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Aphrodisiacs, Love Potions and Casual Hookup Apps ??

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Today I’d like to talk about aphrodisiacs and love potions that I find useful. Also, I’ll discuss how to use these tools effectively when you are a member of a casual hookup app.

  • Aphrodisiacs that actually work:

According to my personal experience, these aphrodisiacs actually work to some degree – oysters, salmon, red wine, nuts and seeds, chocolate, watermelon, asparagus, chili peppers, figs and strawberries with cream.

get hookup
get hookup

Oysters and salmon have been proven to be effective to some extent by science. As to red wine, I find it very good because drinking red wine can relax me and my current lover (a very sexy person that I met on a casual hookup app), thereby making us more aroused. As for nuts and seeds, I don’t know why they work, but they simply work for me pretty well.

Modern science has also proved that chocolate is a wonderful aphrodisiac because after eating chocolate, the human brain releases hormones that are similar to the chemicals in our body when we are in love.

A former lover of mine told me that watermelon, asparagus, chili peppers and figs are big turn-ons, but that lover didn’t tell me why those foods work. In terms of eating strawberries with cream, that’s just sexy as f*ck. Apart from that, eating ice cream also turns me on (similar to strawberries with cream)!

  • My ideal love potion:

This may sound strange, but my perfect love potion is writing! Sometimes writing 10,000 words a day gives me the best day because the more I write, the better I feel sexually. I know this seems to be crazy, but I have a point. Please let me explain.

When I write content about casual hookup apps, I have to do research about this topic beforehand. As I’m writing this article, I’m internalizing the information that I’ve read. This process turns me on tremendously. And I’m very grateful because I am able to produce content professionally – I absolutely love my job.

I know that writing 10,000 words per day may sound like a terrible day for you. But my ideal love potion isn’t for everyone. Maybe it’s only for me ? You may have your version of the ideal love potion, and that’s okay!

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dating hookup free

As a matter of fact, many people have mentioned that they find writing very joyful. For example, Kate Northrup says writing her books is the most joyful thing in her business&she is very happy as she gets paid by writing a journal each week on her blog. Roosh V also says writing is a type of meditation for him and he loves it so much. Scott Gallowaystates that he should have discovered writing 30 years ago because it’s such a beautiful activity that he totally enjoys!

Personally, I find writing very therapeutic, so this activity can remove the stress in my life. I love it because I can express myself through writing. I think it’s a kind of artistic expression which is very important to me.

  • My lover’s ideal love potion:

I met my current lover on a casual hookup app last year. Our relationship is amazingly sexy. According to my current lover, here is the ideal love potion –

When I go home with my lover, I take out a tray full of colorful condoms and ask my lover which flavor my lover prefers. It’s like going to a party and the waiter or waitress brings you a plate of food for you to choose! That’s a massive turn-on, isn’t it?

Casual Hookup Apps
Casual Hookup Apps

On the casual hookup app, there are many daters who have various love potions. A guy on the app claims that his love potion is listening to a sexy woman’s sexual voice – he literally asks his lover to read an erotic novel and record her voice. That turns him on really well.

Another guy mentions that his love potion is a collection of underwear models’ photos, which is fair enough.

A woman on the casual hookup app told me that her love potion is listening to Darren Hayes’s songs, e.g. Creepin Up On You, Dirty, Insatiable, Heart Attack, Unlovable, Truly Madly Deeply and I Want You. “I know Darren Hayes is gay. But after he came out, everything about him has become even sexier because before he came out, he wasn’t allowed to be who he really was,” says this woman sincerely, “I’m a huge fan after he came out officially. Honesty is a big turn-on ?”

  • How to be a winner on casual hookup apps:

In the first place, you must erase the inferiority complex and the fear that have kept you in check so far in your life. Please understand that the defensive attitude which you think can protect you from getting hurt is actually toxic. The fake roles you play in order to keep people liking you and strangers from judging you have done nothing good for you in reality. Let me show you a real example:

Many years ago, I lived in Asia where people went to hospitals for doctors’ appointments. In Asia the population is huge, so a lot of people were standing in the doctor’s office while each patient was consulting with the doctor (there was no privacy in terms of the conversation). When I was waiting in the doctor’s office, I heard a girl asking the doctor the most embarrassing question in the world (she said her boyfriend couldn’t enter her and she needed help). Everyone in the office was laughing at her, but SHE DIDN’T CARE because in her opinion, getting the right advice is more important than some random strangers’ opinions. Her attitude is to be admired.

app casual dating
app casual dating

Second, please take some time to really appreciate how important and special you are regarding the role you play in this world. Spend a minute basking in how amazing you can be once you have the confidence and self-esteem to really not give a f*ck. What do you have to fear from a man not liking you, a woman rejecting you, or random strangers judging you? This universe is designed for the strongest people to succeed and ingeniously designed to keep the weakest individuals in their place. You have to decide which side you would like to be on, and then join a casual hookup app with confidence.

Apart from online dating, you may want to try offline dating as well, because when you combine online dating with offline dating, your love life will become very empowering. Hence, apart from using a casual hookup app, you should also go out and meet people in real life.

android casual dating apps
android casual dating apps

Many people only hang out with the same friends FOR YEARS. If you are sick of the same crowd, I would like to encourage you to stop blaming the surroundings you choose and start analyzing the choices you make in your life. Simply go to Yelp and search your city – you will find at least 20 places that you have never been to. Yet chances are you don’t even want to go to those places because you are literally intimidated. If that’s how you feel, I have a suggestion for you: Let’s say you are going to meet someone from the casual hookup app for the first time in a new establishment – you can go to that bar before that date so you are able to become familiar with that environment beforehand.

My advice is whenever you are talking to people online, you should bring things into real life early and often. No matter you are on dating sites or dating apps (or even on social media such as Twitter and Facebook), it’s your responsibility to meet those people in real life fast so that you can filter potential dates and see which person is the right lover for you.

Quote: “Living your life more proactively is the best way to find the right person for you.”


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