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Once Quality Matches Dating App Review

Once dating app review

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Unlike most dating apps which encourage you to swipe left or right very quickly, Once is a slow dating app which brings magic to the online dating world.


  • Provides four free matches chosen by professional matchmakers on a daily basis.
  • Have 24 hours of attention for each other.
  • If you and the other member like each other’s profile, you can begin a chat for free.
  • You can chat with that member for as long as you want.
  • More active members are more likely to be selected by matchmakers (active = last online maximum 2 days ago).
  • Proximity is the No. 1 factor in the process.
  • You can connect your Instagram account to Once dating app.


  • A standard membership is free. You can download Once dating app and join for free. Then the matchmaker will send you a profile at noon each day. If you both like each other’s profile, you can chat with each other for free.
  • VIP membership is also available ($1.99 – $179.99 per item).

once dating app


  • Personalised matching experience.
  • Free to enjoy most features.
  • A very well-developed dating app.


  • The chat feature is quite limited.
  • Members entirely rely on the matchmaker, so they can’t really take action proactively.

Users’ comments:

“This app is better than most other dating apps that I’ve tried before. Most dating apps are just a waste of time. But Once is different. I really like the full attention that I have each day.” (Cindy, 28, London)

“Once is a very good dating app. It has the potential to become a bigger dating app than Tinder because people on Tinder are the worst – the lowest quality daters, according to my experience. Yet Once only sends me high-quality members. I really appreciate that.” (Nina, 29, Paris)

“Once is free to use. I met my boyfriend on Once two days after I joined this app. It’s completely free because I found my Mr Right so fast.” (Liz, 31, Berlin)

“This is my favourite dating app. Once has fundamentally transformed the online dating world. The only problem is buying those crowns is really expensive.” (Bill, 27, New York)

“The sign-up process was more complicated than other dating apps because I had to answer many questions. But those questions are quite meaningful. I think that’s how matchmakers get to know me before I start using this app, which is awesome.” (Alexander, 37, L.A.)

once free app

Experts’ comments:

“Once is probably the biggest dating app in Europe. Because it’s free to download and use, it has already attracted millions of members since 2015. If you are sick and tired of swiping left or right with no result, you should try Once for at least once in your life time.” (Jade Seashell)

“Once is very European and revolutionary. Using this app must be a refreshing experience in this hectic modern world.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

As a relatively new dating app, Once has already become one of the biggest dating apps in the world. And it’s extremely popular in Europe because of its unique features, including personalised matchmaking service. Because this service is free, it’s been recommended by many daters and dating experts all over the world. But if you want to become a VIP member, it’s not cheap. Anyway, you are asking someone to find you a husband or wife, so that’s a big ask!

A unique dating app in today’s day and age.


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  • Design
  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  1. Willie C says

    Looking for a girl with no paddocks, normal, normal. But now all with some troubles and get acquainted on the street, in a cafe is not easy. This application is chosen on the advice of a friend, says a lot of good girls. So that’s where you come across beautiful, interesting, smart girls with whom you can talk about something. Payment for Dating a small I think, but at least there was hope that you can still meet a good girl.

  2. Lillian says

    With a friend on a bet account to check who is more likely to find a hot guy. In the end, it turned out that my boyfriend was invited out with a friend, and my friend took. I will never forget the first meeting, it was so cool and interesting. After that, we started to meet and often walk, ride four of them on a weekend to relax. Who wants to change his life-all here!!!

  3. Miguel says

    On this application is to go to those girls who are looking for a wealthy man. I found my boyfriend here with no problem. I can not believe that everything happens as in the movie, but when I met him everything was so unusual! Romantic dates, we went together every evening to exhibitions, to the theater, went around the city and could not stop talking. We’re getting married soon. This site is grateful for such a meeting.

  4. Don B says

    Sat in the application for long, quickly met a girl and started Dating. In General, there are a lot of beautiful women and communication goes briskly, a lot of SMS, etc. I did not think that everything would happen so quickly, only a month and a half was enough to find a soul mate.

  5. Larry L says

    Despite the abundance of advertising on the Internet and” good ” reviews, the application disappointed. Immediately after registration block (despite the fact that all the rules and the user agreement has been carefully studied), technical support is not responsible. The desire to use such a site is no longer there. Some tyranny and a complete lack of logic. People are not aware that any such business should be user-oriented?

    1. Emma says

      It Just seems to me that you are pushing too high requirements at once. Need some time to get used to the site, to understand how it works.

  6. Gary says

    it is Clear that many were disappointed before. But you try the full functionality of the application. You will love it.

    1. Angelica says

      I sat on Dating sites with foreigners, talked, but I wanted to find a man from my city, so I came here. Immediately completely switched to this site, because there are a lot of interesting men and even more to pay for services is not necessary. While there is no permanent relationship, but there are new friends and a lot.

  7. Doris M says

    Sat on many sites and was looking for adequate guy just be nice and calm. In the end, disappointed in Dating via the Internet. But when I started to complain to her friend, she said that I simply not there searched. It turns out that she and her man met on this app, but concealed it. Okay, I think I’ll try one last time. In the end, it was here that she met her boyfriend, we’ve been together for six months. I haven’t gotten to the proposal yet, but I hope we’ll get married soon.

    1. Raul says

      When there is little free time, inevitably have to get acquainted on the Internet. At first I did not want to register on the site, tried to get acquainted through the social network, but there you can not guess who is looking for a guy who is busy. On this app I’ve checked in quickly and loved the way that you communicate on the website. A lot of girls, it is never boring. Now I’m walking with a girl from a neighboring house, in life I would hardly have met her, and then it turned out to find each other.

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