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HelloHotties Review (Pricing, cons and critics, Success stories)

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HelloHotties niche and search purpose

Top features and activities


HelloHotties cons and critics

What do experts say?

Success stories


HelloHotties niche and search purpose

The site HelloHotties is meant for hookups and has the motto, Meet a hottie and get naughty! At the same time, it presents the modest-looking photo gallery of rather serious minded girls.

This contradiction is connected with the fact that HelloHotties promoted itself among younger girls and in traditional countries like India, Iran, or Armenia. These hot women got values.

These girls need some casual fun as well, but they used to show good manners and elegance, which is easy to notice on the profile photos and in their first messages or chat invites.

At the same time, HelloHotties doesn’t mind the same-gender hookups and welcomes such seekers. Each new user should indicate his gender and his desired partner’s gender while registering.

It would be a good sign for gay singles if not the statistics showing that female members severely prevail and make 75 percent out of the total quantity. Means, this site isn’t perfect for LGBTQ.

Top features and activities

Women’s profiles gallery is what one sees once he finishes his registration or signs in. They can be filtered by such parameters as age, online activity, or even the distance between you two.

There are two types of ice-breakers, likes and Flirtcasts. Flirtcasts are basically the analogue of mass winks, while the Like Gallery helps to save one’s favourite female members list.HelloHotties date


HelloHotties has the same price as the majority of hookup sites, 40 USD a month. Again, like other niche sites, it provides certain features to basic members, such as limited messaging.

To be exact, a free member can send 5 messages and 3 Flirtcasts each day, also to use some search filters but not all of them. As a result, free hookups on HelloHotties are possible but slow.

As to the Premium members, it’s considerably more reasonable to pay for 3 or 6 months at once, it’ll save up to 15 USD a month to the user. The 3-day trial costs only 1 USD.

There is also a possibility to get a thirty percent discount on Premium if to check for the offers regularly and stay updated. It is possible even while paying for 1 month only, as well as 3 or 6 months.

Once a member upgrades to Premium, no extra payments are needed. There isn’t a complex system of credits or packs, one gets the unlimited access to all existing features with Premium.

We live in the times when all online operations and transactions are transparent for the auditing organizations. With HelloHotties, one shouldn’t worry about that: payments will be anonymous.

HelloHotties cons and critics

The video chat is absent on this hookuping site, while it’s one of the most crucial options for the casual sex platform. How else to discover whether there’s chemistry between two users?

Video chats are also used for preventing the scam and keeping away the catfishers. Although there are video messages available, they won’t replace the full-fledged video chat and webcam sex.

Although the platform is technically secure and modern, there’s no customer support either. How is it possible on the contemporary dating site where each nuance of the process matters?

Finally, the choice of the girls is too big but not controlled in any way. Only a few hookup sites care about the equal ratio of male – female profiles, but not HelloHotties and it’s frustrating.canada date

The 75 percent of hot girls and only 25 percent of active male seekers make no sense in terms of the effective matching. It only makes sense when a man signs up for one quick hookup and leaves.

Is HelloHotties legit and efficient? There aren’t any complaints about the scam so it is reliable. However, it isn’t the site for local hookups, since many women live in non-western countries.

Is it a good decision to accept all international members without the clear promotion of international hookups? HelloHotties should be positioned as travel dating site, then it will be fair.

Also, on the platforms with many foreign users it is logical to have a dating blog with the explanatory articles and hookup tutorials. Unfortunately, there isn’t such an option on HelloHotties.

What do experts say?

The dating market is regulated and analyzed by the experts, including relationship therapists, psychologists, experienced daters, travel bloggers, and so on. HelloHotties isn’t an exception.

What specialists usually say about this platform is that it’s quite popular since the 2018 but not really useful. It’s typical that new members join and then leave, with or without a match.

The main flaw of the site is the non-precise target audience. For instance, they welcome gay singles, but do not promote this source in the gay cultural environment, do not create social circles.hoties sex

Neither the team focuses on the local promotion in the west, although the site is positioned as a western platform for adult dating. If the team concentrated better on their purposes, it would be better.

At the same time, HelloHotties cannot be rated very low since many efforts had been put into its proper work, design, and online opportunities. We’d give it three stars and a half for now.

The site contributes a lot into a more romantic perception of women on the online hookup scene, provides the high quality acquaintances and meeting opportunities in real life.

It suits better the male users who don’t mind travelling to get closer to their casual sex mates, and who are ok with international and interracial hookups within their own country.

It’s a positive side that most of the users find what they seek, and have access to the younger females although HelloHotties isn’t a sugar dating site. All these factors make it attractive and desired.

Success stories

“HelloHotties brought me the good experience only except for the very distant female members who I couldn’t reach by my car. In other words, there’s no GPS option for local hookups.

Yet, as a Premium member, I could enjoy the detailed search including by the location. This is how I managed to get laid with several hot girls and all of them had the wife material potential.

It just wasn’t the right time for us to get serious, for different reasons. But it makes a difference to hook up smart and sweet women, not those typical Bimbos for one-night-stands.

I would recommend HelloHotties to any man who is after quality not quantity, and who doesn’t mind to go to another state or even country for meeting those hot casual partners.

Although there are more convenient and effective hookup apps than this platform, I consider my experience very positive and memorable. I am still chatting online with sexy girls there and like it”.

“Thanks to HelloHotties, I met Jenny a very hot Latin girl who accepted my invitation to spend a brief vacation together. That’s why I think this site is suitable for travel dating and hookups.HelloHotties chat

We keep on seeing each other although she’s much younger than me, and I am not her sponsor of any kind. I think such relationships are desirable by any older man with the limited budget.

In addition to that, HelloHotties is very modern and trendy, as far as I understand that. It is neat, user-friendly, easy to use, but it has its own style and charisma. I love being its member.

I already told to many friends of mine about this platform, and some of them have met very sexy girls there. I rate it rather high despite of certain disadvantages I have noticed while using it”.

“The first thing I would say about HelloHotties is that there’s no scammers or bots. It’s a big rarity today, especially for the casual sex sites. With such a big number of hot girls online, it’s all legit.

I must add though, not all girls live in the US. Because of that, one is chatting with the purpose of virtual sex, mostly. Only if you two visit each other, you’ll eventually get laid.

I was surprised by the quality of messages, they were never automatic or shallow. Neither the profiles are vague or silly, instead, they tend to be meaningful and informative. It’s pretty cool.

In other words, I enjoyed being on HelloHotties a lot, on a contrary to some other hookuping sites where things are purely commercial and spiritless. This site differs from them positively.

I’m not sure I could meet a soul mate there or a serious-minded girl, as I never communicated with them in depth. But it’s a fact this site is way better than many other ones on adult dating market”.

“Before joining HelloHotties, I was quite tired of empty-headed blondes on similar platforms. So, I didn’t expect much. That’s why I was pleasantly impressed by the great results of being there.

Very quickly, I have found an interesting girl to talk to, and she became a very good friend of mine. A friend with benefits, of course, since we both joined this casual sex site for a reason.

She needed some fun and relaxation after her breakup, while I had to heal my wounds after the divorce. She is way too refined for joining other hookup sites where the atmosphere is naughty.

I am happy to have a possibility to get laid with normal girls, not vulgar or corrupt. Judging by Sarah and some other I talked to, these ones think less about shopping and more about sex.

Honestly, this is what a man wants, in any period of his life. I now understand why HelloHotties is so high-rated and there are so many positive reviews from the male members.

My opinion, we need more online hook up sources like this one, but they should be better developed. There are some cons too, so I’d rate it as a four-star adult dating site, not higher”.

“Most of all, I appreciate women’s beauty and charm. That’s why, for serious purposes, I use CuteOnly site and for hookups, I use HelloHotties. Both sites are filled with gorgeous girls.

On HH, one can be sure the girl will be model-looking yet modest and sincere. I’m not sure how exactly the team of the site achieves such results but it’s a fact, women there are mostly genuine.

I succeeded to get laid more than once via HelloHotties, mostly during the getaways to the smaller towns or neighbour countries. I am an avid traveller so it worked just fine for me.

If you’re a homebody though, this site will rather serve you as a virtual sex platform so it’s up to you whether to use it or not. I really liked my experience and gladly share it with the others”.

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