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Single Parents Dating App: Advice for Single Moms ?‍? and Single Dads ?‍?

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In this day and age, an increasing number of daters are single parents. It is said that at least 45% of kids grow up without their dads at home these days. Indeed, if you are a single mom or a single dad, you may want to find a single parent dating app.

  • Dating advice for single moms: How to avoid drama

Do you know how men really feel about dating a lady who has kids from a previous relationship or marriage? Truthfully, men are scared. I understand that many women would claim that they are not looking for a dad for their kids and they don’t need help because they only want to find love – that is probably true. However, when such a relationship gets serious, the new man has to be a stepfather anyway because a single mom cannot separate her love life from motherhood – it’s impossible. Being a mom is a 24/7 full-time job. A guy who is married to a single mom has to accept this fact.

At the beginning, you may hide your new man from your children, but that can only last for a few weeks or a few months. Sooner or later, your new man must meet your kidsif this relationship is real.

single parents
Single Parents

You are not alone. According to the US census report which was released in 2013, 62% of ladies between 20 and 24 years old who had given birth recently were single moms. No wonder more and more single moms are joining single parents’ dating apps nowadays.

Your children might be seen as baggage, no matter what men try to say to you. They might tell you that they don’t mind dating women with kids from previous relationships, but that’s rarely true. Here’s what men are afraid of:

  • You won’t have enough time for him.
  • You won’t be able to have a date with him on short notice.
  • Your children’s father will be around

There are two kinds of single mothers: A) Those who use their looks and personality to attract men and then surprise them with kids; B) those who are honest from the beginning. From my observation, at least 60% of single moms belong to the first category.

Tips For Dating a Single Mom


As a matter of fact, men don’t mind dating single moms, but they don’t enjoy being in relationships with single moms because committing to a family is a bit scary. Therefore, many single moms decide to tell their new men about their kids after a while.

Based on research conducted by a single parent dating app, you can’t change a man – if he doesn’t mind marrying a singe mom, that’s his character; if he does mind, you can’t trap him / make him stay in a relationship with you.

As a result, my advice for single moms is: You’d better tell your new guy that you are a single mom on the first date. In this way, you will save a lot of time. The right guy won’t leave.

Single Moms
Single Moms

Let me give you a real example:

Val is a single mom with a 3-year-old daughter. Before she met her boyfriend Donald, Donald had claimed that he would never date a single mother. But when Donald met Val, he noticed that Val looks like Drew Barrymore and talks like Sofía Vergara. As a result, Donald doesn’t care whether Val is a single mother or not. Indeed, even if a guy logically has many standards, his standards may go out of the window after meeting a trulycharismatic woman.

Val told Donald that she is a single mom on their first date, but Donald doesn’t mind because Val brings all those unique qualities that Donald desire in a woman.

Honesty is the best policy – it’s an effective way to minimize drama in your love life, according to experts from single parents dating apps.

  • Advice for single dads: Should you introduce your new girlfriend to your kids?

Meeting a kid is very serious because it says, “My new girlfriend will be around.” As a single dad, you must be a father first and a romantic guy second.

“Making sure your kids grow up in a positive and stable household where women aren’t entering and leaving their lives is more paramount than you getting laid,” says David H., founder of a single parent dating app, “After letting your new girlfriend know that you have kids, keep the dating between you two for the first few weeks / months.”

Keeping the romance one on one is so key. You should thank your new girlfriend for her interest; nevertheless, you must remember this principle: Never introduce anybody to your kids unless it’s actually serious. Let me tell you a true story.

Single Dads
Single Dads

Aaron is a single dad with a 5-year-old son. Aaron was dating Iris for four weeks and Iris said, “Oh, I’d love to meet your son.” Therefore, Aaron introduced Iris to his son. However, they broke up six months later after Iris was hanging out with Aaron’s son for months. Now the 5-year-old child is asking Aaron, “Where is Iris now? Does she still love me? Has she ever loved me?” This isn’t something that a little child should experience or question. It breaks Aaron’s heart again and again. The situation was quite messy. By the way, Aaron and Iris met each other via a single parent dating app because Iris also has a child from a previous relationship.

If Aaron can wait for at least six months before introducing Iris to his son, this scenario could have been avoided totally.

  • Final suggestions from single parent dating app founder:

“Frankly, there are many more single moms than single dads in this day and age because most children live with their moms rather than their dads after their parents’ separation,” says David H., founder of a single parent dating app, “Some single moms don’t even know who their kids’ fathers are because they got pregnant while playing the field. I’m not judging anyone here; I just would like to give some helpful advice.”

more single moms
Advice Single Moms

David H. has provided the following suggestions for single mothers looking for love:

  • The majority of men are not prepared to deal with the negative side of being a parent; thus, ideally, you should look for a man who also has children. If you are dating a man without kids, chances are he is not ready to deal with the bad side of being a parent because the real dilemma is choosing either freedom or family.
  • Men are very possessive. When a man realizes that your kids are more important than him in your life, he may change his mind, even though he actually likes you. If a guy shows jealousy or doesn’t treat you with respect, you should stop dating him.

Quote: “David H. is the founder of a single parent dating app who argues that there isn’t a trick which will make dating and relationships easier for single parents – getting to know new people, identifying the right person and building a genuine connection is hard for everyone.”

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