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If you are new to online dating, this article is exactly what you need to read before you get started in the online dating space. When you are ready to join the top adult dating apps, you will benefit from the information here. Understand the 80/20 rule. If you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work […]

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Critical Moments of Online Dating

If you are new to online dating, this article is exactly what you need to read before you get started in the online dating space. When you are ready to join the top adult dating apps, you will benefit from the information here.

  • Understand the 80/20 rule.

If you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week or Kate Northrup’s Do Less, perhaps you have heard of the 80/20 rule. This rule means 80% of your results come from 20% of the things that you do.

For instance, 80% of a business’s revenue comes from 20% of the high-leverage tasks that have been done. 80% of a company’s income comes from 20% of its customers. 80% of a corporation’s issues are caused by 20% of its clients.

I’m not saying it has to be 80/20. Sometimes it can be 70/30. But you’ve got the gist: Most of the results that you desire come from a small number of activities that you do, no matter when we are talking about business or your love life.woman want to date app

To be more specific, Kate Northrup’s high-leverage activities are building relationships with people and creating content. These two tasks can only be done by her and can’t be outsourced. These two tasks bring the majority of her big wins.

Similarly, in the dating situation, the 80/20 rule also applies. For example, when you meet someone on the top adult dating app, the dating scenario has a series of critical moments. You have to step up your game at critical moments. The rest doesn’t really matter that much.

  • When you need to step up your game on the top adult dating app:

Now I’d like to point out a variety of critical moments in the online dating situation, so that you can use this information to your advantage when you are on the top adult dating app.

  • Create a compelling dating profile. You have to invest in a good dating profile photo. Perhaps you can hire a professional photographer to take some good photos for you and upload these photos on your dating profile. This is the first thing that other daters will look at when they are checking out your dating profile online.
  • Proactively contact other members online. It is your responsibility to look for opportunities on the top adult dating apps. Yes, I understand that online dating is a bit like making passive income because many users will contact you first, but the problem is most people that contact you first are probably not attractive enough according to your standards. Only you know your standards well, so it’s your job to contact those who get your attention.
  • Arrange the first date fast.Instead of wasting a few weeks chatting online with someone that you don’t even know, you’d better arrange a date quickly after chatting with that person for 30 minutes on the Internet. After meeting this individual in person, you will know whether he/she is the right candidate for you, thereby saving you a lot of time.
  • If you like someone after the first date, you should try your best to get the second date.Many women don’t know what to do if a guy never calls her after the first date. I’m surprised by the fact that modern women still don’t know how to take the initiative in the dating department. In fact, a woman can send a text message to the guy in this scenario one week after the first date: “I’m in XYZ bar. The music is amazing. I think you should come!”
  • Evaluate whether this candidate is your ideal partner.Don’t let destiny control your life. You should create your destiny proactively. When you are dating someone cool, you should totally assess the situation and see if this person is the right person for you to build a relationship with. Ask yourself, “If I start a relationship with this individual, will this relationship have connection, intimacy and mutual benefits?”

As to other moments in the online dating process, personally I don’t think those are very important, so you can relax and just enjoy it while using the top adult dating app. Remember:Always focus on the big things and don’t be a detail-oriented person because small details will only stress you out if you focus on those details that don’t make a real adult dating apps

  • Common traits of successful people on top adult dating apps may inspire you.

I’ve seen a lot of very successful individuals on top adult dating apps & they share something in common. Let me explain their common traits in detail.

In the first place, hugely successful people know how to use their strengths to their advantage. A case in point is my friend Ben who have joined the top adult dating app in 2019. His No. 1 strength is humor, so he has used his strength to get laid.

Ben has a good sense of humor because he watches comedy shows every weekend. Whenever he is talking to a girl, the girl is fascinated by his jokes.

That’s why he has found many friends with benefits on the top adult dating app.

In the second place, successful people are big-picture people. Like I mentioned earlier, a big-picture person focuses on the big picture and doesn’t focus on small details that aren’t very important.

Mark is the founder of a very profitable company in England. He is a big-picture person who focuses on the big picture of his business. His employees are working on small details to make things work for him. That’s why he is not stressed at all.

Gay Vaynerchuk is also a big-picture CEO who can’t even book his own flight because he can’t concentrate on small details – that’s why he has many employees who work for him in this regard.seniors apps

Although Gary Vaynerchuk is not on the top adult dating app, he encourages single people to join these apps because online dating is mainstream nowadays.

“15 years ago, Internet dating was a taboo topic. But today it’s the only way,” says Gary Vaynerchuk, “If I were single, I would definitely use the best dating app.”

Interestingly, Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and host of Impact Theory, agrees with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Therefore, it can be seen that you may even meet celebrities on top adult dating apps.

Thirdly, successful people on top adult dating apps are growth-driven. I have browsed thousands of dating profiles because of the nature of my work. And I’ve noticed that those who are successful on top adult dating apps generally value knowledge very much.

If we take a close look at this value: knowledge, we can see that growth is behind it. In other words, a person who highly values knowledge is a growth-driven person.

Almost every successful person that I know is an avid reader. They read non-fiction books to learn how to improve themselves, e.g. self-help books and personal development books. They read biographies to learn how successful people operate, thereby becoming like-minded. They read fictions to learn from vivid examples in those stories.

Yes, many fictions, TV shows and movies provide a lot of specific examples that you can learn from. Even Jade Seashell says she learns from fictional characters in movies and TV dramas quite adult men

That is to say, your role model doesn’t have to be a real person; this role model can even be a fictional character in a novel. That’s the power of reading and learning.

According to my research on top adult dating apps, many successful daters claim that their hobbies are reading, movies and traveling. Yes, traveling can also expand your knowledge.

Lastly, hugely successful individuals choose their friends carefully.

Friends are family that you choose. You are the average of the five people that you spend most of your time with.

I know many people have the same friends for decades and I doubt whether they are constantly growing, because if they are always growing, they should have new friends.

Personally, I don’t really have anything in common with my friends in my childhood anymore because I’ve grown out of those friendships. Now my friends in the 80s and 90s are not in my life right international app

As a matter of fact, I’ve interviewed 12 people on the top adult dating app & they have told me something similar – they not only grew out of their previous friendships, but also grew out of their previous relationships. That’s very normal and there is nothing wrong with that.

“My relationship with my ex-husband was right at that time because my circumstances and his circumstances made that relationship possible,” says Crystal Q., a member of the top adult dating app, “But after a few years, I grew out of that marriage and we had nothing to talk about, so I’ve got a divorce. However, it doesn’t mean that marriage was a failure – It was necessaryat that time.”

Now Crystal Q. is on the top adult dating app – she is looking for the right partner in her mature age.

Your friends are probably more important than your relatives, because your friends are the family that you choose, whereas you can’t choose your relatives

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What does one-night stand dating apps actually do to our culture? Mon, 22 Jul 2019 08:22:57 +0000 one-night stand dating apps

Previously, I wrote some articles about why one-night stand dating apps are good for us. In order to strike a balance, I’d like to present some ideas about why these apps are bad for us. Playing the field will reach a dead end. This is probably not something that you want to hear, but it’s […]

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one-night stand dating apps

Previously, I wrote some articles about why one-night stand dating apps are good for us. In order to strike a balance, I’d like to present some ideas about why these apps are bad for us.

  • Playing the field will reach a dead end.

This is probably not something that you want to hear, but it’s true – one of my best friends was playing the field for more than one decade and he was proud of his game, but now he says he did something wrong.

He started to hook up with easy women in 2006 and have travelled to Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe to play the field. But right now, he is very unhappy because he is in his late 30s and doesn’t have a woman who actually cares about him.

As a hedonist, he did what was right at that time, but only seeking pleasure has consequences. That’s why he told me not to try one-night stand dating apps.

the best dating apps

Well, I never planned to actually use a one-night stand dating app anyway. The only time I slept with someone without a real relationship was when I was still a virgin – at that time, I needed to lose my virginity so urgently, so I did it with a stranger. But to be fair, it was not a one-night stand because it happened in the day time in a hotel room.

After my virginity was gone, I finally feel free to look for meaningful relationships. Intimacy is not awkward anymore. Life is good.

When you are still young, your hormones are raging, so of course you want to use one-night stand dating apps to balance your hormones. I understand the tranquility and peace that we all feel after having an orgasm. I totally get it.

I don’t really have anything against casual hookups. In fact, I think it’s okay as long as you find it valuable and fulfilling. However, if it doesn’t satisfy you on a deeper level, you may consider doing something different, e.g. joining a serious dating app for relationships only.

Those who are playing the field right now would be well-advised to know that there is nothing glamorous waiting for you at the end of this game. Sooner or later, you will want to actually love someone who also loves you because that’s human nature. But having lots of casual s*x only won’t take you there.

What got you here won’t take you there. Yes, maybe you found something exciting through casual hookups and that’s how you connect with people you are attracted to. Yet in the long term, you will crave a genuine connection that lasts for a long time.

  • What one-night stand dating apps can’t offer:

In the first place, people on one-night stand apps aren’t looking for anything serious, so chances are they don’t want to meet high-quality people. Who has that kind of expectations?

Yes, that’s right. Many people on one-night stand dating apps are bottom feeders who have low standards. I do apologize if you find this statement offensive, but that’s my real observation after doing research in this industry for so many years.

Frankly, high-value people don’t need to join a one-night stand dating app because they can easily get what they want in real life. They don’t need to get it on the Internet.

For example, a high-value man is usually surrounded by attractive women already, so why would he join a one-night stand dating app? It’s almost impossible for him to do it.stand dating apps

Also, a high-value woman doesn’t lack options at all in real life, so she wouldn’t join a one-night stand app either. As a consequence, most women on casual hookup apps are not very attractive.

If you’ve seen the movie Yes Man, you probably remember how the neighbor seduced Carl – that old lady was so thirsty that she had to sleep with Carl when her fake teeth were sitting next to her bed. And both of them know it wasn’t a serious relationship at all.

In the second place, casual hookup dating apps make young people go astray. This is a serious problem in contemporary society where young men and women have lost traditional values and only want to hook up with random strangers.

I know many people who go to work from Monday to Friday and go to nightclubs for hookups on Friday night and Saturday night. That is actually a rat race – they are making their bosses rich while giving themselves casual hookups after work – that’s not close to anything fulfilling.

Indeed, when you are still in your early 20s, you might find casual hookups fulfilling to some degree, and that’s normal, because you are still young. It will take some time to figure out your life, and that’s okay.

But once you turn 35 or older, you will realize that casual hookups can’t give you a meaningful love life. The ability to hook up with random strangers can’t guarantee a stable love life at all. For instance, Roosh V has been playing the field for nearly two decades and he is still single, although he has mentioned that he wants to have a wife who can look after the household while he is working on his business.

That’s why Roosh V has stopped selling all of his hookup books and started to promote traditionalism. I think he is doing the right thing right now. Yes, the modern culture needs more traditional values to be instilled into people’s mind.

  • Who should use one-night stand dating apps?

Since one-night stand dating apps exist, there must be a reason why they exist. Personally, I think if you are a virgin, you should try a casual hookup app because you don’t want to be awkward when you are sleeping with someone you actually love in the future. That’s why you should do it with a stranger who doesn’t care anyway.

Your performance anxiety will decrease in this case because the person you are going to bed with is someone you don’t really know. That’s the beauty of joining a casual hookup app.

I know a 30-year-old man who was a virgin at that time. It wasn’t fun because his lack of sexual experience led to lack of confidence in dating and relationships. Hence, he hired a prostitute in order to lose his virginity. And it worked out pretty well for apps are good

That happened in 2009 before the best dating apps were invented. In fact, many people didn’t really have smart phones at that time.

If that scenario happens in 2019, I would encourage him to join a casual hookup dating app and lose his virginity there. It’s probably better than paying a prostitute because the hookup culture is mainstream in modern-day society.

If you are a married person looking for affairs, you shouldn’t join a one-night stand dating app because you can easily join an adultery dating app. I’m not here to judge that either because I understand how lonely people can be even though they are married.

For those who are rich and would like to have an NSA relationship, you may join a sugar daddy dating app or a cougar dating app on Android. This is because this kind of dating apps are banned on Apple. Most sugar daddy dating apps and sugar momma dating apps are about looking for NSA relationships rather than serious relationships.

Therefore, most people don’t really need a one-night stand dating app – if you have a specific need, accommodate your need with the help of a specific app in that particular niche. Casual hookup dating apps have very little to offer in my opinion.casual hookup dating apps

To be fair, I don’t have anything against casual dating apps. In fact, I also wrote many articles about why casual hookup dating apps are good. But my thoughts are evolving as well, so my opinion has changed recently.

If you disagree with me, that’s okay. I respect different opinions and I’m happy to read various comments. Free speech is highly valued here.

However, please do not use vulgar language while writing a comment below. We are here for a logical discussion with in-depth reasoning, so swear words are not what we would like to see on this website.

A guy friend once said, “I wouldn’t want to marry a thot because there are at least 50 men who had slept with her before she met me. That feels like using dirty chopsticks that haven’t been washed yet. It is disgusting. I’d like to marry a virgin, but I don’t know where to find her.”

As a matter of fact, if he goes to the church, chances are he will meet some virgins who actually believe in God.

Religious groups have virgins who won’t sleep with anyone before getting married, whilst one-night stand dating apps are full of thots.

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Why should singles join the best dating apps for relationships? Fri, 14 Jun 2019 08:41:21 +0000 best dating apps for relationships

In today’s day and age, almost every single person is swiping left or right in order to find true love. If you are wondering why this is a must in 2019, you will figure it out in this article. The best dating apps for relationships are designed for men and women looking for true love […]

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best dating apps for relationships

In today’s day and age, almost every single person is swiping left or right in order to find true love. If you are wondering why this is a must in 2019, you will figure it out in this article.

The best dating apps for relationships are designed for men and women looking for true love rather than casual flings.

Please note that there are subcategories in the dating department – serious relationships, casual hookups, arrangements, and so on. Therefore, it is important to find the right platform where other people are looking for the same thing like you do.

If you are keen to find a life partner and build a meaningful, long-term relationship, you should totally join the best dating app for relationships rather than casual hook-ups.

Most people download a random dating app and wonder why they can’t get what they want there!

Remember: it is your responsibility to find out which app is the best dating app for relationships. Don’t blame an app simply because it doesn’t give you the result you want – that app may have a different purpose, e.g. it was created for casual flings only.

Yes, various niches in the dating scene give people different options in love and in life. Therefore, you need to clarify what you actually want in the first place.casual hook-ups

Before joining the best dating app for relationships, I’d like you to specify what exactly you want in your love life.

Usually, most of my clients fall into two categories when they say they are looking for serious relationships: 1) those who are looking for a traditional relationship in order to get married; 2) those who are looking for a sponsor or a provider in order to start an arrangement.

I don’t judge any of them because it is their right to decide what they want in their love life. As long as their decisions are legal, I think it’s okay!

People looking for a traditional relationship in order to get married usually want children because they are more family-oriented. In this case, I always ask them to join a mainstream dating app for relationships such as Bumble and Brilic dating app.

As to individuals looking for an arrangement because they want to date up or marry up, I often ask them to join a non-mainstream dating app for NSA relationships such as Seeking (available on Android).

By the way, those who are looking for a traditional relationship which may lead to a marriage should have a longer list when they set standards for their potential partner, e.g. this person needs to be kind, well-educated, intelligent, fun-loving, hardworking, etc. The list can be longer (but not too long). By that I mean as long as your non-negotiables are included, it’s already very good.

In terms of people looking for arrangements, I oftentimes tell them to have a shorter list. Ideally, they should only pick two, e.g. this person has to be rich and have good manners. That’s it! Because if you have a long wish list, chances are you won’t meet someone rich and suitable – rich mates are not as common as you think. Therefore, it’s better and more practical to keep the list short – you shouldn’t worry about whether your rich mate is attractive or not and you shouldn’t worry about whether your rich mate’s age.

Interestingly, I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt’s movie Heartbreakers in 2001 and I still remember the mother-daughter team that work as con artists in order to get money from rich men. Of course, that is just a comedy for us to laugh at, but I think that movie is a vivid example of the reality of dating the rich – chances are you will meet a lot of much older men that you don’t feel attracted to if your goal is to marry the rich or find a sugar daddy.

It is said that Heartbreakers (2001) is a popular movie in several communities managed by the best dating apps for relationships & those communities are all about introducing millionaires to hot women, thereby building meaningful, long-term arrangements.

Surely, these dating apps for relationships are not teaching women to become con artists or gold diggers, because the movie is only for entertainment rather than educational purpose. There is a big difference between a gold digger and a hypergamous woman – a gold digger gets cash and leaves quickly (just like the mother-daughter team in Heartbreakers), whilst a hypergamous woman wants to marry a rich man and stays in the marriage (just like Ginie Sayles who didn’t leave her husband when his oil business wasn’t successful at a certain stage of their marriage).dating app for relationships

Even if you’ve joined the best dating app for relationships, you should still seize opportunities in real life.

According to Roosh V’s popular website Return of Kings, the modern western mainstream culture has made western men weaker, as a growing number of western men can’t approach women – they fear rejection.

Most western men only approach women when they are very sure they won’t get a rejection. That is very sad because that means most men miss out on a lot of opportunities that could turn out to be great encounters.

In real life, there are still countless ways to meet women. A friend of mine is attracted to a hot girl in a clothing shop. His cousin is also working for that clothing shop, so he asked me whether he should get his cousin to help him in this regard.

I told him that if his cousin is involved in this process, that hot woman surely won’t want him because it is something that he can do by himself – whyshould he ask his cousin for help? Getting his cousin in it shows his weakness rather than strength. He has to be a strong man instead of a weak man if he wants to attract that hot app for NSA

Hence, I told him to approach that lady without telling his cousin about it. In the end, he did it successfully.

He also told me that sexy women rarely use the best dating apps for relationships because they don’t need to join any dating apps at all.

Truly hot women are already surrounded by lots of men in real life without going online.

Thus, if you want to meet high-value mates, you would be well-advised to look for them IRL, apart from looking for them URL.

I’m not saying using the best dating apps for relationships is a bad strategy. In fact, I think it’s a pretty good strategy. Even successful businessmen such as Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuk claim that they would definitely join relationships dating apps if they were single because they don’t want to spend too much time running game – successful entrepreneurs highly value their time, so they spend most of their time working on their businesses instead of meeting lots of women.

The best way to find a high-quality relationship is to look for opportunities online and offline.

In conclusion, those who are keen to find high-quality relationships that can lead to marriages should totally leverage the best dating apps for relationships as well as offline opportunities such as social events and parties where people can meet other singles easily.

Don’t underestimate the power of using a variety of strategies in your love life because you have to diversity your lead generation methods in today’s day and age – just like you need to diversity your investments – that’s the best way to lower your risk and maximize your success!

Masculine men should approach women and stop worrying about rejections!

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BiCupid dating app review (bisexual and threesome dating) Fri, 07 Dec 2018 12:15:43 +0000 Bisexual-Dating-APP

BiCupid is a dating app/site for bisexual and threesome dating. Are you ready for something fun?

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As the Internet’s most popular bisexual dating app, BiCupid was launched in 2001 and has been helping people to find bisexual dates and threesome encounters for almost twenty years. BiCupid dating app is also considered to be the Internet’s best swingers’ app in 2019. It is said that finding a unicorn is easy on BiCupid dating app because there are millions of active members online on a daily basis in this community. The best part is you can find casual encounters as well as serious relationships on this app.


  • Upload up to twenty-six photos on a dating profile.
  • Quick search VS advanced search = flexibility.
  • Forums on threesome lifestyle and bisexual dating.
  • Emails, online chat and videos = effective communication.
  • Threesome date ideas = know each other before meeting people in person.
  • Daily bisexual news for bisexual daters.
  • Blogs: free education for members.
  • Let’s Meet encourages you to meet others fast.
  • LGBT support: the most inclusive dating app in the world.

* A standard membership: free

  • 1-month membership: $29.95 (<$1 each day)
  • 3-month membership: $59.95
  • 6-month membership: $95.95

* You can use PayPal to buy a membership on BiCupid dating app. In this way, this transaction won’t appear on your bank statement, so no one will know it.

  • Its mobile app sends SMS notifications as well as live updates about online messages/users’ invitation.
  • BiCupid dating app’s staff members check every new user’s profile and verify every member manually. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any scammer in the community. If you find a suspicious dating profile, you should immediately report it to BiCupid dating app’s customer support team.
  • Your photos are yours. Unlike Facebook that keeps the intellectual property of your photos on your Facebook account, BiCupid dating app respects your privacy and will never sell your information. (Facebook makes money by selling your information and your time/attention to businesses, whilst BiCupid dating app doesn’t monetise your data because this app provides you with real dating services.)
  • BiCupid dating app doesn’t show you any ads, which is another feature that’s different from Facebook and other social media platforms. With a tidy and streamlined interface, you will love BiCupid dating app’s design.
  • Its tips secion teaches you insights into bisexual dating and the threesome lifestyle.


  • Although its advanced search function looks very cool because you can filter people according to ethnicity, age and zodiac, these criteria don’t seem right because that can ignite discrimination.
  • There are many more single daters than couples on BiCupid dating app. That’s why finding a unicorn is easy here, but finding a couple is harder.


Users’ comments:

“My wife and I were looking for the third wheel and we found our third leg on BiCupid dating app. It was an outstanding experience! I sufficiently enjoyed the unicorn’s wet pussy and big breasts & my wife is also satisfied further in the bedroom because the chemistry between the unicorn and my wife definitely has a capital C.” (Joshua, 34, Boston)

“When my wife was pregnant, she became very horny as her hormones were raging like crazy, so she told me to find a third leg to f**k her – she wants double penetration. And that’s how I found BiCupid dating app. We met a very hot guy in one week and he definitely f**ked my wife reasonably, affectionately and properly with my visual supervision and manual assistance. Of course, I didn’t miss out on anything hot in the bedroom because I was a part of the sexual activity. At the same time, that sexy dude didn’t sabotage my wife’s huge pregnant belly which occassionally suffered from contractions’ pain (she was 6-month pregnant with twins who were both violently kicking her belly at times) and the babies were very safe inside her womb. He was gently holding/rubbing my wife’s big belly with both of his hands and simply met my wife’s wet/dirty needs by penetrating her while standing behind her as she was bending over. Meanwhile, I was penetrating her while standing in front of her and massaging her huge tits full of hormones with a passion. My wife has smiled much more often in general – she told me that her orgasm has become twice as intense, and life has been good since then.” (Don, 35, Las Vegas)

“I always wanted to sleep with a couple because I love the double attention. As a bisexual woman, I’m a unicorn that is appreciated and admired by many couples. I love the thrill when another person is witnessing me making love with someone sexy.” (Amy, 23, Toronto)

“I’m the third leg in a threesome relationship. It’s interesting to know that many couples only want me to observe them making love. In other words, they just invite me to their bedrooms and watch them have sex. Honestly, that’s exactly what I enjoy doing because I love watching a free blue movie when I masturbate. Interestingly, some couples even pay me for doing that because they feel more excited and satisfied when I’m there! I didn’t expect this to become a business. But I’m very grateful for BiCupid dating app to give me this erotic career opportunity which is satisfying both sexually and financially!” (Alexandra, 27, Sydney)

BiCupid dating app makes all your sexual fantasies come true.

Experts’ comments:

“BiCupid dating app is indeed one of the best casual dating apps in the industry. It is also a great app for swingers looking for all kinds of threesome/foursome lifestyle. No matter you want to have a full swap or look for a unicorn, you can find what you want on BiCupid dating app.” (Jade Seashell)

“This is a very successul threesome hookup app in the world. When we think about bisexual dating, we always associate it with threesome dating.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

BiCupid dating app is a leading threesome/swingers/bisexual dating app and website in the online dating industry. It is recommended by many experienced daters and industry experts worldwide. Don’t miss out on this app if you are keen to try something different.

itunes 200x

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Dine Dating App Review (first dates – guaranteed) Sun, 25 Nov 2018 07:40:46 +0000

Dine dating app guarantees first dates!

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Apple App Store regards Dine Dating App as the best new app in 2019. This dating app has been featured on Business Insider, Venture Beat and Phone Arena, so it must have done something right!


  • Only meet people who are interested in going on a real date.
  • Meet local singles on real dates at restaurants, bars and cafés in your local area.
  • Stop wasting time chatting online without organising an actual date.
  • Talk in person to understand each other better.
  • Simply choose some restaurants you like and Dine dating app starts becoming your matchmaker.
  • Dine dating app introduces you to other local singles as well as their favourite restaurants.
  • You decide where to eat and meet.


  • Premium subscription: $27.99
    * Premium subscription: $99.99
    * Dine Gold: $64.99
    * Premium subscription for Dine: $27.99
    * Premium subscription: $69.99
    * Dine Gold: $64.99
    * Dine Gold: $149.99
    * Premium subscription for Dine: $9.99
    * Dine Gold: $349.99
    * 10 Dine Coins: $24.99


  • This is an extremely efficient and effective dating app because it directs you to the right place to meet other singles immediately rather than waste your time chatting online without any result.
  • Its membership system filters the crap out – low-quality daters and scammers won’t pay for this service, so you’ll only meet genuine people who are actually looking for real dates and love.
  • When dating is combined with food and drinks, love life becomes yummy.


  • $65 per year isn’t a low fee, so this app has a smaller number of members compared with other dating apps.
  • Dine dating app doesn’t even allow you to contact other members unless you’ve paid $65 first.

Dine Dating App review

Users’ comments:

“Dine dating app used to be free to use and I met some very cute girls via this app. But now it requires a membership fee that I’m not happy to pay, so I’ll go to Tinder and Bumble instead – I’ll never pay for dating services. I just don’t value these things.” (Daniel, 25, Portland)

“I don’t mind paying $65 on Dine dating app because the girls on this app are hot. Almost every woman that I’ve met on this app knows how to enjoy life, looks sexy and has a positive attitude towards relationships. I have recommended Dine dating app to all my single friends.” (Timothy, 27, Hollywood, Florida)

“The only problem with Dine dating app is that many ladies use this app to get free meals from men. I have met 5 women via Dine dating app and all of them didn’t offer to pay for the dinner. They all blocked my phone number after the first date. I am not an ugly dude with no charisma, so I just feel being used by these manipulative whores.” (Charlie, 29, L.A.)

“I used Dine dating app to meet men. Even though I don’t always meet attractive men on this app, I still enjoyed the free dinner.” (Louise, 24, New York City)

Experts’ comments:

“Dine dating app is a high-quality dating product for singles to meet and date each other in real life. When you look at someone’s favourite restaurants, you understand that person’s taste, socioeconomic background and lifestyle a bit better.” (Jade Seashell)

“As a woman, you should offer to pay for a dinner date, but the guy you are dating should tell you that he will pay for the dinner. If he wants you to pay for the dinner on the first date, that probably means he doesn’t want to invest in you. Women don’t like cheap men.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Dine dating app is a great platform to meet other singles effectively. Our advice for women is: If you really don’t want to pay for the dinner date, just don’t pay for it, because if you do offer to pay, you will create the foundation of this relationship in a way that isn’t on your terms – he will know that you don’t expect him to look after you, so his behaviour will only become worse and worse in the future. On the first date, the guy should be on his best behaviour & if he doesn’t even try to impress you on the first date, he will never want to impress you in the long term. Our advice for men is: If you don’t want to be used by women, perhaps you should join another dating app that doesn’t specify dinner dates; however, if you are a rich man and you do want to meet hot women who knows how to smell roses, enjoy life and have fun, you should join Dine dating app to meet these attractive girls.

itunes 200x

Who should pay on the first date? If you don’t like the woman you are dating, you can ask her to pay for the dinner date so that she will automatically block your phone number without you dumping her. This simple strategy saves you money, time and energy. You will thank us later. (You are welcome.)

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Waplog – Free Chatting & Dating App to Meet Singles (dating app review) Fri, 23 Nov 2018 05:23:48 +0000 Waplog -Dating app. Chat. Meet

Waplog is a free dating app for singles to meet each other on the Internet and start flirting immediately.

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Waplog -Dating app. Chat. Meet

Waplog is one of the biggest dating apps in the world with millions of users around the world. Now let’s find out why this dating app is so popular!

• Only meet with people nearby.
• It’s a free dating app which allows you to contact other singles for free.
• Its security and privacy protection measures are advanced.
• Watch stories online.
• Add your own stories.
• Relationships, hookups and friendships are all allowed on Waplog dating app.
• Verification system ensures a safe environment.
• Turn your videos into cash – you can create locked videos. Waplog not only asks zero dollar from you, but also helps you to make money online.
• If you’d like to have a VIP membership, you can buy a VIP subscription and boost your dating profile for 15 minutes so that you’ll get more matches in your local area.

• Free to join and free to use.
• VIP features: $1.13 – $139.99 per item.

• Waplog dating app is the only social networking app that helps you to make money while using this service for free, even though new users claim that making money from this is a myth rather than a reality.
• Its massive database means finding a partner here isn’t hard.
• You can find friendships, hookups and relationships on Waplog dating app easily. Anything is possible.

• The reason why Waplog dating app has so many reviews on Google Play Store is that every user is forced to write a review frequently before they can keep using this apps for free.
• It’s a bit hard to find the “delete” button which allows you to delete your dating profile on Waplog dating app.
• It is reported that the number of active users is decreasing nowadays.

Waplog -Dating app

Users’ comments:
“Although Waplog dating app is similar to Tinder, its features are better because it allows me to upload videos and make money from my videos. I love it. Even though I’m not really looking for a partner online, I still use Waplog to make money. This dating app is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in monetizing their videos on the Internet because the traffic is sent to you automatically.” (Monica, 26, Toronto)
“I have no interest in finding a partner via Waplog dating app. All I’m interested in is how to add videos and turn them into cash. However, unlike some early users’ experiences, I find it impossible to monetize my videos on this app.” (Will, 23, Birmingham)
“Waplog dating app is good because it’s free. But the quality of its members doesn’t seem to be very high. I’m not impressed.” (Bianca, 29, Melbourne)
“I like the fun energy on Waplog dating app.” (Luke, 30, San Francisco)

Experts’ comments:
“Waplog dating app is a successful dating product in the online dating industry. Even though it was not created by a company in an English-speaking country, it has certainly dominated a big part of the market in English-speaking countries.” (Jade Seashell)
“I think Waplog dating app is a reasonable app for people to look for all kinds of relationships online.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:
Waplog dating app is a popular, mainstream dating platform for singles to find love online. You don’t necessarily have to look for a commitment; you can look for friends with benefits, one-night stands, casual hookups, etc. No one is here to judge you, so it’s totally up to you in terms of what you want and when you want it.

itunes 200x

Waplog monetizes their users’ attention by selling ads in the community. Meanwhile, it also sells VIP memberships to its users. That’s a good business model because members find it affordable. It’s a win-win situation.

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Top Dating Apps 2019 For iOS – Best apps for iPhone Wed, 31 Oct 2018 18:21:42 +0000 Top dating apps - all categories

Top 5 senior dating apps Love can happen at any age. Nowadays, we know that chemistry can happen in any age too, just like the quest for adventures or even desire for one-night-stands. Senior dating includes it all! Older people may search for shorter or longer relationships, but they definitely need highly effective dating platforms […]

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Top dating apps - all categories

Top 5 senior dating apps

Love can happen at any age. Nowadays, we know that chemistry can happen in any age too, just like the quest for adventures or even desire for one-night-stands. Senior dating includes it all! Older people may search for shorter or longer relationships, but they definitely need highly effective dating platforms as they are limited in energy and time. That’s why it’s so important to choose one of the best dating apps and quickly find a partner there without any stresses or worries.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
best senior app<5 0003.1/506/09/2015FreeEnglish88.1 MBReview
Find Mature women online10 0003.6/503/29/2016Free and $13.99English, Worldwide117.1 MBReview
50+ Singles on dating app10 0002.5/507/31/2015Free and $29.99English88.8 MBReview
lumen date<5 0003.1/509/28/2018 FreeEnglish14.6 MBReview
Free senior dating app20 0002.3/503/27/2009Free and $9.99English19.8 MBReview

Top Interracial dating apps

One of the typical traits of the modern society is globalization and culture mixing. People in different countries became open-minded enough for interracial marriages and relationships. Apparently, a color of the skin and facial type that differ from our own, excite us more and it’s a biological phenomenon as a healthier offspring can be raised by mixing very different genes. But it’s not only that! We are finally starting to understand that a great personality, a big heart, a brilliant mind, or a sex drive can be found in any shell, and it’s really cool.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Interracial dating app9 0004.4/511/05/2017Free and $9.99English, Worldwide47.8 MBReview
Black men dating white women<5 0004.1/505/25/2016Free and $9.99English, Worldwide55.6 MBReview
InterracialMatch<5 0003.6/501/13/2012Free and $44.99English, Worldwide115.3 MBReview

Top Teen dating apps

Parents should not worry anymore: it’s proven by educators and scientists that dating in early age isn’t harmful. It’s only beneficial! Dating is a process of learning about the opposite sex and social interactions. Who does need it more than teenagers? Teenage dating is the best lesson life can give us, especially if it is positive. Gained experience makes an influence on all further relationships in adult age. The safest and most pleasant way to date is using popular, well-checked apps for teens.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Teeneger dating app10 0003.6/503/31/2017$4.99/moEnglish62.1 MBReview
Find teen online20 0003.2/503/12/2015$7.99/moEnglish, French165.2 MBReview
Teen girls and boys40 0004/509/14/2016$9.99/moEnglish29.1 MBReview

Top Cogar dating apps

There are very beautiful women who are also very smart. And smart women know how to look beautiful. No wonder many of them reach amazing success in their late 40s. Prosperous mature women have no interest in same-age men, they prefer young boys with awesome appearance. This interest is often mutual since young guys indeed need guidance both in a bed and in their future careers. Cougar dating may solve both of those problems and bring enormous pleasure along with mutual benefits. The one can find a gorgeous sugar momma in no time using popular and specialized dating apps.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Meet cougar women on app7 0004.2/503/21/2016$29.99/moEnglish94.1 MBReview
Mature dating app< 5 0004.5/505/24/2017$5.49/moEnglish, Russian65.3 MBReview
Find cougar dating app20 0004.6/508/30/2018$19.99/moEnglish, Chinese43.5 MBReview
Date adult singles around me20 0003.9/512/22/2017$39.99/moEnglish, WorldWide49.4 MBReview
Chat & Meetup people on mobile20 0004.0/501/18/2018$39.99/moEnglish, WorldWide48.2 MBReview

Top Sugar Daddy dating apps

Many people are unhappy in offline and online relationships simply because they follow stereotypes and not their real wishes. Or, they just don’t reveal their true wishes to their partner, and don’t discuss them! It causes disappointments from both sides. In sugar daddy dating, all is clear. It’s a fair deal where both enjoy the communication but each one is rewarded exactly in a way he/she expects. A man gets a pleasant companionship of a sexy young girl, both in a bed and on a public, while she is getting some monetary compensation and generous gifts. Plus, they respect each other. Isn’t that an idyll!

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Sugar Daddy dating app20 0004.5/510/30/2015$64.99/moEnglish89 MBReview
Luxy Daddy dating app50 0004.8/505/20/2014$99.99/moEnglish, Worldwide97.5 MBReview

Top Gay dating Apps

The opportunities for gay dating increased dramatically in the last decades. More cool and stylish clubs for meetings, more friendly communities, more dating sites and apps. The most reliable of them are presented below. The number of members can pleasantly surprise indeed. It’s really possible to instantly find a compatible partner, a friend, or an adventure for the evening in your town or worldwide. Most of them are in English so all you need is the language and your device. Meeting new people who think similarly, has never been so easy!

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Meet gay on app30 0004.5/504/15/2014$6.99/moEnglish, Worldwide93.6 MBReview
Gay chat, dating & social70 0004.6/507/24/2010$8.99/mo English, Worldwide126 MBReview
Gay Dating App20 0004/505/27/2017$12.99/moEnglish, Worldwide54.4 MBReview
Gay social network and chat200 0002/506/25/2009$11.99/moEnglish, Worldwide178.8 MBReview
Gay dates, chat, & connections50 0001.5/501/16/2010$3.99/moEnglish, Worldwide253.4 MBReview
Hornet Networks Limited60 0003.3/510/13/2011$9.99/moEnglish, Worldwide52.4 MBReview
GROWLr dating app for gays20 0004.4/511/25/2010$3.99/moEnglish49 MBReview
Your ultimate gay network40 0004.2/512/16/2010$7.99/moEnglish, German99.8 MBReview
Social Network & Video Chat40 0004.3/509/18/2017$14.99/moEnglish91.4 MBReview
Daddy dating - chat and meet
10 0004.4/512/15/2016$39.99/moEnglish, French79.6 MBReview

Top Flirt dating apps

Lots of people are honest enough to realize they aren’t ready for anything serious. It’s not a reason to stay alone! Others may want the same: just flirting and enjoying each other’s company! Flirt dating apps are exactly for that. Moreover, after all, only nice and skilled flirting can lead to a happy joyful relationship! If you still aren’t convinced, ask yourself: what could lift your spirit up immediately? Aside from one million dollars, it’s a sincere compliment from a young pretty person with a fresh soul and playful intentions! One can easily find it on popular dating platforms.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Flirt dating app200 0004.5/501/12/2010$29.99/moEnglish, Worldwide126 MBReview
Bored AF? Watch Tagged Live!90 0004/503/18/2010$9.99/moEnglish, Spanish272 MBReview
Flirt, Date with Local Singles100 0003.6/509/02/2016$39.99/moEnglish, French103.1 MBReview
Once Dating AG200 0003.6/502/18/2015$29.99/moEnglish, Worldwide103.7 MBReview
Meet new people & find dates200 0004.3/511/25/2009$9.99/moEnglish74.6 MBReview
Social Chat to meet new people200 0004.4/508/07/2012$11.99/moEnglish, Worldwide236.6 MBReview
Meet & Chat with Hot Singles60 0004.7/505/01/2013$19.99/moEnglish, Worldwide77.6 MBReview
Meet, Chat, Date600 0004.5/511/17/2010 $2.99/moEnglish, Worldwide172.3 MBReview
100000 New Singles Every Day100 0004.505/21/2012$10.99/moEnglish, Worldwide101.3 MBReview
Meet new friends200 0004.1/502/10/2009$9.99/moEnglish, Worldwide189.4 MBReview
Find easy women400 0003.8/509/17/2010$38.99/moEnglish, Worldwide86.8 MBReview
Match, Date, Meet Real Singles100 0003.3/503/27/2009$42.99/moEnglish, Korean65 MBReview
Match, Chat & Meet New People2 000 0003.8/508/03/2012$14.99/moEnglish, Worldwide184.3 MBReview
The dating app made for dating200 0004.5/502/06/2013$12.99/moEnglish86.2 MBReview
Loveplanet app40 0004.5/511/08/2012$23.49/moEnglish, Worldwide56.4 MBReview
Raya - meet new people9 0004.6/502/25/2015$29.99/moEnglish95.4 MBReview
Meet & Date BBW Singles Online50 0004.7/5 10/20/2015 $14.99/moEnglish, Worldwide110.6 MBReview
Meet sexy singles. Chat & date40 0003.1/507/22/2015$10.99/ 10 creditsEnglish, Russian45.2 MBReview
Like,match,communicate = date10 0004.2/512/04/2015$9.99/moEnglish81.9 MBReview
flirt meet chat20 0004.4/503/27/2009$9.99/moEnglish, Worldwide240.7 MBReview
#1 Find your real soul mate20 0004.2/501/06/2014$29.99/mo English, Russian58.9 MBReview
Dating App. Chat. Meet. Match.40 0003.9/502/04/2013$9.99/moEnglish, Worldwide106.8 MBReview
Meet someone special now40 0004.4/502/04/2013$10.99/moEnglish, Worldwide112.3 MBReview
Chat, Meet, Date40 0004.7/501/09/2016$39.99/moEnglish, Worldwide104.3 MB Review
Chat, Match and Meet Singles
80 0004.2/508/14/2017$14.99/moEnglish180.8 MBReview
Dating - Chat, Match & Meet30 0004.2/506/29/2014$15.99/moEnglish53.5 MBReview
Over 30 Million Members!30 0004.2/509/29/2017$29.99/moEnglish, Worldwide193.8 MBReview
Chat, flirt & meet new people
40 0004/505/05/2010$19.99/moEnglish, Spanish60.9 MBReview
Find a Date, Meet Friends50 0004.7/512/09/2015$10.99/moEnglish, Worldwide60.7 MBReview
Meet Friends20 0003.8/511/17/2011$69.99/moEnglish73.2 MBReview
Chat, Flirt & Meet New People50 0003.8/505/22/2013$7.99/moEnglish, Worldwide166.5 MBReview
Chat, Find & Meet New People
100 0004,4/503/17/2014$34.99/moEnglish, Worldwide90.9 MBReview
Meet & Chat With Local Singles
100 0004.5/503/16/2014$29.99/moEnglish118.4 MBReview

Top Hookup Dating Apps

Many students and older people who want some fun and stress-relief are looking to hookup tonight. It’s always a pleasant and exciting deal between two people without any obligations. Safe sex, mutual respect, and sometimes keeping it a secret can be those few responsibilities each party expects from each other. It’s the best way to spend the evening or forget about someone not wasting money on silly courtship attributes. That’s why it’s so insanely popular and new helpful applications grow like mushrooms. Here is the list of the most reliable and effective ones.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Date & Hookup With Hot Singles40 0004/511/14/2017$9.99/moEnglish29.2 MBReview
Take hook up dating adult chat200 0004.5/501/16/2017$19.99/moEnglish, Japanese32.7 MBReview
Pure, the hookup app100 0004.0/510/25/2013$14.99/moEnglish, Worldwide101.1 MBReview
Chat, Meet, Hook Up & Dating100 0003.5/510/29/2015$29.99/moEnglish, Worldwide165.8 MBReview
chat and meet sexy singles40 0004.75/504/07/2016$7.99/moEnglish, Chinese17.8 MBReview
Meet & Chat, Hangout for Dates60 0004.7/511/20/2017$11.99/moEnglish, Worldwide16.7 MBReview
Wanna get lucky tonight?60 0004.8/502/26/2018$36.99/moEnglish, Worldwide41.3 MBReview
Real meet up, date and hook up100 0004.2/5 04/30/2012$9.99/moEnglish, Worldwide212.3 MBReview
Hookup chat & flirt dating app70 0004.8/504/23/2018$36.99/moEnglish, Worldwide37 MBReview

Top Casual Dating Apps

Casual dating is somewhat close to hookup and flirting definitions, it’s basically the same but the difference is that you can choose someone for regular meetings with no strings attached. You can also keep on choosing new partners through the same app. The list of popular casual sites is rather short as this definition and particular need is less frequent than flirting or hookup categories but you can try this one too and compare what works better for you. Casual dating is the best variant for busy people or people who aren’t fully satisfied with their current relationship.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease DateCostLanguages File SizeExpert Review
Chat, Flirt & Meet New People30 0004.1/509/08/2011$2.99/moEnglish, Worldwide163.6 MBReview
Date. Meet Friends. Network.500 0004.5/511/19/2014$8.99/moEnglish, Worldwide78.3 MBReview
#1 Trusted Dating App50 0003.6/509/08/2011$29.99/moEnglish174.3 MBReview
Find Women online 50 0003.8/501/02/2015$9.99/moEnglish101.4 MBReview
Meet your love now10 0003.7/502/11/2013$13.99English, Worldwide115.4 MBReview
Dating Social Network 10 0003.5/509/02/2016$11.99English, Worldwide29 MBReview

Top Travel Dating Apps

In our modern life, travelling is no less than vital. Finding a right partner or a friend for sharing the pleasures of the trip is important too. It would be impossible to find him or her promptly enough if not travel dating apps. Since one is risking his tickets or travel plans, the apps should be one hundred percent reliable and effective. That’s why this list of travel dating apps is thoroughly composed and checked.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
TourBar - Chat, Meet & Travel20 0004.5/509/14/2014$29.99/moEnglish29.2 MBReview
Match, Chat, Wink & Date!40 000 4.2/504/11/2014$19.99/moEnglish71.7 MBReview
Meet People Who Love Travel40 0003.6/504/07/2017$39.99/moEnglish, Turkish69.6 MBReview
Meet women for Travel20 0004/508/10/2015$8.49/moEnglish, Russian 69.7 MBReview

Top Asian Dating Apps

Hot Asian girls, exotic and feminine, are nearly as popular as Slavic beauties. Asian dating remains in favour for decades. Exactly this part of the world is famous for a big number of success stories that really took place. But Asian hotties aren’t just good as wives – they are amazing at casual sex and can give you an unforgettable adventure. It’s worthy of trying at least once!

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Dating in Thailand6 0002.5/509/11/2015$19.99/moEnglish34.3 MBReview
EastMeetEast - #1 Asian Dating20 0003.2/507/06/2014$39.99/moEnglish213.3 MBReview
Guarantees First Dates.10 0002.4/503/09/2016$27.99/moEnglish, Japanese79.3 MBReview
South Asian singles dating app.10 0003.8/505/22/2014$19.99English183.1 MBReview
Match, Chat & Date1 000 0004.0/505/21/2014$14.49/moEnglish128.8 MBReview
Asian dating app20 0004.8/501/17/2012$15.99/moEnglish, Worldwide160.1 MBReview
Swipe, Match and Chat!50 0004.8/506/06/2013$32.99/moEnglish, Worldwide139.2 MBReview
Japanese Chat!90 0004.5/512/13/2015$33.99/moJapanese170.4 MBReview
momo Chat!800 0004.7/5 08/03/201115$/moJapanese292.1 MBReview

Top Transgender Dating Apps

Transgender people have the voice in a today world – they need to be loved, live their life to the fullest, and build a family just like all of us. Popular dating apps for transsexuals have several missions: they help to find like-minded people and potential partners but at the same time improve the social perception and attitude. It means that even being very simple, they play an important educative and informational role and have a positive impact on society. But even more than that, they suggest making one’s life happier in a way he didn’t expect. Meeting an Asian or European ladyboy leads to exploring the deepest levels of one’s sexuality he had no idea about. Transgender women are extremely feminine, passionate, and bright, since they want to outshine other girls around. Their caresses are very special and can make one’s nights much spicier. That’s why the interest in them only grows with time.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
Trans - #1 Transgender Dating10 0003.8/506/20/2016$15.99/moEnglish101.7 MBReview
Transdr: #1 Transgender Dating10 0004.7/507/01/2018$14.99/moEnglish70.8 MBReview
Tranx: Free Transgender Dating5 0004.7/509/21/2018FreeEnglish24.3 MBReview

Top BDSM Dating Apps

BDSM lovers know it’s not easy to find a compatible partner or even a suitable platform taking into account all personal nuances and preferences. Best BDSM dating apps take this into consideration and exceed the expectations. They allow both to find a partner with the same fetish or specialty and to find new friends in this field. A stylish gothic design, advanced search options, possibility to find one partner or a couple, and frank chats – all that is present in the apps below. There cannot be many themed apps of course as the dating pool is small and the quality of services should be really high. It should include the maximum of privacy, safety, and a big number of available options. It’s important to join with the feeling that one is in the right place and he can find what he searches for, without wasting his time on imperfections and misinterpretations.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
FetLife-Style: Fet, Kinky Life10 0004.0/507/14/2016$14.99/moEnglish91.4 MBReview
Kink, Fetish & FetLife -style20 0004.3/508/03/2018$1.99/20 coins English, Chinese74 MBReview
Kink Dating Community & Forum5 0004.1/506/03/2015$19.99/moEnglish12.1 MBReview

Top Swingers Dating Apps

Just a few years ago, swingers could rather be met on average dating sites and apps, and it wasn’t convenient for anyone including themselves. Making your marriage or a stable relationship more fun should be easy! Luckily, there are some newest apps for swingers that are helpful and elaborate. So-called sex-positive people can get acquainted in the most friendly and understanding atmosphere, meet each other, and fulfil their fantasies to mutual satisfaction. For sure, the very first feature of such apps should be the online and offline safety, then a positive virtual environment without too pornographic content or judgment, and a sufficient database of members. Some of the apps do offer educative blogs and personality tests that allow to explore one’s true sexuality on all levels and assist in finding a compatible couple. Group chats, themed events calendar, the possibility to keep the profile open or private are usually available.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease Date:CostLanguages File Size:Expert Review
#1 App for Threesome Dating!20 0004.4/504/05/2017$9.99/moEnglish110.2 MBReview
Kinky Bisexual, Couples Dating50 0004.4/510/28/2016$19.99/moEnglish36.3 MBReview

Top Lesbian Dating Apps

Lesbian dating apps were absolutely necessary and that’s why they appeared in the market. In fact, many L-ladies don’t want to merge with the LGBT or gay definition and prefer their own, “girls-only” space. It makes the search process much easier and more smooth. The apps offer such features as choosing the sexual role and category, search by location, actual discussions, social events calendar, and more. The users can either look to hookups or to serious relationships. Finding friends is possible too. Other than being created for women only (queer, bisexual, and lesbian), these are just average dating apps with all typical functions and options. The apps are modernized, i.e. contain fun ice-breakers, personality tests, and matching system. The majority of them are designed in a bright and positive manner. Online safety, the hidden profile option, and psychological questionnaires are important benefits of the Lesbian dating apps.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease DateCostLanguages File SizeExpert Review
Meet Her, LGBT Women Chat App
20 0004/509/17/2016$9.99/moEnglish100 MBReview
Wapo y Wapa Limited10 0004.1/505/16/2015$29.99/moEnglish, Worldwide64.5 MBReview

Top Muslim Dating Apps

It’s possible to be a part of religious or social community offline and still experience loneliness. Muslim dating apps won’t let this happen. Single Muslims can find each other there by location, age, or other parameters. The apps are both for original and reverted Muslims. Since Muslims are usually religious and conservative, the apps are mostly designed for a serious search, but other options are available too. It’s crucial for believers to get married to a decent person who shares the same faith, and Muslim dating apps are the best solution for that. It’s possible to find a mate locally or worldwide in Arab, Asian, African or European countries, in the blink of an eye. Although these niche platforms are specialized, one can find all usual modern features, usual pros and cons in Muslim dating apps, except for the naughty stuff. The most popular apps are highly rated and frequently installed.

NameInstalls/moRatingRelease DateCostLanguages File SizeExpert Review
The app for single Muslims
10 0004.4/503/16/2015$9.99/moEnglish53.3 MBReview
Where single Muslims meet
40 0004.4/503/04/2015$19.99/moEnglish, Worldwide105.6 MBReview
SingleMuslim Dating & Marriage
20 0003.3/509/10/2016$14.99/moEnglish62.8 MBReview
Meet Arabs and Muslims10 0004.3/509/16/2014FreeEnglish57.6 MBReview

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