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Relationship dating app advice: How to date again after a breakup?

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Breakups are very painful, and everyone has had at least one bad breakup in their life. But that is not the end of the world because you will get over it sooner or later. Things will be all right. But truthfully, you’ll never totally get over your ex, no matter you’d like to admit that or not. And that’s okay. Now I’d like to show you how to deal with the pain and start dating again.

  • Background research (source: a relationship dating app)

When the worst breakup happensbefore 20between 20 and 30after 30
48 men9381
49 women73210

The table above is the finding of a recent study conducted in Las Vegas, the United States. 48 men and 49 women participated in this study and it is manifest that most people went through their worst breakups in their 20s. But more women than men went through their worst breakups after 30 years old.

Interestingly, almost 70% of participants point out that their worst breakups happened when they were 29 years old. According to astrology, that’s when the Saturn returns, meaning from 27 to 31 years of age, the influence of the Saturn return indicates reaching full adulthood and being faced (maybe for the first time) with adult responsibilities and real challenges.

We live in a culture which desperately needs a magical prescription that numbs the pain until the wound heals after the breakup. But that’s not realistic. You can only deal with the pain because the magical prescription doesn’t exist.

Going through a bad breakup is life shattering, especially if it’s a difficult divorce. A divorcee has to go through the legal aftermath, decide whether or not to get married again, and how to make sure the next marriage won’t end up the same. If children are in the mix, co-parenting may drive a strong person on dating apps

  • Experts from the relationship dating app claim that you have to accept the breakup peacefully.

Acceptance is so key, according to experts from the relationship dating app. It doesn’t matter whether you were dumped or did the dumping, you must know that your heart is overriding your brain during the first several months after the painful breakup. Therefore, you shouldn’t make any major decisions at this stage, especially when your heart wants to get your ex back. Let me tell you a real story:

My best friend Courtney went to see a lawyer because she was planning on getting a divorce. When the lawyer was asking her questions about whether she actually wanted to get a divorce or not, she said, “My brain tells me that I should divorce him, but my heart says I shouldn’t.”

Then the lawyer said to her, “No matter how you feel, what I can tell you is you can’t be with him anymore. You will leave him. It’s only a matter of when and how.”Relationship dating app advice

One year later, Courtney’s divorce was finalized at last – after consulting with six different lawyers in order to successfullyavoid the legal consequences. Anyway, in the end, Courtney received a divorce certificate successfully (it was a divorce without her ex-husband’s consent).

Now Courtney has joined a relationship dating app in order to find her true love.

Honestly, in order to recover from the painful breakup, you just need to accept that it has already happened – you can’t change your past; you can only influence your future.

Never hold back your tears; just cry it out of your system. Then… Just. Move. On. You might join a relationship dating app as well if you are looking for a serious relationship again.

  • How to get over your ex so that you can feel free to date again:

After the breakup, that person is still the same one you left for a better life or the one who left you for a better life. Don’t deny this. Just accept it as it is. Stop being a revisionist and start being real.

Don’t attempt closure through explanation or communication. When you break up, there is no true closure. You can sleep with your ex for the last time, have one last dinner while talking about the good times again, or hug each other at 2am in the street; however, the pain will not vanish.popular dating app

According to experts from the relationship dating app, you’d better avoid social media stalking after the breakup. You may say that it’s juvenile to unfriend your ex on Facebook. Nevertheless, what’s actually juvenile is to torture yourself just to put on a brave face for the rest of the world. Most people can’t handle online interaction on social media with their ex’s, particularly when the wounds are fresh. You would be well-advised to erase your ex online and offline, so that you can truly move on.

  • Don’t forget to learn from the breakup.

Most people wouldn’t point out your faults, so it’s up to you to research the events which caused the breakup and determine what made your ex leave if you are dumped by your ex.

You are not perfect, so it’s time to look at that relationship from your ex’s point of view even if you don’t want to admit your flaws. Don’t be afraid to find out that you were texting too much, you were needy, you were demanding, you were jealous and there were times you chose your friends over your ex.

You might say it doesn’t matter why your ex is gone as it’s already over. But truthfully, the only way to avoid the same problems with the next partner is to learn the exact things you did that turn people off and push them apps dating

Having said that, don’t beat yourself up and regret not being perfect. You are only human. Let me put it this way – not being loving or pressuring your ex for things are qualities you can change, but not spoiling your ex like a mom is not something you can fix or should attempt to fix.

“Most people value happiness and comfort above all,” says Gareth C., co-founder of the relationship dating app, “If someone is unhappy, they would go find happiness elsewhere – that’s how most people deal with unhappiness. A romantic might call this giving up love, yet a realistic individual would call this loving yourself enough to do better and achieve higher.”

Realistically, if your previous relationships ended many times for unknown reasons, it’s not your ex, it’s you. Period.

“If something happens once, it can be random. If something happens twice, it can be a coincidence. If something happens for three times, it’s a pattern,” says Gareth C. from the relationship dating app, “If you have a very obvious pattern of being dumped repeatedly, you must investigate starting from within, no matter how hard it may seem to be.”

After a painful breakup, you must slow down and focus on yourself – give yourself a lot of time so that your heart can heal. Go to the movies; go shopping; find a new hobby. When you are ready, you can join a relationship dating app to find a new relationship.

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