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Paltalk Review: How to chat on messenger?

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Best app for friendships and love

All topics for chatting online

Profile quality

Unique features on Paltalk

Flexible pricing system

How to date via Paltalk?

Travel mate

Casual sex partner

The first date

Long-term relationships

Criticism and the cons

Real success stories


Best app for friendships and love

Paltalk owner, PeerStream specializes in friendly chatting in the groups by interests as well as romantic connections. It’s a kind of messenger with many chat rooms and online communities to join.

In many ways, Paltalk is a social network for listening the music, singing karaoke together, sharing photos and videos, going out together, participating in cultural events, travel dating, and so on.

Paltalk has outshined all other products of PeerStream and gained a big popularity among the youngsters and adults. There is a desktop version and the mobile app version for Apple and Android.

All topics for chatting online

Who said only romance and intimacy can unite people in the chat? Anime, games, music, movies, politics, all that can be discussed in Paltalk chat rooms. There are surely other topics too.

LGBTQ members, for example, make a big community on Paltalk with the events calendar and party invitations. Themed festivals and social happenings are actively promoted via this platform.paltalk review

Profile quality

There’s no such a thing on Paltalk as Profile quality, only the Popularity level. Profiles do not contain any significant information and they aren’t designed to. There are no personality tests either.

If you’re interested in a more profound acquaintance than shallow chatting, you have to ask questions directly. There’s no other way to learn more about someone whose profile photo you liked.

On another hand, one can see how popular a person is among the users by investigating how many virtual gifts he or she received. A big number of various gifts means a higher popularity.

Is it good to befriend or date a very popular person? It means a big competition, but at the same time, it means the one you chose to communicate with, is smart and sexy therefore worthy of your attention.

Unique features on Paltalk

Although the platform seems fairly simple and even primitive at first glance, there are totally unique features not available on other analogue sources. Here are some of those options.

  • Subscription or Sticker packs as Virtual gifts. One can purchase subscription and present it to another user among his contacts list or out of it, as a virtual gift of a kind.
  • Voice chat or sharing audio and video content. It’s fun, but when this option is on, the user should watch out his dynamics since the gadget can get loud unexpectedly.
  • Multiple webcam viewing. This feature is really convenient and entertaining, but it requires a powerful gadget with enough operative memory space to work properly.paltalk messenger

Flexible pricing system

Although the Paltalk pricing may seem very complex at the beginning, it’s in fact fair and comforting. There are enough options to choose from, for either students or wealthy users.

Extreme subscription is perfect for youngsters, it makes $9.95 a month only. The price goes even lower if to pay for 12 months at once, which makes sense on a social chatting network.

VIP subscription offers more features and opportunities, it makes Paltalk the medium priced platform with a monthly payment of $19.95. It’s 100 percent convenient for any adult user.

Prime subscription is rarely bought but it exists for the most demanding users, with the price of $39.95. It provides 24/7 customer support, the set of free virtual gifts, and other benefits.

Credits and subscription gifts are to be purchased additionally for extra services. Exactly the credit system is the reason why Paltalk is criticized and often called an expensive dating site.paltalk login

How to date via Paltalk?

Some people think this site and app isn’t for dating, it’s for going out with new buddies and partying all together. It resembles Facebook in a way and other popular social messengers.

However, by statistics, the majority of members hope to find a casual or a long-term partner on Paltalk plus to new friends or like-minded companies. Moreover, many succeed in that.

Travel mate

Since travel dating is one of the main search purposes on Paltalk, finding a mate for the romantic trips is actual. This kind of search is especially common for summertime or Christmas time.

Users interested in traveling or vacationing together, indicate that in their settings and discuss in chats. There are surely special chat rooms for travel discussions and making arrangements.

Just remember that Paltalk isn’t perceived very seriously, and there’s no possibility to get to know someone really in depth before arranging a trip. In some way, another person will remain enigmatic.

So, always follow common sense and general rules of safety, divide the costs, watch your budget and do whatever is needed to protect yourself and the planned trip from possible frauds and dangers.paltalk express

Casual sex partner

Yes, Paltalk is used for local hookups too. Since it’s a social platform for like-minded communities, these hookups take place rather spontaneously and are based on common interests anyway.

For example, bikers, rockers, anime lovers, avid surfers, they all may find a casual partner in a chosen social group and enjoy friendship with benefits. It happens more often than the site itself reports.

Ironically, hookuping on Paltalk is safer than through specialized adult dating sites, since the casual partners aren’t exactly strangers. They have a lot in common and treat each other with respect.

The first date

Since the trust level is so high on Paltalk and hobbies are shared, it’s no wonder many have romantic intentions and go out with someone they liked chatting with. It’s the right place for that.

By statistics, young people like having their first date via Paltalk. They find it safer than getting acquainted in a bar or in other places full of strangers while Paltalk unites like-minded folks.paltalk download

Long-term relationships

Serious affairs aren’t exactly typical forthis platform, but they happen regularly. Again, it is explained by common interests of the users that unite them, and bright themed chats they initiate.

Paltalk members may eventually form a stable couple after chatting as friends, penpals, or casual lovers. Others have an intention to date seriously from the beginning and declare that openly.

Since the number of success stories on Paltalk is really impressive for such a simple chatting platform, dating experts consider it suitable for establishing long-term relationships and serious dating.

Criticism and the cons

Any dating sites or messengers are criticized by the users, since there are always certain imperfections. None platforms are perfect, and too many of them are way too similar.

Paltalk surely has its complete analogues too, which decreases its value in the market. Some members may have wrong ideas and commercial intentions or expectations, like everywhere online.

At the same time, the scammers and other fraudulent personalities are strictly weeded out by the admins and easily reported by other users. The platform is reportedly safe in that regard.

What bothers though, is the limited number of features, and the immature atmosphere in most of chat groups. Let’s not forget Paltalk mostly gathers teenagers and video games players.

However, if not to fall into stereotypes and remain optimistic, then it’s more than possible to find a match for any means and any kind of relationship. That’s why Paltalk is never rated too low.paltalk app

Real success stories

“I met Dave on Paltalk in the cosplay chat room, we always loved talking to each other. Then we felt it’s something more than friendship and decided to meet in real. It was the best decision in our lives!

We found even more in common than ever before, so it’s no surprise we started dating. We’re very happy together and we really believe messengers like Paltalk can bring very romantic acquaintances.

Moreover, we are still staying there for the sake of new friends and fun parties. There is always a possibility to go out with other couples and arranging our own events with a big company via Paltalk.

I am thankful to this cool platform and many of my friends find it very trendy and useful too. Comparing to other ones, it’s effective and fun, and Dave is the love of my life so I cannot complain”.

“Our story with John has started exactly on Paltalk where many of my buddies also found their soul mates or at least casual partners. We chatted as programmers and video games lovers.

But soon, we understood we are missing each other a lot and messages aren’t enough. We met and fell in love instantly, the chemistry between us was really strong. It was a great surprise.

We are together for six months now. That’s why I think the chat apps like Paltalk, are perfect for the romance as well. The users’ mutual interest is based on common views and hobbies.

Other platforms provide the relationships based on sex, horny mood, same preferences in a bed, and so on, while Paltalk motivates singles share their real thoughts and many-sidedness.

I am super grateful for my beloved John and our acquaintance, I realize we would never meet if not Paltalk app. I always tell our love story to people and encourage them to sign up and take a chance”.

“I love being on Paltalk, I live in a remote area and it’s hard to find friends there. On this site, I made dozens of new friends and some of them even traveled to visit me. It excites me a lot.

Paltalk app review

Last month, I have met my future girlfriend there as well. We are both interested in farming and gardening, so we joined the chat room dedicated to this topic. Wow she knew much more stuff than myself.

We soon met in real and she didn’t have problem at all with travelling all the way and seeing me in my village. A very brave girl! She is now a big part of my life and it would never happen if not Paltalk.

I would definitely propose to her if I was sure she’ll accept. The time will tell. For now, I just want to express my big thanks to Paltalk and say hello from Rita who totally shared my lifestyle”.

“I am 18 and I feel much older than my peers. Never could I succeed in finding a lot of understanding in a college or out of it. Well, I found it on Paltalk and it’s such a pleasure to be needed.

Paltalk: Chat Flirt Video, w/ Strangers & Friends

I am going out with like-minded folks as much as I want, chat for long hours, and even started dating with a girl who appreciates me. I don’t think I could be liked my someone in my old environment.

That’s why I believe Paltalk is great for young loners who are still developing their character and making their mind about things. It helps to get confident much quicker and obtain new friends.

My now-girlfriend has joined the Paltalk app for the same reason and she loves the result. She changed the circle of communication completely and met me, so we both rate this platform really high”.


  1. Teresa says

    When talking to a stranger online, the first question to ask may be “What do you do?”.

  2. Holland says

    If you’ve met the person online, they may have left hints about their interests and lifestyle in their profiles.

  3. May says

    Asking about their daily routine and what they hope to accomplish can help you determine if you’ll be compatible offline.

  4. Caldwell says

    Similarly, asking about their hopes and dreams can provide clues about their personalities.

  5. Cohen says

    Avoiding deceitful profiles

  6. Bush says

    When dating online, one of the most common mistakes is to contact deceitful people.

  7. Herbert says

    It may seem like the only way to avoid getting duped is to be careful about the type of profile you choose.

  8. McLaughlin says

    Many people make deceitful statements about their income and occupation, but this practice is common among men and women.

  9. Cross says

    In fact, research suggests that most men lie about their occupation and income more than women.

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