, you can start a serious commitment from a friendship, i.e. friends with benefits.

No one can guarantee that, but you will never know it until you try it. River Phoenix was a very sexy young man that a lot of people admired. Perhaps you can print his photo and put it on your wall, so that his image is always in your head. Then whenever someone who looks like River Phoenix rocks up, you will notice him

Executive Summary:

GROWLr is a trusted dating app for gay men which has become very popular recently. If you are a bear looking for some casual hook-ups, you may want to join this community. Of course, you might meet your Mr. Right here and get married as well. Anything is possible on GROWLR dating app.Growlr download itunes

growlr android-download

GROWLr has made gay dating easy for every member because it’s very simple to use and users get results very fast – many users have stayed on this app for many years – they highly recommend this dating product to all gay men who identify themselves as bears.


  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
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