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Top tips for sexy couples on swingers dating apps

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Life is so short. How many unforgettable experiences have blown your mind so far in your life? When was the last time you said, “Wow! This is absolutely great!” in dating and relationships? Frankly, you either wait or create in your love life. Therefore, you would be well-advised to create more and more memorable swinger dating stories from now on!

  • Join reliable swingers dating apps so your privacy is safe.

Previously, people must hook up with those who are already in their social circles as they didn’t have the Internet back then. Yet nowadays, we don’t need to do that anymore because we can simply join swingers dating apps easily.

Therefore, individuals in your existing social circles will never know what you are doing in your love life – your privacy is very safe! What’s more, since everybody on the swingers dating app is looking to build a threesome lifestyle or an orgy or something similar, no one has to explain themselves in the community. How wonderful is that?!

Having said that, I do acknowledge that there are some upscale swingers’ parties in many cities these days. For instance, in Adelaide, South Australia, there are at least 5 swingers’ parties and this city only has 1 million people. That means the percentage of people who prefer this lifestyle is pretty big!swingers

Kimmi’s Parties is the best swingers’ party in Adelaide, Australia. Their playhouse is always cleaned very thoroughly before and after every swingers’ party. Every bedroom has clean spare linen as well as a laundry basket for people to use. Every guest must bring an open mind, good manners, drinks and mixers as well as their smile! This playhouse is for swingles, playmates and couples of all backgrounds and types to join. The average age of their guests is somewhere between 25 and 55 years old. Realistically, your age, size, income, shape, profession or education shouldn’t be the reasons why you can’t join this upmarket event! But you have to be clean, well-mannered, very cheeky and dressed neatly when you are there!

  • Learn the vocabulary that you need.

At a play party, you must understand key vocabulary, okay? And here is a list of useful words for you:

  • Soft boundary limits: A soft boundary could be explored if presence and trust are established already. For instance, some men and women like exploring anal play, yet only when they’re already comfortable & feel very safe and totally relaxed with someone special.
  • Hard boundary limits: A hard boundary can’t be crossed or questioned. End of story.
  • Consent: Consent is given when it’s asked for. “Can I… ?” is hot & when you know this individual wants your touch, the pleasure is ten times stronger, right?
  • Newbies: A newbie is someone who has just started their journey in this playful world.
  • Soft swingers: These people prefer having intercourse with their own partners in the same space when others are also having intercourse. Yet they probably don’t want to do partner swingers love
  • Swingers: These people are open to partner swapping. ?
  • Seasoned swingers: They are very comfortable with partner swapping in an orgy.
  • BAF: Bring-a-Friend means couples are welcome to invite a friend to join the party.
  • Swingles: A swingle lives this lifestyle because they want to! A swingle has lovers but is still single.
  • Intro night: Newbies attend this session with the organizer before joining the party officially.
  • Hook-ups/NSA (No-strings-attached): It’s a casual encounter – meet, f**k, and leave.
  • F**k buddy: This is actually a relationship, e.g. the hook-up was great and they can do it again. But this relationship only stays in the bedroom.
  • Playmate: This is also a relationship, e.g. a lover with tremendous trust and good communication.
  • FWB (friends with benefits): This is a relationship as well because they are friends! But they sleep together.?

Note that these words are very common on swingers dating apps!

  • Unicorns are mostly bisexual ladies.

Some couples complain that finding a unicorn is pretty hard. As a matter of fact, so long as you look for bisexual ladies, it shouldn’t be too hard to meet a unicorn who’s looking for a sexy couple like you. So, if you are an open-minded couple looking to find the 3rd leg, you just need to specify what you want – a bisexual woman who wants to hook up with a swinger couple. But if you only chat up straight ladies, then it’s tough because most straight ladies are probably not real swingers on app

In actuality, you can try different lifestyles and decide which way is your favourite. Some singles and couples enjoy one style only, e.g. FFM, MMF, and so forth. However, if you are very open-minded, you may try various styles. E.g. you’ve never tried cucumbers, so you can’t tell yourself that you don’t like eating cucumbers, right? You have to try it first and then decide later.

By the way, many individuals do not even know they are bisexual until they try a variety of styles in this category. Dating coaches point out that everybody is at least 10 per cent homosexual or bisexual! (Source: swingers dating apps)

Once you’ve found a unicorn, you should give value to this bisexual woman so that she will want to be around for a long time. Truthfully, many couples can find unicorns, but they can’t keep unicorns. The best advice is to keep giving value to the unicorn you are sleeping with – that’s how you keep her! Ask her what she enjoys and do that as well (focus on building mutual benefits in the bedroom).


Dating experts from swingers dating apps argue that most people are at least 10% bisexual or homosexual.

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