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If you’ve lived in a western country all your life, you must go to Eastern Europe, South America and East Asia so that you will realize it is a beautiful world. By that I mean if you are a western man from an English-speaking country, you’d better enjoy travel dating.   I’ve been to Eastern […]

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If you’ve lived in a western country all your life, you must go to Eastern Europe, South America and East Asia so that you will realize it is a beautiful world. By that I mean if you are a western man from an English-speaking country, you’d better enjoy travel dating.


I’ve been to Eastern Europe, South America and East Asia in order to hook up with hot women in those countries. I find Eastern Europe the best because women in Eastern European countries are the hottest girls in the world.


  • I use European dating apps to meet Eastern European beauties before I arrive there.


In order to hook up with Eastern European ladies faster, I have joined Brilic, the best European dating app in 2019. This is how it works:


First and foremost, I created a dating profile on Brilic dating app when I was still in Los Angeles, California. I searched for women in Poland before I got on the plane.

best dating apps

I met several hot girls in Poland on the European dating app. We were chatting for a few days already.


When I arrived in Poland, I met each girl in person. I have to say that most Polish girls are 7s, so they look better than most American girls who are chubby and believe in feminism.


Honestly, I want to date 9s and 10s. But in reality, I’m very happy with dating 7s in Poland because these Polish ladies speak English fluently and they are interested in foreigners like me.


Thanks to the European dating app, I was able to build a rapport with these Polish beauties instantly. Here is the conversion rate: I chatted with 5 Polish girls and met 4 of them in person. I hooked up with 3 of them within 1 week after I arrived in Poland.


This conversion rate is almost impossible in Los Angeles and here’s why:


When I was in Los Angeles, I oftentimes see pretty ladies in the street because this is the second largest city in the United States and many hot women move to Los Angeles in order to become models and movie stars.


But the problem is I’m not an A-list celebrity. Almost all girls in L.A. are dreaming of dating A-list celebrities because they are already in Los Angeles.

real europa dating apps

That’s why girls that I wanted didn’t want me – they want to date Leo DiCaprio.


Frankly, I’m probably an 8 – I look like the younger version of Keanu Reeves. I go to the gym and have a six-pack. I’m not shorter than Leo DiCaprio. However, the problem is I’m not Leo DiCaprio.


Financially, I’m doing reasonably well – I can live wherever I want because my business is completely online. And I can afford to travel around the world.


Yet again, the problem is I’m not an A-list celebrity but I want to date very hot girls. That’s why I had to leave Los Angeles.


Well, I actually left America and moved to Eastern Europe in order to date hotter women who aren’t entitled.


  • The differences between Polish women and Ukrainian women are subtle and interesting.


As a matter of fact, I also used European dating apps to meet Ukrainian women before I visited Ukraine. It worked to some degree.


The main issue with dating Ukrainian girls is that most Ukrainian beauties don’t speak English well. I had difficulty communicating with them.


Having said that, I figured something out in Ukraine. I approached a guy in a nightclub who wanted to practice his English with me. I leveraged my US dollars to buy him drinks, so he wanted to become my friend.

popular dating app

Then this guy started to introduce hot Ukrainian women to me because he really gets it. I appreciate his intelligence.


This Ukrainian man was my wingman and translator. I got laid mainly because of his help. Quite frankly, I learned this technique from the Kingmaker podcast last year. And it works extremely well.


Yet when I was trying to use the same technique in Poland, it didn’t work anymore because Polish men just didn’t get it. Anyway, fortunately, most Polish girls speak English very well, so I didn’t have many difficulties communicating with them.


Here is my observation: Polish girls are less attractive than Ukrainian women. Most Polish ladies are 7s, whereas most Ukrainian beauties are 8s, 9s and 10s. Most women in Poland speak English fluently because they started to learn English early, whilst the majority of women in Ukraine can’t speak English well because they started to learn English later.


But of course, both Polish ladies and Ukrainian ladies are on European dating apps. That’s something they share!


In my opinion, Ukrainian women are better at doing makeup and dressing up because they are competing for limited resources, i.e. high-value men in Ukraine. Because there aren’t many rich men in Ukraine due to their bad economy, beauties in Ukraine have to look extremely attractive in order to get high-quality men’s attention.


Polish women are more westernized, so they pay less attention to their looks. That’s why they generally look less attractive than Ukrainian beauties.


The best part of living in Eastern Europe is I make First-World money online and I can live a high life in Eastern European countries. Please note that the average monthly wage is US$591 in Poland and the average monthly salary is US$301 in Ukraine.


That’s why many Ukrainian women have moved to Poland recently. Anyway, I know I make much more money than people in Poland and Ukraine, so I can always afford to take my Polish and Ukrainian girlfriends out for some fancy dates.


And they are truly impressed. Yet I didn’t really spend a lot of money according to my standards.

dating apps 2019

  • Are Eastern European women use European dating apps to look for casual dates or serious relationships?


In general, most women in Poland are more open-minded and are happy to hook up like western women. One of them told me that her favorite character on TV is Samantha Jones.


Therefore, a lot of girls in Poland use European dating apps for casual hook-ups only.


But Ukrainian girls are more traditional, so they tend to look for serious relationships on European dating apps. By the way, when western men go to Ukraine, Ukrainian women will ask these questions:


  1. Why are you here?
  2. Are you here for s*x?
  3. Are you planning on going back to your home country?


It happens to me all the time. Each Ukrainian stunner that I’ve dated has asked me these questions. They are very curious. Hence, please make sure you have prepared your answers to these questions before going to Eastern Europe.

Best Dating Apps Free: List of Top 3 Dating Apps for 2019


Also, I have noticed that most men who are into travel dating are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. It is said that when men from these countries are leaving the West in order to meet women in other countries, that means women in the West probably aren’t very attractive these days.


Indeed, I’m not a fan of western women because western girls who are 9s and 10s don’t want to date me, but I can easily get 9s and 10s in Eastern Europe. That’s just my reality and my honest opinion. Maybe your reality is different and you have a different opinion. And that’s okay!

You may argue that western men make more money, so we can afford to travel around the world. But that’s probably only one factor in the dynamics. A much more important question is: What really motivates western men to leave western countries?

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Lesly dating app review (lesbian dating) Thu, 13 Dec 2018 08:20:54 +0000 Lesly-Lesbian-Dating-&-Hookup

Lesly dating app is a pink dating app for lesbian and bisexual women to find dates online.

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Nowadays the No. 1 lesbian dating app is Lesly which has been highly recommended by lesbian dating experts and the lesbian dating community worldwide. Launched in 2016, Lesly only caters for the needs of bisexual and lesbian women looking for love online. Now there are millions of daters on this app.

Lesly says: no men, no worries.


  • Every dating profile is checked by Lesly team. In this way, scams and fake profiles are reduced effectively.
  • Lesly Meet: This feature matches you with local lesbian singles instantly.
  • Filter: Use this feature to filter members and only meet people you like.
  • Text messages: Contact other lesbian women privately.
  • Lesly Show: Share your photos and moments with other daters in the community. If your pictures are liked by other users, your profile will rank higher in search results.
  • It only takes 3 steps and 1 minute to complete the registration process.
  • Photo verification: Lesly dating app’s team manually verify every photo of every user.


  • 1-month member: $9.99
  • 3-month member: $24.99
  • 6-month member: $39.99
  • Writing a 5-star review = you may use it for free.


  • Fast verification makes sure that you can begin to look for love online quickly. Lesly team work 24/7 to verify new members’ dating profiles.
  • Hot Lesly Show is a unique feature that promotes popular lesbian singles, i.e. active users are rewarded with more attention from other members. The more photos you post on Hot Lesly Show, the more attention you’ll get from other users in the pink dating community. Yes, your effort is rewarded immediately by Lesly.
  • By leaving a 5-star review in Google Play Store or Apple Store and send the screenshot to Lesly dating app, you will get a chance to use this service for free. Having said that, this policy may not exist next year because Lesly is already extremely popular now – they don’t necessarily have to trade free memberships for reviews.
  • Lesly dating app doesn’t have any ads to annoy you. That means Lesly doesn’t monetise its members’ attention/data. That is to say, Lesly’s business model is to make money by collecting membership fees only – very honest and straightforward.
  • You only need to pay membership fees. There is no hidden cost like some other online dating apps which require you to pay for other unnecessary stuff.



Users’ comments:

“Lesly dating app is the most user-friendly pink dating app in the world. I’ve tried all lesbian dating apps and Lesly is my favourite.” (Bianca, 28, Melbourne)

“Lesly dating app truly understands lesbian and bisexual women. Highly recommended.” (Cathy, 30, New York)

“Swiping left/right is very easy to use. When two users swiped right to each other’s profile, that’s a match. I get approximately 3 matches per day, which is very good. I’m not overwhelmed or underwhelmed. This is the perfect lesbian dating app for me!” (Monica, 24, Vancouver)

“I’m using Lesly dating app for free because I wrote a five-star review for them on Google Play Store. Honestly, this app deserves a five-star review because it is indeed the best.” (Ellen, 35, London)

Experts’ comments:

“I know the team who developed Lesly dating app in 2016. That’s a very seasoned team in the pink dating industry. They have been developing online dating apps for many years and have added tremendous value to the lesbian dating community. Lesly has incorporated key features of classic dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Meanwhile, it also includes some social media features like Lesly Show which is very unique and delightful.” (Jade Seashell)

“Lesly dating app is reliable, chic and modern. Some users say it’s a bit hard to find the ‘delete’ button on Lesly. But it’s actually quite easy. Once you’ve found someone suitable and is ready to leave this app, all you need to do is to click on ‘privacy’ button on ‘profile setting’ page and then click on ‘account change’ button which will take you to ‘disable account’ page – nice and easy. Actually, many lesbian and bisexual women have found their partners on Lesly dating app fairly quickly, so they have already deleted their dating profiles. Better still, Lesly doesn’t keep your data, meaning once you’ve deleted your profile, your information is permanently gone. In other words, your information is yours only and Lesly dating app can’t share your data with anyone else.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

With free registration, Lesly dating app has become very popular in the lesbian dating world. As a clean app, users don’t see any ads in the community at all. Because Lesly dating app is a very effective and interesting lesbian dating product, it’s adored by lesbian daters around the world. This is also the only lesbian dating app without men (yes, other lesbian dating apps have creepy men looking for multiple girls for threesome hookups). Lesly dating app manually checks every dating profile to make sure this app is doing the right thing – no men, no worries.

itunes 200x

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Millionaire Match dating app review (wealthy dating) Wed, 12 Dec 2018 11:48:31 +0000 Millionaire-Match-dating-app

Milionaire Match is a luxury dating app for wealthy men and hot women.

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Millionaire Match dating app is the world’s leading dating platform for rich guys and attractive women to meet each other. It’s the ultimate place for CEOs, business owners, investors, doctors, lawyers, models, movie stars and beauty queens to meet each other and start relationships. Theoretically, Millionaire Match dating app isn’t a sugar daddy app; yet realistically, high-quality arrangements are usually found on this app because the majority of high-value sugar daddies don’t need to join sugar baby dating apps – they prefer Millionaire Match dating app.

Millionaire Match dating app helps you live your dreams. Also, if you are their happy customer and you look hot, you may even contact Millionaire Match because they sometimes need product endorsers to appear in their press releases worldwide. In this way, Millionaire Match will pay you instead. Having said that, you must meet these standards: 1) You must be their legitimate member; 2) you must look very attractive; 3) you must be able to provide positive comments on Millionaire Match dating app via telephone or video; 4) you need to have outstanding writing skills.


  • Members cannot include ‘looking for a sugar baby/sugar daddy’ in their dating profile because this will make Millionaire Match dating app delete their profile – Millionaire Match is supposed to be a sugar-free place as it’s a millionaire dating app only.
  • Discover other members in your local area.
  • Chat with other users online.
  • Certified millionaires: you know you can trust who you are talking to.
  • Browse other users’ profiles anonymously.
  • View who’s interested in you.
  • Excellent customer support 24/7.
  • Swipe left or right to indicate whether you like someone or not.


  • 1-month member: $100.99 (with auto renewal)
  • 3-month member: $239.99
  • 6-month member: $399.99
  • 1-month member: $109.99 (without auto renewal)


  • Add your favourite members to a list.
  • Anything is possible. Although Millionaire Match dating app doesn’t allow its users to look for sugar relationships, many members still managed to find sugar daddies and sugar babies via this app. In fact, any kind of relationship is possible here, no matter you are looking for a casual hookup or a serious commitment.
  • The quality of rich men on this app is pretty high because many of them are ready to get married and spoil their wives in a sugar style.
  • This app can be used on iPhone or iPad.
  • Send images in text messages.
  • Wealthy men who join Millionaire Match dating app are verified millionaires, so you know it’s a reliable rich men dating app.

* Gay or lesbian daters can’t find enough people to meet on Millionaire Match dating app.

  • Members can’t say they are looking for arrangements in public.
  • It’s quite expensive.Millionaire Match Rich Singles Dating App

Users’ comments:

“I met my husband on Millionaire Match dating app. As a retired sugar baby, I prefer marrying a rich guy so that I can continue enjoying a luxury lifestyle. Thanks to Millionaire Match, my dream has become true.” (Ann, 30, Brisbane)

“The quality of women on Millionaire Match is very high. Most ladies that I’ve met via this app are very rich themselves. They are either successful businesswomen or capable professionals that I respect and admire.” (Jack, 34, London)

“Millionaire Match dating app has extensive media coverage and very good press because it has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, so I believe in this reputable dating app for rich guys and hot women. Some of my CEO friends met their girlfriends on this app, so I’m trying it, too.” (Richard, 35, NYC)

“As a successful woman, it’s hard for me to find someone suitable in my life because most men don’t make as much money as I do & I don’t want to financially support a guy at all. That’s why I joined Millionaire Match dating app to meet someone who deserves my attention and love – someone that matches me!” (Sally, 33, Toronto)

Experts’ comments:

“Millionaire Match dating app was developed in 2001 by my friend’s company. It’s their high-end product which has millions of millionaires worldwide. Because they have been in the online wealthy dating industry for almost 20 years, they know what they are talking about very well.” (Diane Williams)

“No matter you want to meet a sugar daddy or find a rich husband, Millionaire Match dating app can help you achieve your goal in your love life.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

With over 3 million active members who are sexy women and wealthy men, it’s relatively easy to find someone suitable on Millionaire Match dating app. If you are aware of finer things in life or if you only want to meet high-value women, please download Millionaire Match dating app. But please note that your iTunes account will immediately be charged at the confirmation of your purchase. Auto-renewal for the same upgrade price at the end of 1-month period will be activated as well. Yet auto-renewal can be switched off – all you need to do is to click on ‘Account Settings’ and switch it off at least twenty-four hours before the end of the current period. Cancellation of the current upgrade plan during an active period isn’t

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Ashley Madison dating app review (finding an affair online) Mon, 10 Dec 2018 10:25:52 +0000 ASHLEY MADISON dating app

Ashley Madison provides married people with a platform to find affairs. Life is short; have an affair.

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As a well-known adultery site, Ashley Madison has developed an app for single and married/attached people to find affairs online. Founded in 2002, Ashley Madison has already become the most famous affairs dating app in the world.

Life is short. Have an affair.


  • Member feedback: A member can write feedback on another member’s dating profile, e.g. worth the time, pursues fantasies, gives good chat, etc.
  • It’s an ad-free app. Ashley Madison dating app is very user-friendly with a clean and tidy interface.
  • Members use profile IDs to replace usernames. This is a much better way to protect users’ privacy because privacy is the top priority on an affairs/adultery app.
  • Check boxes allow members to indicate their dating/sexual preferences, e.g. kinky, hopelessly romantic, etc.
  • Travel plans can be shared with other users so that you can have an affair in a different city.


  • 7-day free trial.
  • Introductory package: $59.
  • Elite package: $169.
  • Affair guarantee package: $289.

Please note that there is no monthly subscription fee in its pricing description, so this can be a bit confusing for some users. Also, prices may vary without prior notice, so you’d better check Ashley Madison dating app’s official page to see its pricing when you decide to join this affairs’ app.


  • Ashley Madison dating app won ‘Trusted Security Award’ due to its advanced security technology to protect users’ privacy.
  • You can see who’s viewed your profile.
  • Advanced search function allows you to specify what you want and find what you deserve.
  • Each dating profile displays feedback rankings from other users.
  • There are many ways to contact other users, e.g. text messaging, gift sending and calling.
  • You can delete your photo any time you want.


  • This is a business built on the back of broken hearts, damaged families and ruined marriages. However, some experts claim that affairs can help preserve many marriages because the modern marriage institution is against human nature – humans aren’t biologically programmed to be monogamous. When a married couple feel extremely bored, they might start to hate each other. But when they can find an affair, they will have the calm mind and relaxed body to go home and maintain their marriage. In other words, not filling your own cup first is cheating because when your cup is empty, you don’t have anything good to share with your spouse anyway. If someone else can fill your cup for you, that person is actually helping you with your marriage. An example is the famous movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. 
  • There are many more men than women on Ashley Madison dating app, so there are some fake female dating profiles. Men look for sex, whilst women look for passion. That’s true – if you’ve seen a movie called Bridges of Madison County, you can understand why a bored housewife needs passion to find meaning in her boring married life. Perhaps those four days in her life were the only colourful days in her entire life. Without that affair, her life was probably meaningless.
  • Its advertising strategy is a bit creepy – if you look at, you will notice that this site is purchased and created by Ashley Madison itself and it’s full of ads regarding Ashley Madison dating app and testimonials about why Ashley Madison is a legitimate dating platform.
  • Ashley Madison is quite expensive to use. Having said that, most people who are looking for affairs are usually rich men and rich women because poor people don’t have the energy to enjoy luxury affairs. Most poor people looking for love on the Internet are usually on Tinder and because the majority of poor people want to find love instead of excitement.
  • In 2015, Ashley Madison was hacked by those who were jealous of the commercial success of this app. Hackers threatened Ashley Madison by saying that if this platform isn’t shut down immediately, they will release its users’ names, home addresses and credit card numbers. That is just f**ked. However, Ashley Madison’s CEO has confirmed that this company will continue hiring a better IT team to make sure its data is safe.


Users’ comments:

“Ashley Madison dating app is the best affairs app in Canada. I’ve met all my mistresses via this sexy app.” (Andy, 47, Toronto)

“I use Ashley Madison dating app to find passion in life. After being married for over 10 years, life is so freaking boring. Luckily, I’ve had fun because of Ashley Madison. I believe that’s why I’m still married.” (Jennie, 38, New York City)

“Ashley Madison dating app is the best thing I’ve ever discovered in this world. I only want to date married men because they are more attractive – yes, I find men who are already taken more valuable because other women have chosen them.” (Linda, 27, L.A.)

“This is the only affairs app that I use because it works so well.” (John, 40, Sydney)

Experts’ comments:

“Ashley Madison dating app has 39 million users in 53 countries. What does that tell you? Perhaps something is wrong with the current marriage system?” (Jade Seashell)

“It’s the world’s No.1 adultery app.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Ashley Madison dating app is a legitimate hookup app for married people, although it had a data breach controversy. Life is too short to suffer from a boring marriage.

itunes 200x

Upadate Information 03.05.22

Ashley Madison Dating App Review

Ashley Madison dating app has recently undergone a data breach, but it has recovered successfully and now has more than 60 million users. This dating app is free for women and men to browse, and both can send messages and start chatting without paying a dime. If you are looking for a casual relationship or a hookup, this app is ideal for you.

With its anonymity and anonymous payment options, this app is perfect for casual dating or hookups.

Another great feature of Ashley Madison is its filter function. This will show you the people who have been active within the past two days. Then, you can move the “search within” bar to narrow your search. You can narrow down your search within increments of 10 miles. This is helpful for finding the perfect match within the right time and location.

How to send a private key on ashley madison

The key is finding the person who is actively seeking you. While using the Ashley Madison dating app, it is important to know the gender, age, area land, and language of the person you are talking to.

As with all apps, there are cons to Ashley Madison. It’s a scam when you get messages asking for your financial details. In order to avoid these scams, make sure you read the message thoroughly before you respond. This way, you’ll know if you’re wasting your time. If you’ve been scammed by a scammer, you can delete your account and not lose your personal information.

If you decide to use Ashley Madison dating app, you’ll have a safer, more secure environment for dating.

If you’re not satisfied with your match’s choices, you can delete their profiles and accounts. However, you’ll not get a refund if you choose to deactivate your account. To deactivate your Ashley Madison account, you must use incognito mode on Google Chrome. After using the app, you should delete all your browsing history and website cookies and cache data.

Then, you can reactivate your account and start the search process all over again.

How to reactivate ashley madison account

Unlike other dating apps, Ashley Madison’s registration process is simple and free. You must enter your email address, username, and date of birth. In addition, you must write a dating profile, upload a photo, and confirm your email address. After you’ve created a profile, you’ll be able to contact other members.

As long as you’re not married, you can find a match through Ashley Madison.

The Ashley Madison dating app has several features, including the ability to search by gender, age, and location. Users can also search by gender, bust size, and relationship type. Members can exchange notes and photos and start conversations. However, you can’t make phone calls, and you can only chat with up to four other members.Ashley Madison singles

What does the am mean on ashley madison photos

If you’re interested, you can download the free version and check out the features. It’s free and fun to check out the dating scene with a partner!

The app’s safety features are also a plus. While it’s not safe to contact people without a green dot, it allows you to communicate with those who are active. The Ashley Madison app has several rumors of bot accounts that speak with male and female users. The green dot will give you the added security and peace of mind you need to enjoy the dating experience on Ashley Madison.

So, if you’re looking for a date, don’t let Ashley Madison scare you away!


Ashley Madison Reviews

Ashley Madison is a new website that has just made online dating accessible to people from across the globe. It was founded by Victoria Baier and offers a discreet way for people to seek a serious relationship or a date without having to disclose their full identity. The website also includes an extensive amount of information on how to use the service, and a free trial for its members. However, the free trial period will only last for a few days, so if you want to take advantage of the site’s features, you have to be more disciplined than ever before. Ashley Madison has attracted a lot of attention because of its controversial stance on infidelity.

Mobile app & Site

Ashley Madison reviews is different from other online dating sites because it does not allow credits to be spent until a successful date is formed. Credit cards and PayPal are usually the most accepted ways to pay for credits on these sites, so you may wonder why Ashley Madison uses a different payment method. The reason behind it is that this method is more secure. When you pay using credit cards or PayPal, other users can view your financial information. This includes your name, address, account numbers and account balances. By using a different payment method, your information is kept off the internet and cannot be accessed by anyone else.Ashley Madison sex

Register or Login

Ashley Madison Affair offers free profiles that you can browse through. You can then search the profiles of the thousands of members found on the site. Ashley Madison classifies its members according to their interests, such as Christian, Jewish and non-religious dating, sports, games and many more. By browsing through the profiles of different people on Ashley Madison, you can then make your own profile. There are a lot of features on the site including a chat room, games, online quizzes and instant messaging. All these features make browsing through the profiles of different people’s fun and exciting.

Hacks and Tricks

If you have already registered on Ashley Madison discreet marriage dating and would like to try out the service, you first need to get 100 credits by opening an Ashleymadison account. Once you have earned 100 credits, you can then create a profile that includes a photo and some basic information about yourself. Some people prefer to use their real names while others prefer to use initials or even a nickname. You will also be given the chance to choose from a variety of designs, including profiles with graphic images, text or a combination of text and graphic images.

Ashley Madison Feedback

However, you might be worried about the possibility of having your identity stolen because of the number of users found on Ashley Madison. You should be aware that despite the large number of users, your information is safe as long as you create a strong password and use it often. This means that even if a hacker slips into one of the Ashley Madison accounts and gets hold of your details, it will not be easy for them to access your bank accounts, credit cards and loans. Hackers do not usually last long enough for you to notice any change in your finances or other information. In the event of a data breach, all accounts will be closed, and you will receive a temporary password for a limited period of time, so you can avoid too much activity while you are taking the necessary actions to fix the problem.Ashley Madison mobile

Discreet Marriage Dating / Hookup Affairs

If you are still having second thoughts about whether you should sign up for the service despite the dangers, you should remember one important detail – cheating spouses do not usually go through a lot of effort to hide their infidelity. If you know what you are looking for, you can easily spot the signs of infidelity on Ashley Madison. It is also easy to verify the details of the cheating spouse. For instance, Ashleymadison affair data dump that contains all email addresses used by the cheater could contain many spammers. Another clue to see whether you are dealing with a cheating partner on Ashley Madison is if they suddenly begin to list their credit card numbers or request payment. Cheaters on Ashley Madison are not usually smart enough to hide their discreet marriage dating and activities well.Ashley Madison dating app review


You may also encounter Ashley Madison users who list their profiles with an outdated email address. This means that hackers have already accessed your account, which means you are already a victim of identity theft even before you try to look for evidence on Ashley Madison’s cheating partners. Hackers use old emails and credit cards to set up online dating accounts. So it is more likely that spammers, if not hackers, have already used your old email to establish accounts on Ashley Madison.

The other most common way for spammers to access your profile on Ashley Madison is when you answer a survey. If your responses contain certain key words, hackers will use these keywords in their spamming campaign to get your personal information and ruin your online dating service. Spammers will often make false promises, which can be very hard to track down. There is a real possibility that you are already a victim of identity theft before you ever sign up for anything on Ashley Madison.Ashley Madison date

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VU: BDSM Dating Fet Lifestyle app review (Vanilla Umbrella) Wed, 28 Nov 2018 04:16:49 +0000 VU-BDSM-Dating-Fet-Life-Style

VU: BDSM fet lifestyle is a BDSM dating app that has a lot of traction.

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VU: BDSM Fet Lifestyle (Vanilla Umbrella) is a popular BDSM dating app for kinky men and women to meet each other and have fun.


  • VU is the only discreet Mobile BDSM & Fetish Dating Community in the world.
  • Kink, chat & forum which allows NO TRIBUTING & NO FINDOM!
  • There is no money scams or exchange on this BDSM dating app.
  • Vanilla Umbrella dating app helps you to find others to chat about threesome, full-swap, unicorns, swingers, bondage, DDLG, latex, leather, femdom mistresses, slaves, and so forth.
  • All you need to do is to follow the steps in the notifications to get an invitation code – that’s how you join this community.
  • Fetish dating – Open Chat allows you to meet new people (this is the only Mobile BDSM Fetish Forum with instant notifications on your phone).
  • Find events, couples, munches, fetishes (breaking the bondage, DDLG, ropes, shibari, daddy baby girl etc.).
  • Vanilla Umbrella helps members use the personals to find a lover, a mistress, a submissive, a unicorn or a couple.
  • Dating, community and forum on one app! This feature is unique.


  • VIP 1 Month subscription: $19.99
    * 50 Credits: $15.99
    * 100 Credits: $23.99
    * 200 Credits: $32.99
    * VIP 3 Months’ subscription: $54.99
    * VIP 6 Months’ subscription: $99.99


  • It only has genuine people looking for a BDSM lifestyle.
  • Notifications work pretty well.
  • Very hot users online.
  • A large number of active members.


  • Vanilla Umbrella dating app crashes frequently.
  • It’s not the most user-friendly app in the world.
  • It takes time to find someone suitable.

Users’ comments:

“I like Vanilla Umbrella’s 24/7 customer support team. They are so helpful!” (Kylie, 30, Brisbane)

“It’s better than other BDSM apps, because Vanilla Umbrella dating app actually works.” (Ben, 27, Phoenix)

“Vanilla Umbrella is a bit expensive. I can get similar results on OKCupid (which is totally free) – all I need to do is to specify that I’m into BDSM.” (Larry, 39, L.A.)

“Vanilla Umbrella is not very responsive. I am not a fan. I’d rather use Fetlife instead!” (Naomi, 35, NYC)


Experts’ comments:

“Vanilla Umbrella dating app is a popular BDSM app for singles and couples to find something kinky and exciting in their love lives. It’s the most comprehensive platform on the market, so you shouldn’t miss out on this service if you are keen to live a BDSM lifestyle.” (Jade Seashell)

“Some of my friends have joined Vanilla Umbrella dating app and their feedback is generally positive, so it must have done something right.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Because Vanilla Umbrella dating app is so successful, it must have figured something out. We have to admit that it’s one of the best BDSM apps in the industry because of its loyal fans/members and its outstanding service which brings excellent results to its users. Although it doesn’t have many reviews online (most users are unwilling to write reviews about any BDSM app in public), it’s actually extremely popular – more popular than you think. Therefore, anyone who is interested in a colorful love life would be well-advised to try Vanilla Umbrella dating app today.

itunes 200x



Vanilla Umbrella dating app is a unique BDSM app for couples and singles to find each other online and meet tonight. It includes all kinds of kinky activities that you can imagine.

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InviteTravel dating app review (Is this app different from Miss Travel?) Wed, 21 Nov 2018 06:38:46 +0000

InviteTravel is a travel dating app on iOS and Android.

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InviteTravel dating app is a platform for travelers to find dates on their mobile phones. You can download this app on iOS or Android.


  • Meet like-minded travelers who want to visit your dream destinations together.
  • Browse other members’ dating profiles according to age, gender, desired destination and budget.
  • When you find a potential travel partner, you can start a conversation and share your travel plans together.


  • Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $25.99
    * Can pay for myself: 1-month subscription $8.49
    * Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $54.99
    * Can pay for myself: 1-month subscription $27.49
    * Can pay for myself: 1-month subscription $2.49
    * Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $8.99
    * Can pay for two: $60.99
    * Premium subscription: $58.99
    * Can pay for myself: $30.99
    * Can pay for two: 1-month subscription $52.99


  • No bells and whistles. Just practical features for you to enjoy.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Advanced search function.
  • InviteTravel dating app combines travel with dating – a unique combination.


  • It’s database is relatively small, compared to other similar travel dating apps.
  • The majority of its members are in the United States, so if you are looking for someone in Europe or elsewhere, it’s harder to find someone suitable.


Users’ comments:

“This is a great app because it’s super flexible. Sometimes when I don’t have enough money, I simply ask someone else to pay for my trip and it works out pretty well. Sometimes when I have lots of money, I just pay for both! It’s definitely better than Miss Travel.” (Carmen, 25, Washington D.C.)

“Actually, although InviteTravel is a decent app, I think most of its users are too young for me because I’m looking for someone more mature – someone who can look after me and pay for everything. That’s why I still prefer Miss Travel – that travel dating app combines sugaring with travel – just perfect!” (Gabby, 26, Seattle)

“I have met some very different women on InviteTravel dating app. Some women on this app are elegant, well-educated and pretty, whereas some women on this app are smokin’ hot, wild and naughty. I like both categories.” (Joshua, 29, L.A.)

“I use InviteTravel dating app to meet sugar mommas. So far, I haven’t found anyone suitable yet. Maybe I should seriously consider joining a sugar momma dating app instead because it is said that sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns.” (Robert, 28, New York)

Bets Dating App Single Travelers Should Install (iOS & Android)

Experts’ comments:

“Some members on InviteTravel dating app are confused – they think this app is similar to Miss Travel. But that’s not true. Miss Travel was created by the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating site, whereas InviteTravel is just a mainstream travel dating app.” (Jade Seashell)

“I know some users on InviteTravel use this dating app to find affairs because they are so freaking bored in their marriages. However, they should probably join Ashley Madison or Illicit Encounters instead.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

InviteTravel dating app is a legitimate dating product for people to find dates while travelling. It’s a high-quality app in the travel dating industry. Although it’s been on the market for three years only, it has already attracted thousands of members so far.

itunes download
Update: NEW APP on App Store 12.09.2019

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DOWN dating app review (flirt and hookup) Mon, 12 Nov 2018 04:19:42 +0000

DOWN dating app is a platform for men and women to flirt with each other and hook up instantly.

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DOWN dating app is a community for women and men to meet each other and flirt. You can hook up with someone instantly here.


  • Sign in with your Facebook account to make sure you are a real person. DOWN never posts anything on your Facebook timeline, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • DOWN will only tell someone you like them if they also like you, so there is nothing to embarrass you!
  • Have 100% control of your love life by choosing GET DOWN or GET DATE (GET DOWN means you want a casual hookup; GET DATE means you want something more serious).
  • 7-day free trial.


  • 7-day free trial period.
  • $19.99 per month if you decide to keep using this app.


  • DOWN dating app is extremely user-friendly. All you need to do is to sign in with your Facebook account. No hassle, no worries.
  • DOWN dating app is the fastest growing casual dating app in the world, so you are able to find someone cute nearby quickly (quantity leads to quality).
  • Its advanced technology allows you to hide yourself from Facebook friends, so you know you can date with confidence – your privacy is their priority.
  • Extra features to help you stand out from the crowd and make your profile more visible.
  • You can see unlimited profiles.
  • It has many languages in its setting.


  • Sometimes DOWN dating app can’t identify the correct location of your mobile phone, so you may see someone far away from you rather than somebody nearby.
  • The 7-day free trial period is just a way to get you to buy their monthly membership. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

down dating app

Users’ comments:

“What a fantastic casual dating app! I like DOWN dating app because it gives me exactly what I want. I only look for friends with benefits. Now I have so many amazing friends and we do look after each other!” (Rich, 38, Boston)

“I have really enjoyed DOWN dating app because this is the perfect hookup app for me after my freaking divorce! I highly recommend this app to anyone who want some excitement and fun in life. It’s just so therapeutic!” (Miranda, 35, New York)

“Initially, I used DOWN dating app to look for casual relationships. But now I only use this app to look for a real boyfriend who will stay around to look after my future kids. So far, I’ve dated a few guys who also choose GET DATE on this app. Now I just need to decide which guy is the hottest of them all! Because I’m 46 years old now and I must have children before menopause! Otherwise, I’ll probably die alone because I should be able to live longer than my partner, as long as I don’t have any long-term STD after playing the field for nearly thirty years!” (Linda, 46, San Francisco)

Video Review on Down Dating App

Experts’ comments:

“DOWN dating app is a legitimate casual dating app for men and women to flirt and hook up quickly. It’s one of the best hookup apps in the world and it grows really fast.” (Curt Coch)

“DOWN dating app has been highly recommended by many experts in the industry. It has been featured on GQ, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, TIME, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, The Economist and BuzzFeed. Obviously, it has become a mainstream app already.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:

Undoubtedly, DOWN dating app is a hugely successful casual dating app for singles to meet each other and flirt online. Because members can choose GET DOWN or GET DATE on this app, it’s more than a casual hookup app – you can find real dates and start a serious relationship here if you like. Having said that, you can’t really write a real dating profile on this app because you can only upload your photos. Also, some users have complained about the fact that there aren’t enough female users online.

You can either GET DOWN or GET DATE. Swipe up to like someone; swipe down to get down with someone! How creative is that?!

itunes download

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Top Dating Apps 2019 For iOS – Best apps for iPhone Wed, 31 Oct 2018 18:21:42 +0000 Top dating apps - all categories

Top 5 senior dating apps Love can happen at any age. Nowadays, we know that chemistry can happen in any age too, just like the quest for adventures or even desire for one-night-stands. Senior dating includes it all! Older people may search for shorter or longer relationships, but they definitely need highly effective dating platforms […]

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Top dating apps - all categories

Top 5 senior dating apps

Love can happen at any age. Nowadays, we know that chemistry can happen in any age too, just like the quest for adventures or even desire for one-night-stands. Senior dating includes it all! Older people may search for shorter or longer relationships, but they definitely need highly effective dating platforms as they are limited in energy and time. That’s why it’s so important to choose one of the best dating apps and quickly find a partner there without any stresses or worries.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
best senior app <5 000 3.1/5 06/09/2015 Free English 88.1 MB Review
Find Mature women online 10 000 3.6/5 03/29/2016 Free and $13.99 English, Worldwide 117.1 MB Review
50+ Singles on dating app 10 000 2.5/5 07/31/2015 Free and $29.99 English 88.8 MB Review
lumen date <5 000 3.1/5 09/28/2018 Free English 14.6 MB Review
Free senior dating app 20 000 2.3/5 03/27/2009 Free and $9.99 English 19.8 MB Review

Top Interracial dating apps

One of the typical traits of the modern society is globalization and culture mixing. People in different countries became open-minded enough for interracial marriages and relationships. Apparently, a color of the skin and facial type that differ from our own, excite us more and it’s a biological phenomenon as a healthier offspring can be raised by mixing very different genes. But it’s not only that! We are finally starting to understand that a great personality, a big heart, a brilliant mind, or a sex drive can be found in any shell, and it’s really cool.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Interracial dating app 9 000 4.4/5 11/05/2017 Free and $9.99 English, Worldwide 47.8 MB Review
Black men dating white women <5 000 4.1/5 05/25/2016 Free and $9.99 English, Worldwide 55.6 MB Review
InterracialMatch <5 000 3.6/5 01/13/2012 Free and $44.99 English, Worldwide 115.3 MB Review

Top Teen dating apps

Parents should not worry anymore: it’s proven by educators and scientists that dating in early age isn’t harmful. It’s only beneficial! Dating is a process of learning about the opposite sex and social interactions. Who does need it more than teenagers? Teenage dating is the best lesson life can give us, especially if it is positive. Gained experience makes an influence on all further relationships in adult age. The safest and most pleasant way to date is using popular, well-checked apps for teens.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Teeneger dating app 10 000 3.6/5 03/31/2017 $4.99/mo English 62.1 MB Review
Find teen online 20 000 3.2/5 03/12/2015 $7.99/mo English, French 165.2 MB Review
Teen girls and boys 40 000 4/5 09/14/2016 $9.99/mo English 29.1 MB Review

Top Cogar dating apps

There are very beautiful women who are also very smart. And smart women know how to look beautiful. No wonder many of them reach amazing success in their late 40s. Prosperous mature women have no interest in same-age men, they prefer young boys with awesome appearance. This interest is often mutual since young guys indeed need guidance both in a bed and in their future careers. Cougar dating may solve both of those problems and bring enormous pleasure along with mutual benefits. The one can find a gorgeous sugar momma in no time using popular and specialized dating apps.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Meet cougar women on app 7 000 4.2/5 03/21/2016 $29.99/mo English 94.1 MB Review
Mature dating app < 5 000 4.5/5 05/24/2017 $5.49/mo English, Russian 65.3 MB Review
Find cougar dating app 20 000 4.6/5 08/30/2018 $19.99/mo English, Chinese 43.5 MB Review
Date adult singles around me 20 000 3.9/5 12/22/2017 $39.99/mo English, WorldWide 49.4 MB Review
Chat & Meetup people on mobile 20 000 4.0/5 01/18/2018 $39.99/mo English, WorldWide 48.2 MB Review

Top Sugar Daddy dating apps

Many people are unhappy in offline and online relationships simply because they follow stereotypes and not their real wishes. Or, they just don’t reveal their true wishes to their partner, and don’t discuss them! It causes disappointments from both sides. In sugar daddy dating, all is clear. It’s a fair deal where both enjoy the communication but each one is rewarded exactly in a way he/she expects. A man gets a pleasant companionship of a sexy young girl, both in a bed and on a public, while she is getting some monetary compensation and generous gifts. Plus, they respect each other. Isn’t that an idyll!

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Sugar Daddy dating app 20 000 4.5/5 10/30/2015 $64.99/mo English 89 MB Review
Luxy Daddy dating app 50 000 4.8/5 05/20/2014 $99.99/mo English, Worldwide 97.5 MB Review

Top Gay dating Apps

The opportunities for gay dating increased dramatically in the last decades. More cool and stylish clubs for meetings, more friendly communities, more dating sites and apps. The most reliable of them are presented below. The number of members can pleasantly surprise indeed. It’s really possible to instantly find a compatible partner, a friend, or an adventure for the evening in your town or worldwide. Most of them are in English so all you need is the language and your device. Meeting new people who think similarly, has never been so easy!

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Meet gay on app 30 000 4.5/5 04/15/2014 $6.99/mo English, Worldwide 93.6 MB Review
Gay chat, dating & social 70 000 4.6/5 07/24/2010 $8.99/mo English, Worldwide 126 MB Review
Gay Dating App 20 000 4/5 05/27/2017 $12.99/mo English, Worldwide 54.4 MB Review
Gay social network and chat 200 000 2/5 06/25/2009 $11.99/mo English, Worldwide 178.8 MB Review
Gay dates, chat, & connections 50 000 1.5/5 01/16/2010 $3.99/mo English, Worldwide 253.4 MB Review
Hornet Networks Limited 60 000 3.3/5 10/13/2011 $9.99/mo English, Worldwide 52.4 MB Review
GROWLr dating app for gays 20 000 4.4/5 11/25/2010 $3.99/mo English 49 MB Review
Your ultimate gay network 40 000 4.2/5 12/16/2010 $7.99/mo English, German 99.8 MB Review
Social Network & Video Chat 40 000 4.3/5 09/18/2017 $14.99/mo English 91.4 MB Review
Daddy dating - chat and meet
10 000 4.4/5 12/15/2016 $39.99/mo English, French 79.6 MB Review

Top Flirt dating apps

Lots of people are honest enough to realize they aren’t ready for anything serious. It’s not a reason to stay alone! Others may want the same: just flirting and enjoying each other’s company! Flirt dating apps are exactly for that. Moreover, after all, only nice and skilled flirting can lead to a happy joyful relationship! If you still aren’t convinced, ask yourself: what could lift your spirit up immediately? Aside from one million dollars, it’s a sincere compliment from a young pretty person with a fresh soul and playful intentions! One can easily find it on popular dating platforms.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Flirt dating app 200 000 4.5/5 01/12/2010 $29.99/mo English, Worldwide 126 MB Review
Bored AF? Watch Tagged Live! 90 000 4/5 03/18/2010 $9.99/mo English, Spanish 272 MB Review
Flirt, Date with Local Singles 100 000 3.6/5 09/02/2016 $39.99/mo English, French 103.1 MB Review
Once Dating AG 200 000 3.6/5 02/18/2015 $29.99/mo English, Worldwide 103.7 MB Review
Meet new people & find dates 200 000 4.3/5 11/25/2009 $9.99/mo English 74.6 MB Review
Social Chat to meet new people 200 000 4.4/5 08/07/2012 $11.99/mo English, Worldwide 236.6 MB Review
Meet & Chat with Hot Singles 60 000 4.7/5 05/01/2013 $19.99/mo English, Worldwide 77.6 MB Review
Meet, Chat, Date 600 000 4.5/5 11/17/2010 $2.99/mo English, Worldwide 172.3 MB Review
100000 New Singles Every Day 100 000 4.5 05/21/2012 $10.99/mo English, Worldwide 101.3 MB Review
Meet new friends 200 000 4.1/5 02/10/2009 $9.99/mo English, Worldwide 189.4 MB Review
Find easy women 400 000 3.8/5 09/17/2010 $38.99/mo English, Worldwide 86.8 MB Review
Match, Date, Meet Real Singles 100 000 3.3/5 03/27/2009 $42.99/mo English, Korean 65 MB Review
Match, Chat & Meet New People 2 000 000 3.8/5 08/03/2012 $14.99/mo English, Worldwide 184.3 MB Review
The dating app made for dating 200 000 4.5/5 02/06/2013 $12.99/mo English 86.2 MB Review
Loveplanet app 40 000 4.5/5 11/08/2012 $23.49/mo English, Worldwide 56.4 MB Review
Raya - meet new people 9 000 4.6/5 02/25/2015 $29.99/mo English 95.4 MB Review
Meet & Date BBW Singles Online 50 000 4.7/5 10/20/2015 $14.99/mo English, Worldwide 110.6 MB Review
Meet sexy singles. Chat & date 40 000 3.1/5 07/22/2015 $10.99/ 10 credits English, Russian 45.2 MB Review
Like,match,communicate = date 10 000 4.2/5 12/04/2015 $9.99/mo English 81.9 MB Review
flirt meet chat 20 000 4.4/5 03/27/2009 $9.99/mo English, Worldwide 240.7 MB Review
#1 Find your real soul mate 20 000 4.2/5 01/06/2014 $29.99/mo English, Russian 58.9 MB Review
Dating App. Chat. Meet. Match. 40 000 3.9/5 02/04/2013 $9.99/mo English, Worldwide 106.8 MB Review
Meet someone special now 40 000 4.4/5 02/04/2013 $10.99/mo English, Worldwide 112.3 MB Review
Chat, Meet, Date 40 000 4.7/5 01/09/2016 $39.99/mo English, Worldwide 104.3 MB Review
Chat, Match and Meet Singles
80 000 4.2/5 08/14/2017 $14.99/mo English 180.8 MB Review
Dating - Chat, Match & Meet 30 000 4.2/5 06/29/2014 $15.99/mo English 53.5 MB Review
Over 30 Million Members! 30 000 4.2/5 09/29/2017 $29.99/mo English, Worldwide 193.8 MB Review
Chat, flirt & meet new people
40 000 4/5 05/05/2010 $19.99/mo English, Spanish 60.9 MB Review
Find a Date, Meet Friends 50 000 4.7/5 12/09/2015 $10.99/mo English, Worldwide 60.7 MB Review
Meet Friends 20 000 3.8/5 11/17/2011 $69.99/mo English 73.2 MB Review
Chat, Flirt & Meet New People 50 000 3.8/5 05/22/2013 $7.99/mo English, Worldwide 166.5 MB Review
Chat, Find & Meet New People
100 000 4,4/5 03/17/2014 $34.99/mo English, Worldwide 90.9 MB Review
Meet & Chat With Local Singles
100 000 4.5/5 03/16/2014 $29.99/mo English 118.4 MB Review

Top Hookup Dating Apps

Many students and older people who want some fun and stress-relief are looking to hookup tonight. It’s always a pleasant and exciting deal between two people without any obligations. Safe sex, mutual respect, and sometimes keeping it a secret can be those few responsibilities each party expects from each other. It’s the best way to spend the evening or forget about someone not wasting money on silly courtship attributes. That’s why it’s so insanely popular and new helpful applications grow like mushrooms. Here is the list of the most reliable and effective ones.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Date & Hookup With Hot Singles 40 000 4/5 11/14/2017 $9.99/mo English 29.2 MB Review
Take hook up dating adult chat 200 000 4.5/5 01/16/2017 $19.99/mo English, Japanese 32.7 MB Review
Pure, the hookup app 100 000 4.0/5 10/25/2013 $14.99/mo English, Worldwide 101.1 MB Review
Chat, Meet, Hook Up & Dating 100 000 3.5/5 10/29/2015 $29.99/mo English, Worldwide 165.8 MB Review
chat and meet sexy singles 40 000 4.75/5 04/07/2016 $7.99/mo English, Chinese 17.8 MB Review
Meet & Chat, Hangout for Dates 60 000 4.7/5 11/20/2017 $11.99/mo English, Worldwide 16.7 MB Review
Wanna get lucky tonight? 60 000 4.8/5 02/26/2018 $36.99/mo English, Worldwide 41.3 MB Review
Real meet up, date and hook up 100 000 4.2/5 04/30/2012 $9.99/mo English, Worldwide 212.3 MB Review
Hookup chat & flirt dating app 70 000 4.8/5 04/23/2018 $36.99/mo English, Worldwide 37 MB Review

Top Casual Dating Apps

Casual dating is somewhat close to hookup and flirting definitions, it’s basically the same but the difference is that you can choose someone for regular meetings with no strings attached. You can also keep on choosing new partners through the same app. The list of popular casual sites is rather short as this definition and particular need is less frequent than flirting or hookup categories but you can try this one too and compare what works better for you. Casual dating is the best variant for busy people or people who aren’t fully satisfied with their current relationship.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date Cost Languages File Size Expert Review
Chat, Flirt & Meet New People 30 000 4.1/5 09/08/2011 $2.99/mo English, Worldwide 163.6 MB Review
Date. Meet Friends. Network. 500 000 4.5/5 11/19/2014 $8.99/mo English, Worldwide 78.3 MB Review
#1 Trusted Dating App 50 000 3.6/5 09/08/2011 $29.99/mo English 174.3 MB Review
Find Women online 50 000 3.8/5 01/02/2015 $9.99/mo English 101.4 MB Review
Meet your love now 10 000 3.7/5 02/11/2013 $13.99 English, Worldwide 115.4 MB Review
Dating Social Network 10 000 3.5/5 09/02/2016 $11.99 English, Worldwide 29 MB Review

Top Travel Dating Apps

In our modern life, travelling is no less than vital. Finding a right partner or a friend for sharing the pleasures of the trip is important too. It would be impossible to find him or her promptly enough if not travel dating apps. Since one is risking his tickets or travel plans, the apps should be one hundred percent reliable and effective. That’s why this list of travel dating apps is thoroughly composed and checked.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
TourBar - Chat, Meet & Travel 20 000 4.5/5 09/14/2014 $29.99/mo English 29.2 MB Review
Match, Chat, Wink & Date! 40 000 4.2/5 04/11/2014 $19.99/mo English 71.7 MB Review
Meet People Who Love Travel 40 000 3.6/5 04/07/2017 $39.99/mo English, Turkish 69.6 MB Review
Meet women for Travel 20 000 4/5 08/10/2015 $8.49/mo English, Russian 69.7 MB Review

Top Asian Dating Apps

Hot Asian girls, exotic and feminine, are nearly as popular as Slavic beauties. Asian dating remains in favour for decades. Exactly this part of the world is famous for a big number of success stories that really took place. But Asian hotties aren’t just good as wives – they are amazing at casual sex and can give you an unforgettable adventure. It’s worthy of trying at least once!

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Dating in Thailand 6 000 2.5/5 09/11/2015 $19.99/mo English 34.3 MB Review
EastMeetEast - #1 Asian Dating 20 000 3.2/5 07/06/2014 $39.99/mo English 213.3 MB Review
Guarantees First Dates. 10 000 2.4/5 03/09/2016 $27.99/mo English, Japanese 79.3 MB Review
South Asian singles dating app. 10 000 3.8/5 05/22/2014 $19.99 English 183.1 MB Review
Match, Chat & Date 1 000 000 4.0/5 05/21/2014 $14.49/mo English 128.8 MB Review
Asian dating app 20 000 4.8/5 01/17/2012 $15.99/mo English, Worldwide 160.1 MB Review
Swipe, Match and Chat! 50 000 4.8/5 06/06/2013 $32.99/mo English, Worldwide 139.2 MB Review
Japanese Chat! 90 000 4.5/5 12/13/2015 $33.99/mo Japanese 170.4 MB Review
momo Chat! 800 000 4.7/5 08/03/2011 15$/mo Japanese 292.1 MB Review

Top Transgender Dating Apps

Transgender people have the voice in a today world – they need to be loved, live their life to the fullest, and build a family just like all of us. Popular dating apps for transsexuals have several missions: they help to find like-minded people and potential partners but at the same time improve the social perception and attitude. It means that even being very simple, they play an important educative and informational role and have a positive impact on society. But even more than that, they suggest making one’s life happier in a way he didn’t expect. Meeting an Asian or European ladyboy leads to exploring the deepest levels of one’s sexuality he had no idea about. Transgender women are extremely feminine, passionate, and bright, since they want to outshine other girls around. Their caresses are very special and can make one’s nights much spicier. That’s why the interest in them only grows with time.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
Trans - #1 Transgender Dating 10 000 3.8/5 06/20/2016 $15.99/mo English 101.7 MB Review
Transdr: #1 Transgender Dating 10 000 4.7/5 07/01/2018 $14.99/mo English 70.8 MB Review
Tranx: Free Transgender Dating 5 000 4.7/5 09/21/2018 Free English 24.3 MB Review

Top BDSM Dating Apps

BDSM lovers know it’s not easy to find a compatible partner or even a suitable platform taking into account all personal nuances and preferences. Best BDSM dating apps take this into consideration and exceed the expectations. They allow both to find a partner with the same fetish or specialty and to find new friends in this field. A stylish gothic design, advanced search options, possibility to find one partner or a couple, and frank chats – all that is present in the apps below. There cannot be many themed apps of course as the dating pool is small and the quality of services should be really high. It should include the maximum of privacy, safety, and a big number of available options. It’s important to join with the feeling that one is in the right place and he can find what he searches for, without wasting his time on imperfections and misinterpretations.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
FetLife-Style: Fet, Kinky Life 10 000 4.0/5 07/14/2016 $14.99/mo English 91.4 MB Review
Kink, Fetish & FetLife -style 20 000 4.3/5 08/03/2018 $1.99/20 coins English, Chinese 74 MB Review
Kink Dating Community & Forum 5 000 4.1/5 06/03/2015 $19.99/mo English 12.1 MB Review

Top Swingers Dating Apps

Just a few years ago, swingers could rather be met on average dating sites and apps, and it wasn’t convenient for anyone including themselves. Making your marriage or a stable relationship more fun should be easy! Luckily, there are some newest apps for swingers that are helpful and elaborate. So-called sex-positive people can get acquainted in the most friendly and understanding atmosphere, meet each other, and fulfil their fantasies to mutual satisfaction. For sure, the very first feature of such apps should be the online and offline safety, then a positive virtual environment without too pornographic content or judgment, and a sufficient database of members. Some of the apps do offer educative blogs and personality tests that allow to explore one’s true sexuality on all levels and assist in finding a compatible couple. Group chats, themed events calendar, the possibility to keep the profile open or private are usually available.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date: Cost Languages File Size: Expert Review
#1 App for Threesome Dating! 20 000 4.4/5 04/05/2017 $9.99/mo English 110.2 MB Review
Kinky Bisexual, Couples Dating 50 000 4.4/5 10/28/2016 $19.99/mo English 36.3 MB Review

Top Lesbian Dating Apps

Lesbian dating apps were absolutely necessary and that’s why they appeared in the market. In fact, many L-ladies don’t want to merge with the LGBT or gay definition and prefer their own, “girls-only” space. It makes the search process much easier and more smooth. The apps offer such features as choosing the sexual role and category, search by location, actual discussions, social events calendar, and more. The users can either look to hookups or to serious relationships. Finding friends is possible too. Other than being created for women only (queer, bisexual, and lesbian), these are just average dating apps with all typical functions and options. The apps are modernized, i.e. contain fun ice-breakers, personality tests, and matching system. The majority of them are designed in a bright and positive manner. Online safety, the hidden profile option, and psychological questionnaires are important benefits of the Lesbian dating apps.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date Cost Languages File Size Expert Review
Meet Her, LGBT Women Chat App
20 000 4/5 09/17/2016 $9.99/mo English 100 MB Review
Wapo y Wapa Limited 10 000 4.1/5 05/16/2015 $29.99/mo English, Worldwide 64.5 MB Review

Top Muslim Dating Apps

It’s possible to be a part of religious or social community offline and still experience loneliness. Muslim dating apps won’t let this happen. Single Muslims can find each other there by location, age, or other parameters. The apps are both for original and reverted Muslims. Since Muslims are usually religious and conservative, the apps are mostly designed for a serious search, but other options are available too. It’s crucial for believers to get married to a decent person who shares the same faith, and Muslim dating apps are the best solution for that. It’s possible to find a mate locally or worldwide in Arab, Asian, African or European countries, in the blink of an eye. Although these niche platforms are specialized, one can find all usual modern features, usual pros and cons in Muslim dating apps, except for the naughty stuff. The most popular apps are highly rated and frequently installed.

Name Installs/mo Rating Release Date Cost Languages File Size Expert Review
The app for single Muslims
10 000 4.4/5 03/16/2015 $9.99/mo English 53.3 MB Review
Where single Muslims meet
40 000 4.4/5 03/04/2015 $19.99/mo English, Worldwide 105.6 MB Review
SingleMuslim Dating & Marriage
20 000 3.3/5 09/10/2016 $14.99/mo English 62.8 MB Review
Meet Arabs and Muslims 10 000 4.3/5 09/16/2014 Free English 57.6 MB Review

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