HER dating app review (lesbian dating)

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HER is a lesbian dating app for bisexual and lesbian women to find love online. This pink dating app is beyond online dating because it also offers users with LGBTQ news and helps members find local queer events.


  • Friends: Members can add other users as friends, thereby being able to contact these lovely people any time.
  • Links: Users are allowed to read, post, listen to, watch and comment on wonderful lesbian videos/links in the community.
  • Group chat: A user can post a question in Group Chat so that other users can provide answers and insights.
  • LGBTQ events: Find local LGBTQ events in the local area and attend various functions, parties, festivals, etc.
  • Notifications: Never miss out on any comments, likes or matches from HER dating app.
  • Relationship mode: Those who are already in relationships can also use HER dating app to look for friends only. No wonder HER is the most active lesbian women’s community in the world.
  • Verified profiles: Every dating profile is manually verified by HER dating app to make sure everyone is a real person as opposed to a robot.


* 1-month subscription: $9.99 and $14.99

* 6-month subscription: $44.99 and $59.99

* 12-month subscription: $89.99 and $59.99

Please note that the prices are US dollars & prices depend on subscription types.


  • Match with other members and stay & scroll back to dating profiles, meaning if a member needs more time to make a decision, they can do it.
  • HER dating app isn’t just for lesbian and bisexual singles. Those who are already in relationships and women who are married can also join this app.
  • LGBTQ news feedprovides members with information about local parties, events, functions and festivals. Members can check out local/global news, share links, start discussions and communicate with other lesbian and bisexual ladies. This is a unique feature.


  • Since many womenon HER dating app are looking for friends rather than real dates, it’s not the most effective/efficient lesbian dating apps in the world.
  • A lot of its features are bells and whistles that aren’t directly relevant, so it can be slightly confusing.

Users’ comments:

“HER dating app is the only lesbian dating app I need because I not only find dates here, but also meet friends. I met my current girlfriend on HER dating app and both of us still use this app to meet new friends. It works very well for us.” (Julie, 37, Miami)

“I absolutely love HER  because it’s more than a dating app – it not only introduces new friends to me, but also gives me access to a wide variety of LGBTQ news as well as information about local events and parties. My life has definitely become much better because of HER dating app.” (Lisa, 28, Canberra)

“HER dating app sometimes has glitching, which is annoying. But I still find it quite useful because its database is huge. I often meet a lot of interesting ladies here. It’s surely the right place for me.” (Crystal, 21, Portland)

“My cousin recommended HER to me and we both enjoy it. This is the most crowded lesbian dating app in the industry and there must be a reason why it’s so popular. It is my favorite because it’s the most comprehensive pink dating app that I’ve used. HER dating app is indeed a real community for lesbian and bisexual women worldwide.” (Lily, 39, Sydney)

Experts’ comments:

“HER is a decent app for lesbian and bisexual women to meet each other and find dates online. Although it doesn’t have the most cutting-edge technology in its design, it’s still a marvelous platform for ladies looking for love in the pink dating community.” (Jade Seashell)

“We highly recommend HER dating app because it has figured out online dating services for bisexual and lesbian women. Its service is awesome.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

HER dating app provides unlimited opportunities for its users – no matter you are looking for a serious relationship, a casual hookup or just a new friend, you can find what you are looking for on HER. This dating app’s mission statement is: Let’s paint the town pink. Yes, it is clearly a high-end dating product for lesbian and bisexual ladies all over the world, as evidenced by its big database in so many countries worldwide. Almost every lesbian/bisexual woman has tried HER at some stage in her life because it’s extremely well-known inthe pink dating community everywhere.

HER dating app is very cool –  it’s not only a dating app, but also a real pink community for lesbian and bisexual women all over the world.

Let’s paint the town pink!
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