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Member statistics Top features to use Registration and first steps Chatting with hot singles Why purchase VIP? Real users’ opinions Summary NoStringsAttached is one of well-organized and popular adult dating sites focused on intimate photos and videos shared between the users. Local hookuping in real is its purpose as well. The site is an affiliate […]

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good site for local hookups

Member statistics

Top features to use

Registration and first steps

Chatting with hot singles

Why purchase VIP?

Real users’ opinions


NoStringsAttached is one of well-organized and popular adult dating sites focused on intimate photos and videos shared between the users. Local hookuping in real is its purpose as well.

The site is an affiliate of GetItOn, Passion, and Alt, that belong to the same owner, Various Inc. They all serve horny singles, married personals, and couples in seeking fun and adventures.

Member statistics

NoStringsAttached is active and popular enough to be compared to such leaders as eHarmony. The research shows, their statistics of joining and success is approximately similar.

With over 1.5 members from the USA, NSA can be considered a good site for local hookups. The variety of options allows to find a match quickly in any state or city, including smaller towns.

The bad thing is that male members severely prevail, there are 70 percent of them in the database. On another hand, women are much more active with the chat initiating and video uploads.

Female members are mostly in their 30s while male members in their 30s and 50s. Other age groups are presented too. Not to forget the site is famous among the couples of all ages.

Top features to use

NSA offers many various and effective features for online hookuping and it also explains its popularity. Not many platforms care about creating special options for their users’ best results.

Many of them are free while others are for paid members only, some are classical and others have unique names. Here is the list of the most convenient features one finds on No Strings Attached.

  • High-Quality Member Videos is a sector with the bravest and frankest home movies.
  • Hotlist is in fact the list of favourites, it’s easy to compose and save the hot profiles.
  • Live Webcam is the most frequently used tool for virtual sex and getting acquainted.
  • Cheating Tips is a king of hookuping blog with a piece of advice for newcomers.
  • Match Reports allows to see the most precise matches basing on one’s preferences.
  • Open The Door is a VIP option allowing free users to contact the paid user.
  • Rate This Photo allows to compliment other users and raise their hookuping

Registration and first steps

The casual sex site starts from its entrance, the registration field. It matters a lot how this part is organized and whether it’s comfortable. Signing up is simple on NoStringsAttached.

One needs to start from creating his username, which is typical for anonymous hookup sites. The username is used instead of the real name and creates some fun and amusing atmosphere.

The gender is indicated along with the desired match’s gender, and email address is needed for the user’s verification. Then, at least one profile photo should be uploaded for activating the profile.

The password is created automatically though and can be changed after. The profile photo isn’t too much pre-moderated, it can even show body parts and nudity, just not the aggressive stuff.

Chatting with hot singles

Erotic video chats and spicy conversations are the main purpose of NoStringsAttached. The site even encourages married personals to encounter erotic models on webcam instead of real cheating.

Chatting is simple and easy to initiate. One can contact another user from his Hotlist, from the general gallery of users, from the Live Member and Live Model webcams, or use the group chatroom.hookup online

Why purchase VIP?

NoStringsAttached is basically useless without the VIP status. A free user can arrange his profile in any way, even make it private, but he cannot start messaging the others or view their profiles.

Extra features for VIP members are video chatting with erotic models and private phone calls. One can also change the gender if he wants to experiment or hookup online as a couple.

VIP subscription is fair and affordable, it makes 19.98 USD a month only. It’s considered an average price on the casual dating market, and the quality of services responds to that price.

Tokens are mostly spent on erotic models, either virtual gifts or the tips for them. Is it a pro or a con to have professional webcam girls in the adult dating site member base? Opinions differ.

Some think only real women ready to meet, should be in the member base. Others just want some qualitative online relaxation without any judgement, so professional models serve ok.

They know how to present themselves, how to please a man, and how to keep it bright and kinky until the happy ending. That’s why it is rather an advantage on adult dating site.

Real users’ opinions

“NoStringsAttached became my ticket to the world of pleasure as I was pretty stressed and introverted after my last breakup. Now I’m literally breathing again as I have like-minded friends.

With some of them we’re just video chatting, while with other ones, I was lucky enough to get laid in real. Such a freedom of choices is vital for a modern person especially after stressful times.

I would admit the quality of services surprised me, I thought it was just another adult dating site with non-decent photos and lots of scam. But no, it’s very decent and secure indeed.

As a bi-curious guy, I appreciated the VIP option to switch the gender in the profile settings and meet both boys and girls. I would enjoy it even more if my future girlfriend accepted.

The site inspires me to be myself and I’m sure other users feel the same. I am very grateful to No Strings Attached an I would gladly purchase the lifetime VIP subscription if it was available”.

“I am a very busy person who has the high sex drive, nonetheless. I don’t like the idea to use escort services and I am against the porn viewing, so NoStringsAttached is a great solution for me.Sexy young woman

For some small money, I get the full access to model’s profiles where they upload sexy video files and stream all day long. Most of them are very beautiful and young, so I enjoy that.

I can view their stream and video materials at any given moment between my negotiations and paperwork, which is super convenient. Along with that, the main page looks very elegant.

So it isn’t a problem for me if I get caught. Also, I rather like the fact that there’s no mobile version of the site. It would distract me a lot. I have more control over the desktop version.

I have male friends who are interested in this kind of services too, so I do not hesitate to give them recommendations about this site. I enjoy those cheating tips too, they are fun and helpful.

Thank you NoStringsAttached for great concepts and their realization. It’s important for an aesthetic person like me, to have access to such gorgeous girls worldwide, and to enjoy their virtual help”.

“I am an older single committed to meet sugar babies, as more of them as possible. At the same time, I do not have enough resources to provide them all. Meeting them online is easier.

NoStringsAttached offers the database full of young hot personals, both professional and amateur ones. They know how to treat someone like me, and make all the process highly enjoyable.Sexy young woman in lingerie posing on the bed

I am happy to find the place on the Internet where I’m appreciated, respected, and desired. The subscription fee I’m paying, is worthy of each penny since I am getting everything I want.

I am completely ready to meet one of that sexy girls as soon as we’re both impatient enough to make it happen. But No Strings Attached makes things possible even when finances are limited.

All models who performed for me, were polite and genuine. It’s indeed the second youth for an older person so I am fully satisfied and thankful to the site. I am staying online for hours.

When I had any issues or questions, the support team was always there for me. It’s truly the qualitative service and I’d share the link with all mature singles interested in elite virtual sex”.


NoStringsAttached certainly meets the users’ needs and shows its commitment to develop further. These two factors are sufficient for rating it high and recommending it to the others.

Like a true casual sex site, it acts beyond the ethic and unites naughty users despite their age, gender, marital status. Yet, it does this in a non-vulgar way and makes sure the quality is high.

It involves a lot of work from providing technical safety to the quick customer support and anti-spam filtering. Webcam models should be pre-moderated to not allow any fraud.

The casual dating blog on NoStringsAttached also requires constant attention and progress. It is noticed the so-called cheating tips are frequently renewed and new ones added, which is great.

The site doesn’t restrict or stress its members too much, only fair conditions are set. All they do is making sure a person is real, non commercial minded, non offensive, non aggressive.

While the rest is allowed, including very seductive photos and extremely erotic behaviour in video chats and online streaming. It sets people free and helps them fulfil all sexual desires.hookup online as a couple.

In other words, No Strings Attached does good work and offers all possible tools for the utmost success, like the elite dating site would do with the much higher cost and big demands.

It’s easy to see then why this site grew so famous and widely used, even with the certain flaws such as the smaller number of female members and the lack of options for LGBTQ users.

However, such sexual preferences as threesomes, swinger exchange, bi-curious experiments, are completely possible on No Strings Attached. One just needs to adjust the gender field in the settings.

Everything looks like it’s going to reach the top positions in the casual dating field and become the leader. Its further success depends on its team and the owner’s initiatives.

For now, we find it satisfying enough for all possible groups of users, and keep on recommending it to all kinky or naughty personals interested in cyber sex and offline experiments.

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InstantHookups Review – Legit or Not? Thu, 18 Feb 2021 08:41:16 +0000 InstantHookups

The site purpose and target audience Profile quality Pricing and its reasoning Basic and Premium membership Bonuses for Premium users Expert’s summary and critics Success stories from the members   The site purpose and target audience InstantHookups was created with the “better than Tinder” concept, for local hookups of all kinds. The site welcomes singles, […]

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The site purpose and target audience

Profile quality

Pricing and its reasoning

Basic and Premium membership

Bonuses for Premium users

Expert’s summary and critics

Success stories from the members


The site purpose and target audience

InstantHookups was created with the “better than Tinder” concept, for local hookups of all kinds. The site welcomes singles, couples, LGBTQ members, kinky sex seekers, etc.

The site promotes and uses the 50/50 gender ratio making sure new members are registering in needed quantities. If males prevail, their signing up is getting limited, and vise-versa.

InstantHookups work is based on the geolocation feature helping to find a match for casual sex literally next door. The matching process is half automatic and half manual, so chances are increased.InstantHookups Join

Profile quality

The profile photos on InstantHookups is beyond any critics so provocative they are. Some are glamorous selfies in front of the mirror, but the others just depict body parts or nude bodies.

Not only the censoring is absent, but such profile photos are even shown and promoted on the main page of the site. Which leads to the conclusion the team of IH is ok with that and it’s the overall style.

The profile descriptions are brief or absent, so each user makes his choice basing on the photos, just like on Tinder. The only difference is that choice is controlled by the user, not by the system.apps for hookups

Pricing and its reasoning

There is a recent tendency in the hookup dating market to set up quite a high monthly payment around 40 USD. InstantHookups follows this tendency too charging the 39.95 USD a month.

Is this a VIP or elite dating site to charge that much? Maybe the platform for sugar dating hookups? No, InstantHookups doesn’t present itself like that in any way, it’s for simple people.

In this case, they should at least look very trendy and provide unique, convenient features not available on other sites. It’s partially so, and the team efforts to launch a special platform are seen.

Basic and Premium membership

InstantHookups can be used for free, which is very attractive for the students and other less provided categories. Not only viewing other profiles is free, but also receiving the messages.

However, for a normal and fruitful communication, the two-way messaging is needed, and this is possible only after upgrading to the Premium membership. It is more advantageous.

Plus to the possibility to contact any member, there is also such a pleasant opportunity as being listed among the Top users. It boosts the number of visitors instantly and improves the results.sugar dating hookups

Bonuses for Premium users

The Premium user can save a few bucks by paying for three months at once. In addition to the highlighting and prioritizing of his profile, he will be able to video chat and webcam record limitlessly.

Questionnaires on sexual preferences filled by other members, become fully seen to Premium members only making it the perfect platform for kinky hookups and contemporary dating.

Expert’s summary and critics

InstantHookups is a bright example of the brave business that isn’t fully developed as it should be, but works with positive results, still. There’s still a lot to do for improving it.

The site started working with big ambitions, to overshine Tinder. It added some unique features indeed to succeed in that, and made sure the database is gender balanced.

However, to reach that balance on the early stage, the platform was using a certain amount of bots, and some are still there. The real female users could be on their place who need casual partners.

Otherwise, the site works pretty well although doesn’t seem to get any close to the popularity of Tinder. It mostly functions within the western countries, not worldwide and it’s GPS-based.

We’d mostly recommend it to young users who don’t care much about their anonymity, and just want some fun at the nearest bar or nightclub. The GPS navigation on IH will serve them.

As to the couples and older singles, especially prestigious ones, InstantHookups isn’t really the right place for them. Imagine your respectable neighbours seeing you among the hookup seekers.

It’s a no-no for successful people, no matter how trendy InstantHookups looks. They should rather go for elite dating apps, VIP and sugar dating platforms with a higher level of privacy.hook up locally

We would give InstantHookups four stars and half, as our final mark. If the team cares to keep on improving it, they’ll end up among the leaders of the market, but not sooner than that.

We’d also give a hint to the users beginners, you can easily avoid buying the Premium membership. Just put as attractive profile photo as you can, and receive messages for free.

In some of those messages, there will be the time and place for the meeting suggested, and you can come there if you liked this member enough. The practice shows it really works.

Another hint is avoiding overly attractive members who resemble celebrities and send very typical messages. Those can be automatic notifications from bots and one should ignore them.

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to register on InstantHookups even if the male members are not accepted at the moment. Set up the reminder in your phone and check daily whether it changed.

It’s a kind of waiting list on elite dating sites, and it’s worthy of some patience especially if you’re going to be a free member. Who doesn’t like free hookups with hot women and couples?

As experts, we must confess such progressive platforms will keep on appearing in the market, as contemporary users demand them more and more. IH is a pioneer of a kind, and we respect that.

If one follows the common sense and knows which pitfalls to avoid, this site can be a good assistant in hookup search and bring perfect candidatures for sexy adventures together.

Success stories from the members

“I am using InstantHookups for two months now and I like it so far. I have noticed not all users are real, but it’s like that on many hookup sites, you just surf through them and find real ones.

I’ve met several girls but managed to get laid with one only. The others felt more like friends and there was no chemistry. Not that I am too picky, I just want to get the biggest pleasure possible.

Since I’m a paid member, I want the best girls and the best services. To be fair, InstantHookups provides that, at least in highly populated cities like LA or London.

For work, I am moving between these two cities all the time, so IH is of great help. It has its flaws, but I guess the advantages prevail and it manages to be one of the best hookup sites”.

“InstantHookups is my choice since the beginning of 2020. It serves me well, so I would recommended it to other singles as well as the couples. It helps to have some fun on weekends.good assistant in hookup search

It is called instant, because it works on the basis of GPS option and detects other users exactly in your area. It’s a bit confusing for those who seek anonymity, as you’re going to meet your neighbours.

Anyways, I met no less than three hot girls through it, and get laid successfully. I am not a big fan of the nightclubs so hookuping via the apps and sites suits me better. It saves me the money too.

When I have a stable girlfriend, I am more than sure I will convince her to use InstantHookups as a couple, to form awesome threesomes. I date only progressive and open-minded girls.

In general, I would rate it four stars not five, for the absence of the phone app and too many bots. But as my own results there are great, I won’t complain and might keep using it”.

“I met my current boyfriend on InstantHookups although we didn’t plan anything serious. We both had casual affairs through this platform before, but we just liked each other too much.

The best factor for possible couples is the site matches them by the district they live in. It’s always easier to date someone who lives nearby, much better than complex dating on a distance.

He doesn’t mind that I am very open and passionate towards people, he is very much the same. We love experimenting and trying new things. InstantHookups became a lullaby of our feelings.

I honestly do not refuse the idea of involving the third girl, a so-called unicorn. He is happy about that. We can do whatever we want, because it’s contemporary dating of the new century.

We already have a lot of like-minded friends and we always promote InstantHookups among them. We think it’s a revolutionary hookup source and many others will follow in the dating market”.

“I loved being on InstantHookups although it was a brief experience. I only was in the US for my summer job and needed some relaxation in between, so I have found IH just in time.

It provided me with so many options for going out, moreover, there’s a 50/50 ratio of males and females so I never was out of choice. Some men even fed me and treated me like a sugar baby.

Although it wasn’t my primary intention, it honestly helped me a lot through the hard times I had in the US. I am proud I could fulfil someone’s sexual fantasies in return, I like doing hookups

If I ever return to the western countries, I’ll keep on using InstantHookups since it brought me so much enjoyment and fun. I recommend it to other young girls too, it’s a great site for hookups”.

“I can say casual sex is my lifestyle since I got divorced. I have tried many sites and apps for hookups, including travel dating sites and international ones too. InstantHookups is one of the best.

It’s because I ended up deciding to hook up locally, and this particular site uses the navigation for detecting who wants casual sex nearby. I met a dozen of hot girls like that already.

Luckily, young western women aren’t after the wedding or expensive gifts, many are just party animals. There are plenty of them on InstantHookups, and I am the same too, so we match well.

My latest finding is Dita who is a go-go dancer and we couldn’t meet in any other way if not IH. We are seeing each other regularly and we don’t have any other intentions or purposes, just sex.

I am very grateful to InstantHookups that makes my life brighter on a daily basis. I told to lots of friends about it and some of them managed to get laid with its help as well, so it’s a cool site”.



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HotOrNot Review (Meet new people online) Mon, 25 Jan 2021 09:59:26 +0000 hot or not

Pre-history of the site Target audience Safe communication Signing tips How do I make my profile attractive? Local meetings Pricing principles Why are the credits needed? What do the app users say? HotOrNot is one of the absolute leaders in online dating, flirting, and hookups. With 384 million of active members online, it beats all […]

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hot or not

Pre-history of the site

Target audience

Safe communication

Signing tips

How do I make my profile attractive?

Local meetings

Pricing principles

Why are the credits needed?

What do the app users say?

HotOrNot is one of the absolute leaders in online dating, flirting, and hookups. With 384 million of active members online, it beats all records and attracts more newcomers daily.

A bit less than a half of that quantity are from the US, so it’s suitable for local hookups as well. Based on the game of rating users’ photos from 1 to 10, it is meant for entertainment as well.

Pre-history of the site

Even the oldest version of HotOrNot is new enough to call it trendy and contemporary. The AmIHotOrNot dating game had been launched back in 2000. In 10 years, it lost its positions.

However, in 2012, it had been re-launched with the current name by the Badoo owner. The member base and technical platforms are different though only the design looks similarly.

Target audience

Like many progressive platforms with a good understanding of business strategies, HotOrNot is especially welcoming towards beautiful women providing them with a free 3-day trial.

The registration process itself is also easier for female members, while men should answer a bigger number of questions and verify their identity in a stricter manner. Messaging is free for females.

As a result, men are so excited to rate many gorgeous hotties and choose out of them, that they accept such a strictness readily and join a lot. Sixty percent of members are men.

It’s well-understood and expectable that such a virtual game of rating the photos interests young people more, while older singles may want a profound communication instead.

So, 25-35 year olds rule the site with the teens on second place and with just a small percentage of mature members. 1.5 million of curious youngsters are online at any moment of sexy girls

Safe communication

HotOrNot does a lot in order to protect its members even if there are millions of them. Each user can choose the option of chatting with verified members only, to not let scammers ever go through.

Now, did you know that Tinder didn’t invent swiping? HotOrNot did it first. It’s surely a surprising fact, but it’s true and this platform keeps on using this system of interaction.

It ensures the correct matching with compatible members who liked you back. In this case, chatting is more pleasant and usually, much safer too. Btw, the verification process is unique.

To complete it, one needs to repeat the pose or gesture the system suggests. This very same trick some experienced men use when they check whether the girl’s video is real-time stream or pre-recorded.

Signing tips

Signing is easy on HotOrNot but some secrets should be known. One should sign via FB only if he is sure he wants to reveal his FB first name and some profile photos from there, automatically.

If there are any doubts or the profile is secretive in any way, it’s better to register directly without using social networks. MSN, Twitter, and even Russian Vkontakte are among women

How do I make my profile attractive?

With such a rating concept, it’s no surprise members find very important to make their profiles attractive. It takes some time, but such efforts are always paid well from the first minute.

For models or stylish and sexy girls it makes no difficulty to upload amazing photos, while for all the others it’s more challenging. Try to use studio photos only or the ones with pretty landscapes.

Choose the pictures where you’re smiling, and where your flaws, if any, aren’t seen. Use as many chances as you can since the number of profile photos is limitless on HotOrNot.

Since the videos can be upload as well, do not miss this opportunity. Record short and fun videos of the high quality where your physical attractiveness is well seen in the beneficial light.

Do not underestimate the profile text either. The majority of members care to fill all sections in detail and share a lot of thoughts, to be truly intriguing for someone else when the profile is viewed.

Private photos are also allowed so use this to intrigue other members even more. A part of your profile photos can be kept private for selected matches only, so they’ll be motivated to chat.

Local meetings

Although HotOrNot is perfect for travel dating and international hookups, it is mostly used for local encounters. It helps to find the most attractive and popular members located nearby.

It’s a kind of game too since one can decide to meet those folks or not, but it’s interesting anyway to know whether there are many sexy personals around in any place or area one attends.

Accordingly, Hot Or Not app works on the navigation basis and this should be adjusted in the app and phone settings. The geo-location tool defines where you and your potential matches chat singles

Pricing principles

HotOrNot can be used completely for free, including chatting. This explains its popularity among the students and other less provided groups. However, Premium status has many benefits.

  • Changing the rate value. One can like the user he disliked before, or re-rate him.
  • Gifts delivery. Not only virtual gifts, but also the real gifts can be given to matches.
  • Fun stickers for chats. Stickers can be romantic or naughty, they are of great use.
  • Invisible mode. Some prefer to get invisible while surfing the users’ profiles.
  • Unlimited swipes. Free members have the limited number of swipes a day.
  • The ads absence. Users may complain about the intense ads in a free version.
  • Highlighted profile. This service is traditionally given to the Premium members.

Even Premium is affordable to anyone though, it costs 12.99 USD a month only. It’s also possible to buy only 1 week of membership, 3 or 6 months with a considerable discount.

Although the credits should be bought additionally, again, they’re fairly affordable. For instance, 500 credits cost 9.99 USD only and it’s enough for activating many extra features.

Moreover, since HotOrNot is so globally popular, and many choose to remain there for months and years, it offers the Lifetime Package for 79.99 USD only. It’s very reasonable.

Why are the credits needed?

One could wonder, why to buy credits if Premium already gives so many privileges. The support team says credits are a part of security system since only matching members chat for free.

For non-matches, messaging is possible only with the help of credits. On another hand, why would non-matches write to each other, isn’t that disturbing for one of them? However, it’s programmed.

On another hand, the system of credits makes sense for model-looking girls who receive thousands of messages otherwise. A symbolic payment is healthily limiting the flow of invites.

The app often offers the packs of credits for free, as a bonus for active members. Notifications about such promotions and special offers can be received by any member inside of the women online

What do the app users say?

Of course, with its young audience and fun attitude, HotOrNot is mostly used as a mobile app. It’s in the list of the highest rated apps in the dating market, and there are thousands of good reviews.

“HotOrNot is a must-have, it makes my day each time I’m using it. So many hot girls online and most of them are keen to chat and get to know each other. It’s fun and amusing, I would say!

Although I have noticed some bots and other flaws, I confidently give it four stars and keep on using it with pleasure. I’ve met many girls in real, some for hookups and others for friendship.

With others, I am simply flirting online but it’s so enjoyable. It differs positively from adult dating apps where the atmosphere is heavy and women look a bit vulgar. Here, all is easy-going.

I work at the boring office and seeing so many smiling faces is like sunshine to me. I am thankful to the HotOrNot team for such a convenient, nicely organized virtual place for romance”.

“I paid for eternal Premium and I don’t regret it so far. I am showered by interests from beautiful women of all ages, mostly of my age. I go out nearly every evening with them.

I know many guys prefer to use Hot Or Not just for fun. As to me, I enjoy meeting real personals there even if we’re just chatting and nothing more. It opens the new world to me.

One can adjust the app for local encounters but I use the long-distance option from time to time as well. I love chatting with Russian girls or Latin hotties, it depends on my mood!

Although the app looks a lot like Badoo, many features differ and I like this one more. My brightest experience was meeting a real model who I dated for a while, and it’s thanks to HotOrNot!

In other words, I am more than happy to use it and I recommend it to anyone interested in hot people worldwide. You won’t meet so many in any other place, so it’s worthy of joining”.

“HotOrNot became my first hookup platform and I’m glad I chose it. Both chatting online and personal meetings were absolutely awesome, all men were attractive and very gallant towards me.

Although I do not understand why it’s prohibited to exchange personal information and contacts, I respect the HotOrNot team for what they are doing and for all the chances they provide.

The app isn’t mean for anything serious, so it’s pretty relaxing to just swipe and admire the sexiest people, without any expectations or disappointments. It brings me a lot of relief.

I didn’t feel at ease on classical dating sites where everyone discusses marriage and future children. It’s not what I seek right now, so HotOrNot suits me perfectly and I’m going to continue.

I do not need to explain to anyone why I want to go casual, we just meet and get laid. Nothing is difficult on this app, all features are helpful and singles find each other in counted hours.

I am totally satisfied with my results on Hot Or Not and told my friends about it already. It can be recommended to all young people who want some fun and excitement with no strings attached”.

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Flirthookup Review (Pricing, Profile quality, User’s Stories) Thu, 10 Dec 2020 08:43:12 +0000 flirthookup review

FlirtHookup app vs the site Pricing Principle of work Expert’s analyze Main page Anonymous mode Profile quality Online safety Summary Users’ stories     There are dating platforms with speaking names that show to which niche they belong. FlirtHookup is one of them. It is created for casual, no-strings-attached relationships only. There are the phone […]

The post Flirthookup Review (Pricing, Profile quality, User’s Stories) appeared first on Best free dating apps advice.

flirthookup review

FlirtHookup app vs the site


Principle of work

Expert’s analyze

Main page

Anonymous mode

Profile quality

Online safety


Users’ stories



There are dating platforms with speaking names that show to which niche they belong. FlirtHookup is one of them. It is created for casual, no-strings-attached relationships only.

There are the phone app and the desktop site that have the same names but seems to be from the different owners, Siqin Li and Flaming Head Limited. Methods of work are similar though.

FlirtHookup app vs the site

The main page of the site is surprisingly inexpressive and looks like we still live in the 90s. It flashes the motto: Meet hot girls and video chat right now on FlirtHookup! which isn’t very imaginative.

The app looks much brighter than the desktop version, in pink colour with the kiss symbol. Girls on the main page are very young, smiling, and model-looking, so it requires investigation.


1-month VIP subscription cost 19.99 which is an average price on the dating market. A free trial lasts 7 days but one should be careful not to let his card be charged before that period ends.

The additional coin packages are also offered, from 2.99 USD to 59.99 USD. They are reportedly used for extra features activation and limitless messaging, which isn’t necessary.

The desktop site keeps its Premium membership price visible to the members only. Free members can view the profile gallery and like other users, but messaging is chat hookups

Principle of work

FlirtHookup app suggests to link one’s social page and FH profile, in order to view others’ photos easier and find new friends worldwide. It doesn’t sound much as a potential hookup tool.

While the desktop version doesn’t link one’s profile to any of the social networks, and one’s search of a match isn’t automatized with their help. Users should only search manually.

Expert’s analyze

To understand, whether FlirtHookup is satisfying for users, we should realize what exactly modern singles expect from the hookup platforms. Modern is a key word in contemporary dating.

Hookup apps and sites are expected to be trendier and more innovative than serious dating sites. Why? Because we socialize and have fun while hookuping, it’s that simple and natural.

Everything should be entertaining, from the signing process to the real meeting. Bright design, multiple features for online games and tests are usually aimed to attract young members.hookup online

Main page

Most of these qualities lack on FlirtHookups. Its design isn’t just simple, no, it’s absent. On the pale-coloured main page, women’s photo gallery is situated in the most chaotic order.

The registration fields also look old-fashioned and not welcoming at all. Of course, there isn’t any linking to FB or other social networks. A new user isn’t asked about his gender or preferences.

Anonymous mode

What casual daters care a lot about, is anonymity. There’s not such a thing on FlirtHookup though. Users’ profiles are seen to anyone outside the site, faces cannot be blurred on the photos.

Nor the pictures can be hidden in private albums. The messages do not disappear after a while, in other words, there’s no any special tool that would help to remain real singles

Profile quality

The profile quality is another factor important to the hookupers. Profiles shouldn’t be very detailed comparing to classical dating sites, instead, the focus should be on the pictures.

On most of casual sex apps, girls do not use studio photos. Selfies are just ok for this purpose, but they should be clear, flirtatious, stylish, even sexy, to really catch someone’s attention.

Male users normally do not like when girls’ photos are too vulgar or too revealing. But FlirtHookup does not present even this kind of photos, girls rather look neutral and disinterested.

It creates the feeling that pictures were picked without much thinking or even stolen by catfishers from social networks. Otherwise, why wouldn’t girls express any sexual interest visually?

Their mimics and postures look like those are just occasional photos and women themselves weren’t aware they’ll be chosen as lovers accordingly to the profile photos, which is weird.

Online safety

Anti-scam protection on the hookup apps and sites can be provided in two ways, by pre-moderation of female members’ profiles and messages, or by keeping only real users in the database.

Meaning, the commercial bots wouldn’t be used. Does FlirtHookup meet any of these expectations? Let’s start from the profile verification, it is never conducted on this platform.

Sadly, it’s possible to see double profiles or celebrities’ portraits in the database, which surely has nothing to do with real and honest intentions. The customer support is absent as well.

While it’s extremely important for the online protection. Basically, people cannot report or send any complaint about the fraudulent accounts or block them in any way, when it’s needed.

As to the bots, they are used by the site team indeed. On the beginning, they had to attract the new users quicker for supporting the new platform database. Later, they had to be removed.

But we see that FlirtHookup still keeps on using them, although the member base is already big enough. Along with a big number of catfishers, it creates the unhealthy atmosphere on the site.

That’s basically why male members do not have much hope for success. And exactly the bots become the reason why the rating of the app and desktop site remains so shamefully best hookups


To summarize whether FlirtHookup is efficient and successful, we should take a look at real users’ reviews and their complaints, if any. We see that FH members indeed have complaints.

They mostly concern two disadvantages of the platform, the fake profiles in the member base and automatic charging of the bank card even after cancelling real users’ Premium membership.

Why do these two things take place? Maybe FlirtHookup just doesn’t appreciate its users and works by principle, pay and then leave. We can only judge when the time passes if it changes its strategy.

For now, nor the app neither the desktop site are in the list of recommended platforms, by specialists’ opinion. There are much safer and more efficient alternatives in the casual dating market.

We’d suggest to singles to join at their risk and use as much common sense as possible, and to proceed with caution. Even on average and below average sources, it’s possible to meet a match.

To the FH team, we would suggest to start respecting the users and take a better care of their needs. It’s crucial to add qualitative customer support, pre-moderation, and anonymity flirthookups

Users’ stories

“I had been on FlirtHookup for just a month and I don’t think I benefited from it. My automatic payment was hard to cancel, and it was hard to get through the fake profiles.

It seems I succeeded to find a few girls who were real, but unfortunately, they lived on the opposite side of my country. Not suitable for local hookups at all, and there’s no geolocation tool.

However, it’s good for online flirting when you’re horny, but you need to be careful and not to talk to the catfishers. Also for travel dating and hookups, if you’re a risky person enough.

First, make sure the woman is real, video chat with her, call her on a phone, ask for some approval depending on your imagination. If all is well, travel and meet her where she lives.

As a hard worker, I couldn’t do that, I need someone from my region only. So it isn’t the best app for me, I must take a chance on other ones and hopefully get laid more successfully there”.

“FlirtHookup isn’t the first casual sex app for me, I have tried many more. What can I say, it serves well only if one has the cold head on his shoulders and can analyze all conversations.

Otherwise, it is easy to fall a victim of the fraud. Another condition for the good results is that one lives in a big central city with the big population. Otherwise, it’s unlikely he’ll find the match.

The app looks nice, describes itself nicely, but the results are slow and you won’t get any reply from the support if you contact them. I personally contacted twice with no answer.

I cannot say the member base is completely empty with the bots only, I chatted with five or more people who were genuine and committed to meet. But it wasn’t any close to me.

So it’s not a complete garbage, rather the three stars app on my opinion. Actually, it isn’t famous at all and I wouldn’t choose it if not the ads I saw about it. I’d better skip it, I think”.

“My experience with FlirtHookup was rather neutral, I succeeded to get laid twice but the other girls have tried to take advantage of me which is a rip off. So I have mixed feelings.

Of course, as a casual sex seeker I should focus on hookuping and be satisfied with what FlirtHookup gives. Just I would prefer it to be fairer and more transparent, with well-checked members.

Although I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends, I may keep on using it for a while and see what it brings. I especially liked one of the girls I met, a great lover and also very young.

If such women can be met on this app, it isn’t so terrible after all. Just watch out and see whom you speak to, for making sure you’re fine and safe. Thanks anyway FlirtHookup”.

“I like to flirt and hookup, but it also means I know how such niche sites and apps should look like. FlirtHookup offers no trustworthy promo, some photos look suspicious and way too glamorous.

Eventually, I met one girl through this app but it’s nothing in comparison with the big number of chicks I met through other similar applications. Also, she looked a bit different from her  photos.

What I would expect from the owners of FlirtHookup that they will re-consider their strategy and make it work better. No one wants to get disappointed after spending twenty bucks a month.

Additionally, I could never cancel my subscription, it goes on and on. I may ask my bank employees to stop the payment, since FlirtHookup team just doesn’t answer. It’s a big minus too.

I must admit though, the chatting with real personals I enjoyed. There aren’t many of them, however they are mostly young and more or less attractive. It improves my bad impression”.




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EliteSingles Review (Safety level, Pros and cons, Expert’s analysis) Fri, 04 Dec 2020 08:23:15 +0000 elitesingles review

What is EliteSingles about? Signing up Girls’ profiles quality Safety level Age group Pros and cons Mobile app version Real users’ opinions Expert’s analysis The cons of EliteSingles we detected The pros and specialties of EliteSingles Is EliteSingles for sugar dating?   What is EliteSingles about? EliteSingles isn’t a typical static site bit a modern […]

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elitesingles review

What is EliteSingles about?

Signing up

Girls’ profiles quality

Safety level

Age group

Pros and cons

Mobile app version

Real users’ opinions

Expert’s analysis

The cons of EliteSingles we detected

The pros and specialties of EliteSingles

Is EliteSingles for sugar dating?


What is EliteSingles about?

EliteSingles isn’t a typical static site bit a modern landing page with a lot of information on it. There is a stylish signing-in form, and trendy animated layout with attractive people’s portraits.

The site guarantees high security and 85% of highly educated women’s profiles. Intelligent matchmaking and high success rate are also among its pros. Expert profile advice is included into services.

The site states it is focused on local Canadian dating, not depending on singles’ religion and their skin color. The customer service is also self-proclaimed modern, perfect, and unique.

The “Find a match” section offers straight dating, LGBT dating, Christian dating, Senior dating, Single parent dating. FAQ and Dating Blog / Magazine are available for users as well.

Signing up

The signing up process is free and simple. It is organized with a serious attitude as one should accept Terms and Conditions before joining or entering. There’s no signing in via social networks.

Girls’ profiles quality

Women’s profile photos are qualitative but not too much edited or glamorous, rather casual and natural. It increases the level of trust a lot. The personal information seems trustworthy too.

Safety level

Safety level on EliteSingles is above average, the site uses a strong security system. Manual profile verification, quick customer support and technical safety are among the advantages as well.serious elitesingles

Age group

The site and app state their target audience are 30 – 55 y.o. singles. It’s quite a wide range, moreover, young and senior singles also readily join the platform seeking their perfect match.

Pros and cons

The personality test and detailed profiles are at avail. Ice-breakers and automatic matching are included. Although these are classical features, one can easily succeed with them in no time.

Mobile app version

EliteSinglesapp is available both on PlayMarket and AppStore. The application positions itself as the UK dating platform. The application is rated much lower than the desktop version of the elitesingles

Real users’ opinions

“I enjoy being on EliteSingles although it has its flaws, too. The atmosphere of the VIP dating is there, and I always know my advantages will be appreciated and desirable by male members.

I am an educated and model-looking lady who never finds decent matches in her busy life. While there are plenty of brilliant young men and successful mature users on EliteSingles.

I recently met David, for instance, who is a pure pattern of the gallant attitude and good manners. We go out as casual partners but who knows, maybe it will bring to something bigger.

I’d like to recommend EliteSingles as the platform where a girl can train her abilities to enchant wealthy men yet not becoming a sugar baby but an equal match who they’ll respect”. (Rita, 25)

“I was joining many other elite dating sites like Raya and Tinder Select, but EliteSingles is easier to use and cosier, if I can say so. I am finding sexy and refined girls there regularly.

It’s a great platform for romantic evenings and passionate nights, whatever one chooses. I am more than sure I could find my life partner there as well, if I was ready to settle down.Success Stories elite singles

I must admit though, the customer support wasn’t always very quick or responsive. On another hand, there aren’t any scammers or webcam girls so one doesn’t need to run for help much.

The features could also be more varied and fun. But I enjoy classical dating options too, no problem. EliteSingles remains a part of my life and I’d like to thank all the team for the idea”. (Peter, 36)

“EliteSingles is cool, cool, and again cool! I really love it. I spend every spare minute on it and always manage to find someone. I know, other similar sites offer much more features.

Some nearly turn to the social mini-networks, but I don’t have that much time with two jobs. EliteSinglesbrings quick results without spending hours there and trying to figure out how it works.

I don’t need to do much and have a brainstorm trying to position myself from the best side: I just put my best photo there and voila, I go out with someone! Even if I have to fly over there!

I think it’s really a good finding for a lonely bee who is too busy in his or her offline life but wants good qualitative dates in between the routine. It worked for me it will for you.” (Jane, 32)

“I dedicate a lot of time to my studies and career, plus I’m very picky. No wonder I cannot date offline, so, top dating sites are my number one tool for finding love and casual sex.

Lately, I use EliteSingles only because it’s so cool. I get many chances to meet people and have fun. It isn’t too classy or boring, everyone can find what he needs there, with very nice bonuses.

Only during the last month, I went out three times with wonderful men thanks to EliteSingles app. We went to the best places ever, had the candlelight dinners, and amazing nights after.

I am thankful to such a great source of romance and joy, not available on many other analoge platforms. I recommend ES to all busy singles who value their time and efforts and want quick results.

Moreover, there was the case when I found a temporary business partner, too. Let’s not forget this app is meant for successful and smart people, so our mutual profit was considerable”. (Louise, 26)

Expert’s analysis

EliteSinglesdoesn’t offer anything unique or extremely effective, but at least it doesn’t take an advantage of singles like some other platforms: it’s genuine and reliable enough for taking a chance.

It isn’t the leader in the market at all, but it keeps its above-average position pretty well and has further perspectives. Most of the users give it three and half or even four stars which is fine.

It’s an interesting conception to focus on the singles’ brains instead of their sexiness only, and we see it’s fruitful. Such an idea differs EliteSingles from other VIP dating apps, makes it unique.

Our analysis includes many specialists’ opinions so new users can count on it and make their own conclusions easier. Let’s see what prevails on EliteSingles app, pros or cons and how to date there.EliteSingles Magazine

The cons of EliteSingles we detected

It provides online flirt and offline meetings with real people, instead of overloading the users with bots and fake profiles. However, it’s rather for non-serious people who tend to be superficial.

They are too light-weight in their search and judge mostly by photos and sexy videos. If one is an older, more profound, and idealistic person, it’s probably the wrong dating site for him.

It’s almost impossible to find someone on EliteSingles basing on personality traits. The very basic criterions are: a nice appearance, readiness to get laid, and one’s geographic closeness.

So yes, it’s definitely a hookup dating app but if one is lucky, he can find something better. There are success stories from now-married couples as well, although they’re in minority.

The app doesn’t offer many options that would help bring people together, such as various tests, quizzes, virtual games, special emoji and ice-breakers. All is plain and common like in other places.

The pros and specialties of EliteSingles

There aren’t more complaints on this platform than on other average dating apps, it’s always the same: some scammers and time wasters can happen on one’s way but the majority of users are genuine.

Those are just young and merry people who want some fun. But who said marriages never start from having fun? EliteSingles has some nice success stories that it gladly shares.

Therefore, chances to meet someone decent or at least honest and pretty are quite high. It’s effective and honest, yes; and its price is very fair. But its developers could do better and go further.

If EliteSingles was a more full-ledged platform with blogs, tips, and fun tests, it would be way more popular among its audience. For this particular reason, we don’t rate this site too high but average.

Some users like to be cared about and others prefer to manage things by themselves, so again, it depends. The elite dating platform doesn’t need to be very trendy or fancy, after all.

Super trendy and unique features are usually the attribute of teenage dating sites mostly used for fun and friendships. While EliteSingles makes any kinds of relationships elite singles

Is EliteSingles for sugar dating?

What surprises on this platform is the absence of very concrete categories like sugar babies, sugar daddies, sugar mommas, toyboys, and so on. It welcomes all those types and beyond.

Why join EliteSingles? First of all, for gaining the primary experience in VIP dating online and offline. The app is demanding towards the quality of singles from the beginning.

It disciplines the singles who want the best private life and qualitative hookups. EliteSingles encourages them to place the best photos in the profile and communicate with a high motivation.

So, it’s basically a school for refined singles before they try their skills on more expensive platforms that have long waiting lists of future members. EliteSingles is just perfect for beginners.

Let’s not forget it supplies smarties, not just hotties. It matters to many successful men as well. Smarties can provide the diplomacy in business situations and elite environments.

That’s why this site and app is often mentioned among the sources useful for one’s career. Similarly to Linkedin, it unites singles from a higher society of simply skilled ones with some achievements.

Do typical sugar babies seek career assistance? Only rarely. So, EliteSingles cannot be called a sugar dating app, rather a VIP app where the partners tend to be equal and mutually beneficial.

A strong tool for careers, it remains rather weak for the relationships, since profound businessmen and businesswomen seem quite shallow in their personal intimate search.

Always busy and stressed, they seek the maximal relaxation without any extra responsibilities. It leads to hookups and friendships with benefits, not to marriages and dating.

Relationship therapists consider this tendency a problem, since a person isn’t determined to find a soul mate and a long-term companion, only the affairs that are destructive in the end.

This phenomenon is well-balanced by a dating blog on EliteSingles where such nuances are explained and hot singles are encouraged to develop their inner values as well, along with the principles.

So, the app is harmonious in its own way and strives to strengthen this harmony. The users who succeeded there once, remain the stable members and share their positive experiences.


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BeNaughty Review – Find real women online for free. Wed, 25 Nov 2020 10:25:48 +0000 benaughty-review

How to use BeNaughty Profile photos After signing up Female profiles quality Are the unicorns sugar babies? Are older female members married? Payment and paid features BeNaughty mobile app The cons of BeNaughty app Hookuping tips from the users Success stories Expert’s summary   BeNaughty is a niche dating site for threesome hookups. With such […]

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How to use BeNaughty

Profile photos

After signing up

Female profiles quality

Are the unicorns sugar babies?

Are older female members married?

Payment and paid features

BeNaughty mobile app

The cons of BeNaughty app

Hookuping tips from the users

Success stories

Expert’s summary


BeNaughty is a niche dating site for threesome hookups. With such a specialty, it could be not-so-popular but in fact, by statistics, it counts 500K active members from US and no less than a million worldwide.

How to use BeNaughty

Although this site is knowingly meant for threesomes and swingers, there’s no technical possibility to sign up as a couple. If it’s the case, a man and a woman should sign up separately.

Moreover, the male member pays for each message and action while the female member uses BeNaughty for free. No wonder girls are usually making the contact since it’s more profitable.

All features are classical. There are mass winks and individual winks, the profile doesn’t contain any special lines and can be filled only partially, there’s the chatroom and the Like gallery.

Profile photos

Although the profiles on BeNaughty aren’t moderated or censored by admins, as well as messages and chats, the team is rather strict regarding photos. They are all checked and verified.

It means, one cannot place nude or vulgar photos, celebrities’ portraits, fake photos of another person, etc. All profile pictures should be of this exact person and no one else, and look decent.threesome hookups

After signing up

Once a new user signed up, he or she immediately see the suggested matches basing on their location. It proves BeNaughty is suitable for local hookups, rather than for international dating.

Each member is encouraged to play the Cute or not game in the gallery, which increases his chances to find a match quickly. New male members are always showered with messages from women.

Female profiles quality

The first and foremost, there are no scammers on BeNaughty. It’s very rare nowadays. Even without the strict pre-moderation, the profile photos filtration helps to keep the safety level high.

Selfies and casual photos prevail on this site and app. Many girls look natural enough, and many of them are very young. It’s particularly explained by the unicorn culture which is in fashion now.

Are the unicorns sugar babies?

The unicorn is typically a young girl who offers her tenderness and passion to a couple. She may do that for symbolic rewards and gifts, or simply because she prefers threesomes for a bigger pleasure.

So, are single girls on BeNaughty after money? Escort girls aren’t allowed on this platform, neither it is meant for sugar dating. Therefore, any conditions of the meeting users discuss individually.local hookups on it

Are older female members married?

Threesomes do not always consist of two women and one man, it can be vise versa. Since not all users indicate in their profiles the current marital status, men may suspect they’re contacted by married women.

Do not be afraid or shy to ask directly whether a person presents a couple or a single person. Of course, men do not want to waste another paid message for asking this additional question.

So, in order to save your funds, better analyze women’s profiles. If they want to catch a single man for their sex games, they give a sign in their photos or a profile text about having a stable partner.

Payment and paid features

1-month full membership on BeNaughty costs $28.80. The price is double cheaper if to pay for 3 months at once. It’s considered an average price in the hookup dating market, or a bit above average.

Messaging is available only to paid members, as well as viewing all extra photos of other users except for the main photo. Only the basic profile info is seen to free members, other sections to paid ones.

BeNaughty mobile app

For now, the app is available only to Android users. It is rather new and downloaded 50K+ times. In contrast to the desktop version, the threesome concept isn’t present in its description or users’ responses.

On the opposite, the app promotes the search for love and meaningful relationships, and offers group chats based on common social interests. The users, meanwhile, seek all kinds of local hookups on it.Escort girls

The cons of BeNaughty app

As it was said, the site BeNaughty is scam-free. Well, the phone application isn’t that lucky. Users often admit there’s no filtration by the administrators at all, so the scammers are present indeed.

On another hand, let’s recall that an application has been launched pretty recently and many new platforms tend to use bots for attracting the audience. It normally changes once the number of users increases.

Users from well-populated areas though, have no problem finding a local match for going out. A bad part is that admins do not even care to answer to negative comments on the app main page.

Hookuping tips from the users

The tips for casual sex on BeNaughty are following, choose the sexiest profile photo you can, but also make sure you indicated one of the popular areas of living in your profile settings.

If in fact, you live in the remote region, indicate the biggest city around you could reach by car or by bus. It’ll increase your chances to find a real person for hookups, instead of the bots for online flirting.

If you wish to stay away from sugar babies and scammers, simply mention in your profile you aren’t willing to be a sponsor to anyone. Then only horny and non-commercial personals will focus on you.

Success stories

“I am using BeNaughty, its desktop version for six months now. It makes sense to pay for 3 months at once minimum, to save one’s funds. I go out regularly with its help, each third day at least.

Some of the seekers are married couples who want some fun, others are single. No one is searching for serious encounters on BeNaughty, and it isn’t meant for that I would admit.

I have all positive impressions about this platform. It looks neat and decent enough for your typical hookup site, there are no vulgar photos, panic buttons and all the stuff. It raises one’s self-respect.

At the same time, there’s no adult dating blog that would help inexperienced people understand their wishes better and succeed easier. I would gladly be a tutor to many, but there’s no option for that.

Most of the people I meet, are of high quality, not just track drivers who are bored and seek some flesh. Thanks to this site, I enjoy refined conversations, vivid flirting, and surely the best sex”.BeNaughtyis suitable for local hookups

“BeNaughty became the first hookup site for me where I’m practicing travel dating and hookups. Everyone would probably agree that threesome hookups are an exciting adventure by itself.

Well, I’m combining this excitement with traveling, to make my life experience even brighter. BeNaughtyis rather suitable for local hookups, but I see no problem in finding casual partners abroad.

Some of such foreign couples invite me at their cost, other trips are affordable to me so I organize my travel by myself. In any case, my profit is big, it’s a new experience and lots of joy.

I met so many cool people already I could write a book about that. BeNaughty is completely sufficient for all these numerous stories that happened to me, I had no need in another site or app.

I am very grateful to this source and I keep recommending it to my like-minded buddies who appreciate the freedom of choices and many-sided sexual life. I am quite happy with BeNaughty”.

“I think the casual sex site BeNaughty has a wonderful concept, letting people be who they are. They can enjoy intimacy without any boundaries and discover new opportunities freely.

No need to say such a position and open-minded views cement the relationship as much as jealousy destroys it. I am extremely lucky to have an open-minded partner as well and to enjoy things.

Personally, to me it’s much more pleasant to be finding our sweet unicorns online, on a good-looking and well-designed site, not in the bars or clubs full of smoke and terrible noise.

There’s something very harmonious about that. You pick the hottest photo, talk to a person a bit, and create a nice friendly atmosphere. Then you invite her to your beautiful place with the candlelight.

We do this regularly with my boyfriend and we must admit all girls found on BeNaughty, were amazing. We enjoyed a lot each experience we had, and we’ll keep on expanding our love chain”.

Expert’s summary

BeNaughty is one of the best hookup dating sites in the market, with its wide opportunities and very simple features. Even newcomers and less confident hookupers can succeed on it.

The biggest disadvantage of the platform is its phone app version that works only on Android for now, although the majority of progressively thinking folks use iPhones and iPads for online dating.

As to the main site, it doesn’t seem to have many flaws. The number of success stories is stably big, which is reassuring and convincing for all potential users who are going to try it out.

Although there’s no dating blog or dating tips for newbees, BeNaughty promotes free thinking pretty clearly and encourages people widen their sexual horizons. All that is done in a decent manner.

We’d recommend BeNaughty to experienced hookupers, bored singles, horny singles, open-minded couples, sugar babies, the unicorns who are seeking to improve their sexual experience.

However, some categories of users should be avoided permanently, such as commercially thinking personals, webcam girls, professional escorts, toyboys seeking money, senior members, and such.BeNaughty Review

Although all these kinds are usually weeded out by the support team, some shall be hiding under the attractive and trustworthy profile photos. Yes, there are some catfishers on BeNaughty indeed.

Today, none platform is completely free of them. So, use common sense, follow your intuition and logic, in order to detect such non-suitable personalities quickly without wasting your time.

What do senior members do on BeNaughty? They like to observe. They may play a sexy young blonde just to make you share private photos and exciting stories about your threesome experiences.

Always use the video chat option in order to recognize such dishonest folks early. As to the toyboys, you may need one and it’s ok, but make sure your financial expectations match well.

Be very straightforward when you discuss the possible rewards and exchange of services. The best way is not to be anyone’s sponsor at all and to be clear about that from the beginning.

Hookuping on BeNaughty is easy, moreover, it’s safe for all users over 18 y.o. who are already responsible for their wishes and actions. The database is sufficient, and the interface is intuitive.

Although the customer support is way too slow in answering the request, or irresponsive at times, they do keep the quality high enough and pre-moderate all profile photos or first messages.

One can be sure he’ll find what he needs on this site, with a big guarantee. Always check the site for the newest updates and enjoy all the benefits of adult dating with this legit platform.

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HelloHotties Review (Pricing, cons and critics, Success stories) Fri, 13 Nov 2020 12:27:11 +0000 hellohotties

HelloHotties niche and search purpose Top features and activities Pricing HelloHotties cons and critics What do experts say? Success stories   HelloHotties niche and search purpose The site HelloHotties is meant for hookups and has the motto, Meet a hottie and get naughty! At the same time, it presents the modest-looking photo gallery of rather […]

The post HelloHotties Review (Pricing, cons and critics, Success stories) appeared first on Best free dating apps advice.


HelloHotties niche and search purpose

Top features and activities


HelloHotties cons and critics

What do experts say?

Success stories


HelloHotties niche and search purpose

The site HelloHotties is meant for hookups and has the motto, Meet a hottie and get naughty! At the same time, it presents the modest-looking photo gallery of rather serious minded girls.

This contradiction is connected with the fact that HelloHotties promoted itself among younger girls and in traditional countries like India, Iran, or Armenia. These hot women got values.

These girls need some casual fun as well, but they used to show good manners and elegance, which is easy to notice on the profile photos and in their first messages or chat invites.

At the same time, HelloHotties doesn’t mind the same-gender hookups and welcomes such seekers. Each new user should indicate his gender and his desired partner’s gender while registering.

It would be a good sign for gay singles if not the statistics showing that female members severely prevail and make 75 percent out of the total quantity. Means, this site isn’t perfect for LGBTQ.

Top features and activities

Women’s profiles gallery is what one sees once he finishes his registration or signs in. They can be filtered by such parameters as age, online activity, or even the distance between you two.

There are two types of ice-breakers, likes and Flirtcasts. Flirtcasts are basically the analogue of mass winks, while the Like Gallery helps to save one’s favourite female members list.HelloHotties date


HelloHotties has the same price as the majority of hookup sites, 40 USD a month. Again, like other niche sites, it provides certain features to basic members, such as limited messaging.

To be exact, a free member can send 5 messages and 3 Flirtcasts each day, also to use some search filters but not all of them. As a result, free hookups on HelloHotties are possible but slow.

As to the Premium members, it’s considerably more reasonable to pay for 3 or 6 months at once, it’ll save up to 15 USD a month to the user. The 3-day trial costs only 1 USD.

There is also a possibility to get a thirty percent discount on Premium if to check for the offers regularly and stay updated. It is possible even while paying for 1 month only, as well as 3 or 6 months.

Once a member upgrades to Premium, no extra payments are needed. There isn’t a complex system of credits or packs, one gets the unlimited access to all existing features with Premium.

We live in the times when all online operations and transactions are transparent for the auditing organizations. With HelloHotties, one shouldn’t worry about that: payments will be anonymous.

HelloHotties cons and critics

The video chat is absent on this hookuping site, while it’s one of the most crucial options for the casual sex platform. How else to discover whether there’s chemistry between two users?

Video chats are also used for preventing the scam and keeping away the catfishers. Although there are video messages available, they won’t replace the full-fledged video chat and webcam sex.

Although the platform is technically secure and modern, there’s no customer support either. How is it possible on the contemporary dating site where each nuance of the process matters?

Finally, the choice of the girls is too big but not controlled in any way. Only a few hookup sites care about the equal ratio of male – female profiles, but not HelloHotties and it’s frustrating.canada date

The 75 percent of hot girls and only 25 percent of active male seekers make no sense in terms of the effective matching. It only makes sense when a man signs up for one quick hookup and leaves.

Is HelloHotties legit and efficient? There aren’t any complaints about the scam so it is reliable. However, it isn’t the site for local hookups, since many women live in non-western countries.

Is it a good decision to accept all international members without the clear promotion of international hookups? HelloHotties should be positioned as travel dating site, then it will be fair.

Also, on the platforms with many foreign users it is logical to have a dating blog with the explanatory articles and hookup tutorials. Unfortunately, there isn’t such an option on HelloHotties.

What do experts say?

The dating market is regulated and analyzed by the experts, including relationship therapists, psychologists, experienced daters, travel bloggers, and so on. HelloHotties isn’t an exception.

What specialists usually say about this platform is that it’s quite popular since the 2018 but not really useful. It’s typical that new members join and then leave, with or without a match.

The main flaw of the site is the non-precise target audience. For instance, they welcome gay singles, but do not promote this source in the gay cultural environment, do not create social circles.hoties sex

Neither the team focuses on the local promotion in the west, although the site is positioned as a western platform for adult dating. If the team concentrated better on their purposes, it would be better.

At the same time, HelloHotties cannot be rated very low since many efforts had been put into its proper work, design, and online opportunities. We’d give it three stars and a half for now.

The site contributes a lot into a more romantic perception of women on the online hookup scene, provides the high quality acquaintances and meeting opportunities in real life.

It suits better the male users who don’t mind travelling to get closer to their casual sex mates, and who are ok with international and interracial hookups within their own country.

It’s a positive side that most of the users find what they seek, and have access to the younger females although HelloHotties isn’t a sugar dating site. All these factors make it attractive and desired.

Success stories

“HelloHotties brought me the good experience only except for the very distant female members who I couldn’t reach by my car. In other words, there’s no GPS option for local hookups.

Yet, as a Premium member, I could enjoy the detailed search including by the location. This is how I managed to get laid with several hot girls and all of them had the wife material potential.

It just wasn’t the right time for us to get serious, for different reasons. But it makes a difference to hook up smart and sweet women, not those typical Bimbos for one-night-stands.

I would recommend HelloHotties to any man who is after quality not quantity, and who doesn’t mind to go to another state or even country for meeting those hot casual partners.

Although there are more convenient and effective hookup apps than this platform, I consider my experience very positive and memorable. I am still chatting online with sexy girls there and like it”.

“Thanks to HelloHotties, I met Jenny a very hot Latin girl who accepted my invitation to spend a brief vacation together. That’s why I think this site is suitable for travel dating and hookups.HelloHotties chat

We keep on seeing each other although she’s much younger than me, and I am not her sponsor of any kind. I think such relationships are desirable by any older man with the limited budget.

In addition to that, HelloHotties is very modern and trendy, as far as I understand that. It is neat, user-friendly, easy to use, but it has its own style and charisma. I love being its member.

I already told to many friends of mine about this platform, and some of them have met very sexy girls there. I rate it rather high despite of certain disadvantages I have noticed while using it”.

“The first thing I would say about HelloHotties is that there’s no scammers or bots. It’s a big rarity today, especially for the casual sex sites. With such a big number of hot girls online, it’s all legit.

I must add though, not all girls live in the US. Because of that, one is chatting with the purpose of virtual sex, mostly. Only if you two visit each other, you’ll eventually get laid.

I was surprised by the quality of messages, they were never automatic or shallow. Neither the profiles are vague or silly, instead, they tend to be meaningful and informative. It’s pretty cool.

In other words, I enjoyed being on HelloHotties a lot, on a contrary to some other hookuping sites where things are purely commercial and spiritless. This site differs from them positively.

I’m not sure I could meet a soul mate there or a serious-minded girl, as I never communicated with them in depth. But it’s a fact this site is way better than many other ones on adult dating market”.

“Before joining HelloHotties, I was quite tired of empty-headed blondes on similar platforms. So, I didn’t expect much. That’s why I was pleasantly impressed by the great results of being there.

Very quickly, I have found an interesting girl to talk to, and she became a very good friend of mine. A friend with benefits, of course, since we both joined this casual sex site for a reason.

She needed some fun and relaxation after her breakup, while I had to heal my wounds after the divorce. She is way too refined for joining other hookup sites where the atmosphere is naughty.

I am happy to have a possibility to get laid with normal girls, not vulgar or corrupt. Judging by Sarah and some other I talked to, these ones think less about shopping and more about sex.

Honestly, this is what a man wants, in any period of his life. I now understand why HelloHotties is so high-rated and there are so many positive reviews from the male members.

My opinion, we need more online hook up sources like this one, but they should be better developed. There are some cons too, so I’d rate it as a four-star adult dating site, not higher”.

“Most of all, I appreciate women’s beauty and charm. That’s why, for serious purposes, I use CuteOnly site and for hookups, I use HelloHotties. Both sites are filled with gorgeous girls.

On HH, one can be sure the girl will be model-looking yet modest and sincere. I’m not sure how exactly the team of the site achieves such results but it’s a fact, women there are mostly genuine.

I succeeded to get laid more than once via HelloHotties, mostly during the getaways to the smaller towns or neighbour countries. I am an avid traveller so it worked just fine for me.

If you’re a homebody though, this site will rather serve you as a virtual sex platform so it’s up to you whether to use it or not. I really liked my experience and gladly share it with the others”.

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]]> 0 Review (sign up, paid options, active members) Fri, 06 Nov 2020 09:48:44 +0000 alt review

Statistics and activity How to sign up? Visual impression Free and paid options Unique features Active members’ opinion Final conclusion is a niche adult dating site dedicated to kinky singles and couples, BDSM subculture, and fetish sex. It’s a sister site to NoStringsAttached, Passion, GetItOn, and some others. It serves its users […]

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alt review

Statistics and activity

How to sign up?

Visual impression

Free and paid options

Unique features

Active members’ opinion

Final conclusion is a niche adult dating site dedicated to kinky singles and couples, BDSM subculture, and fetish sex. It’s a sister site to NoStringsAttached, Passion, GetItOn, and some others.

It serves its users as effectively as other products of the same owner, with certain nuances of this niche and innovative features not available on any other platforms, which raises its rating.

Statistics and activity

The site activity remains very high, since there aren’t many platforms that would cover such a delicate niche with all needed diligence and quality. is certainly among the leaders.

Almost the half of million members are from the USA. Young people below 35 prevail, but mail members seriously prevail also. It noticeably forces the site team to use some bots profiles.

Not all users are singles, and it’s taken into account while registering a new member. It’s possible to register as a couple or a group of people interested in kinky events organization.

Since many couples are dominated by a man and they sign up under a male profile, it creates such a drastic difference, 80 percent of male members and only 20 percent of female ones.

The research shows not all active members are interested exactly in BDSM. Many consider the light form of it, just for experimenting. Some are the newbees and others are bdsm

How to sign up?

Like most of hookup sites, keeps it easy and free to join. Yet, because of the niche theme and sensitive audience, there are five steps of the registration and verification, not just one or two.

It’s a must to indicate one’s sexual preferences such as orientation in general and prevailing role. One should add at least a few words about his personality and life, using the site tips.

Visual impression

The impression about the site always starts from its main page. The main page of is quite expressive and erotic, one needs to be cautious if he doesn’t want people around to see it.

It has the gothic colouring and atmosphere, with dominating and submissive women on the layout and on promo photos. There are some promo profiles of female members on the main page too.

There is also a brief description of BDSM practices and possible fetishes in the bottom of the main page which is alluring for experienced kinky personals and educative for the newcomers.

Otherwise, the page is simple with not so many sections. The registration field is very simple and doesn’t involve extra questions for signing up, only the gender field and email address bdsm

Free and paid options

Here is a surprise, video chatting is free on This company certainly knows how to attract more members! It’s also a good way to check whether a person is real or just a catfisher.

However, unlimited sending of mass ice-breakers and plain messaging are paid options. It’s convenient for someone who is going to constantly spend very active time on

The site has the tricks too, it’s impossible to view the profiles without upgrading. Video chatting with someone is one-time fun if you cannot check for their details later or message them.

Viewing someone’s profile on doesn’t just involve reading a few words about a person. No, it’s much more profound and exciting since the profile consists of several sections.

There are questionnaires, tests results, testimonials, compatibility charts, a little blog with person’s opinions and BDSM experience. There is much more to see so it’s worthy of upgrading.

Just like the sister sites, charges 19.95 USD a month. However, it’s called the Silver Membership while one can also choose the Golden Membership for 29.95 USD a month.

The difference is that Golden members are shown on the top of all photo galleries and profile lists, they get full access to other users’ content including very large photos, videos, and discussions.

Other user’s contacts, meaning various messengers, become visible to the Golden member while the Silver member only enjoys unlimited chatting and quicker customer support.

Unique features offers very special features and buttons not available on other niche hookup sites. Like other affiliate sites of the same company, it strives to be original and unique in every way.

  • My Kinks section helps to gather all kinks into one list and find likeminded folks
  • Astrological Compatibility feature even shows the sexual biorhythm chart
  • Testimonials are the mix of ice-breaker and personal blog where wishes are shared
  • Blings are in fact the analogues of the stickers and naughty smileys for the posts
  • Purity test shows the person’s rating from being very pure to being very naughty
  • Fetish Consent Worksheet is useful for real-time encounters and BDSM eventsBDSM subculture

Active members’ opinion

“I am on for three months now and I never was more satisfied with any specialized site or app. I am very much into the BDSM subculture and I really care to meet like-minded people.

On, I can communicate like on the social network, using it for themed friendships as well, not only for real hookups and virtual sex. So many couples and groups share my interests.

I can be a personal tutor for some of them and a diligent student with the others. Of course, I should use some common sense too as Internet sources are never completely scam-free.

But it’s easy to see that scam artists are mostly among the webcam models, not among the average users. I quickly learned to detect real personals and make the meetings unforgettable.

It’s my first experience in BDSM that is so positive and many-sided, so I recommend to other kinky singles and hope it will match many, like it matched me with my casual lovers”.

“It’s hard to be a kinky couple when all hookup sites are so classical or so vulgar. is in the golden middle, it returns the feeling of self-confidence and dignity to the kinkiest ones.

We found a lot of communities focused on our favourite fetishes, on We created our own ones too. Now we are supplied with the themed communication like we hoped to.

Some personals we met in real, not only young girls unicorns but also other couples and older women. Each time, we had great time together and all was very well organized from all sides.

We realize we would never have all those pleasures if not and its great service. Also, we didn’t try such a big assortment and variety of options on other niche dating and hookup sites.

So, we’re very grateful and we remain the active members who contribute into the open-minded atmosphere and sexual education. We recommend this site to all our kinky friends”.

“I was on with the purpose of experimenting and finding out who I am in sex. It took time to define my role exactly, and so-called cheating tips and hookuping tips helped me a lot.

There are chatrooms and blogs where people share their stories and educate each other. All is happening in such a fun atmosphere and results are always the most satisfying for all participants.

I understood I am submissive and also understood, to which degree. My casual partners who I found on, helped me to understand that and to build my new personality from zero.bdsm girls

I truly believe such sites are very important to kinky people who deserve to be respected and offered different scenarios for a better choice. I made my choice only thanks to

It would be a lie to say that everything was perfect and smooth during my membership. For example, a few men asked me for money and I am not sure they even had their own photos there.

However, the good things prevailed and I want to leave my positive feedback for everyone who is still in doubts. Yes, is worthy of trying and I’d like you to enjoy it too”.

“I own a small BDSM studio that people rent for private sessions and photoshooting. My aim was to join and find many new clients, and I must say, it really worked for me.

The main thing is to understand that people come there with the most secret desires and they expect you to have similar interests, a lot of empathy and understanding towards them.

But, once you’re showing you’re a part of the community, everything is great. Other members get more trustful and willing to meet in person. After that, you can make you offer if you have one.

Although isn’t meant for commercial promotions, I must confess I improved my business considerably and I had a few lovers for myself as well, so I am more than satisfied.

Such platforms need to raise their audience and keep on making a difference, to let vanilla people try new things and make their own decision. is perfect for all newcomers”.bdms app

Final conclusion is a very interesting BDSM hookup site with many possibilities, although it has flaws too. Knowing the niche dating market, we should realize platforms should use all means for success.

It explains a certain number of bots on the site, in between the real female profiles. The lack of members in certain states and cities is also noticeable, but it doesn’t matter to cyber sex lovers.

Even if the real meeting is rather challenging via, they take place, still. Some features and options are helping to organize such meetings either for the two of for the group.

We admit the site work is very smooth and comfortable. The support team is active at all times, just they focus on paid members and serve them quicker. There are nearly no safety issues though.

It can be said is respectful towards the sensitive audience and develops all connections in this niche delicately. No one feels underestimated or taken advantage of on this platform.

Although it isn’t a free hookup site and its commercial interest is obvious, the team does everything in order to be worthy of that price. The features are really various and useful.

We rate this adult dating site a bit lower than its sister sites, but at least four stars are very well-deserved and justified. If the team takes care of the database and extra safety, it’ll make five stars.

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CurvesConnect Review: Prices, Summary, Members’ stories Tue, 27 Oct 2020 13:50:09 +0000 curvesconnect review

The site interface Premium price and features Members’ stories Summary CurvesConnect is a niche dating site for big-and-beautiful women and plus-size men. It’s motto is matching people by who they are, not by how they look from the position of social standards. The site and app are launched in 2016 by Jerry Miller aiming to […]

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curvesconnect review

The site interface

Premium price and features

Members’ stories


CurvesConnect is a niche dating site for big-and-beautiful women and plus-size men. It’s motto is matching people by who they are, not by how they look from the position of social standards.

The site and app are launched in 2016 by Jerry Miller aiming to fight the so-called Hollywood beauty patterns. The company, however, also owns other niche dating sites like FarmersOnly.

The site interface

On its main page, CurvesConnect repeats the encouraging words about being one’s true self instead of corresponding to others’ stereotypes. The interface is extremely simple and neat.

Although it claims to have a dating blog, there are just a few promoting sections instead. Surprisingly, there are no success stories on the official site at all, the reviews are found on other sources.

Frequently asked questions section, meanwhile, is very detailed yet technical. There are no questions on how to attract other members but many are dedicated to the profile date

Premium price and features

Having so much respect towards plus size singles, CurvesConnect still doesn’t serve them for free. The reasons are described on the site page, the main explanation is a high quality of services.

  • 1 month Premium – 19.95 USD
  • 3 months Premium – 39.95 USD
  • 6 months Premium – 54.95 USD

In comparison to other niche dating sites, CurvesConnect is medium-priced. Traditionally, one saves funds if he pays for 3 or 6 months at once. No trials or credit packs are available.

Basic members cannot do much, they should upgrade to Premium in order to start messaging other members and exchange direct contacts if they choose so. Otherwise, they remain inactive.

Aside from messaging, there are only several helpful features on CurvesConnect, flirts sending and likes list. Flirts are used as ice-breakers and the likes list makes the navigation easier.

Members’ stories

“After some bad luck on Tinder, I have tried CurvesConnect hoping this niche dating site will work better for me. However, I didn’t feel any supportive atmosphere even after a while.

Why, because male members do not seem very active or gallant, the support team is always silent, and the dating blog is simply absent. Me personally I do need some info about BBW dating.

I am still struggling to be self-confident enough with my weight or looks, but this site doesn’t provide the appropriate services or encouragement. I had two meetings but rather accidentally.

None of those men were serious. Moreover, when I tried to cancel my subscription, my credit card has been charged, still. I wrote to their email but received no answer. So, I’m not satisfied.

If I could express myself better on CurvesConnect, things would be different. BBW personals should also be able to position themselves as sugar babies, cougar, MILFs, without being judged.

I came to the conclusion it’s still better to use mainstream dating apps and sites, with a high rating, but with a certain self-confidence and dignity. It works better than low-rated niche sites”.

“I met a woman on CurvesConnect but honestly I have put many efforts for that. I spent weeks weeding out the bots and weird accounts before I found several girls who seemed to be true.

Now I’m dating this woman I liked the most, and we’re thankful to CurvesConnect, but our time there was rather stressful. We paid for the lack of features and had only plain real women

For sure, we’ll leave the site since we are a couple now, but we’d leave it anyway because it’s so boring. There are more promising BBW sources with plenty of interesting features.

We respect ourselves and each other but it’s because of our personalities, not because of the encouragement we received on the site. It seemed rather passive and indifferent towards its users.

I think CurvesConnect deserves a chance as it still can develop its database and options in the future. If it happens, the rating will be raised and people will be happier joining and using it”.

“On other niche dating sites, I used to feel like a big and beautiful queen. But on CurvesConnect, it was challenging for me to find any matches for hookups, I’m not sure why.

Probably because the site is poorly organized and isn’t really moderated. I eventually managed to go out several times with men from there, but I wasn’t as admired as before.

I am more than sure it’s because the developers didn’t turn their product into a social network for singles like me, where we would educate and support each other, along with therapists.

The secrets of healthy diet for BBW, special dating tips, seasoned wardrobe hints, all that could attract millions of users and make the environment there warmer. But it didn’t happen.

There aren’t group chats, for instance, that help to create the winner spirit. There aren’t private photo albums or private videos exchange, although it’s understood we value our privacy.

Maybe I want too much, but I saw such favourable conditions on other platforms and I know it isn’t hard to organize. For today, I’d rate CurvesConnect three stars only and I’m done with it”.

“I had good and bad experiences on CurvesConnect, like anywhere else on the Internet. The worst experience was extra charging of my card, and the best experience was meeting Daniel.

Daniel is a big teddy bear, a submissive man who prefers big and beautiful women. He didn’t succeed finding his perfect match on other BBW apps but we were lucky enough to meet on CC.

Although it wasn’t fun to be there, we enjoyed messaging each other and exchanging private photos. As soon as we could, we left the site and started to communicate directly.

I cannot complain since I have found my best lover, but if I didn’t, I would be terribly bored on CurvesConnect. I am sharing my amazing luck with friends but I’m not recommending this site.

I would change so many things about it, but at least they promote our category of online dating and tell people it’s normal to accept ourselves as we are. Their work should be appreciated”.

“We are a plus-size couple who aimed to meet another couple, for mutual enjoyment and friendship with benefits. Other BBW sites were too conservative for us, and we have tried CurvesConnect.

Surprisingly, it worked out. There were some open-minded people like us, although it isn’t said in the description. We met Sarah and John who became our travel mates and good friends.

We could keep it casual and search for new folks but we all understand each other so well. Although it’s just a happy coincidence, we are grateful to CurvesConnect and all their efforts.

I am a motivational speaker for BBW and I would surely like such online platforms to be more expressive and educative. But, we have what we have and it’s already a big step forward.

I would encourage body-positive singles and couples to join CurvesConnect and similar sites without any fear, being sure they will match well with someone special. Because we did!”CurvesConnect


The CurvesConnect primary idea was perfect and understandable for the modern society, fighting for body-positive people and their rights. This concept attracted a lot of members quickly.

The BBW dating niche is always filled with active seekers especially in the west where people hardly keep model shapes. CurvesConnect isn’t the most popular site among the others.

Yet, it has found its target audience and thankful users. They’re mostly happy with the big choice of potential mates but unhappy about the unfair charges from the bank card and scam alerts.

However, in fact, the team doesn’t provide any great service. Features are only few, there’s no chance for anonymity like on other hookup sites, and the customer support is extremely slow.

The site obviously uses plus-size models pictures for their promotion, not only on the main page or in the ads but also within the database, creating bots and fake profiles for attracting the users.

This strategy is forgiveable for very young platforms with an inefficient member base, but not for CurvesConnect that works since 2016. These years had to be enough for increasing the base naturally.

In general, as dating experts, we do not find CurvesConnect loyal enough to its target audience which belongs to a very sensitive category. The price isn’t affordable for everyone.

While the quality of services or even the list of features doesn’t correspond to a full-fledged dating site. There is actually only messaging and video chatting, no fun ice-breakers or stickers.

Not to mention dating blog that is extremely important to this niche. People want to receive a dating advice that would consider all psychological aspects of being plus-size in a hostile with singles

Such a blog is absent on CurvesConnect. Moreover, the site that seems to fight with celebrity role models, uses big-and-beautiful celebrities for its commercial videos and illustrative materials.

We do not think it’s very tactful or efficient for succeeding on the BBW dating market. It is confirmed by the fact that CurvesConnect app users sound even more disappointed.

Just like the desktop version, the app has very limited and primitive functions while the team never responds in time. There are much friendlier BBW platforms in the market we trust to.

To conclude, use this site and phone application with caution and common sense. Analyze the profiles and do not talk to catfishers or bots, try to detect genuine members basing on your own experience.

Nothing is hopeless if we are full of hope. It should be each sensitive person’s motto and there are no reasons to give up. CurvesConnect and other niche hookup sites can help to find a match.

Create forums and discussions on various networks, share your stories and even your critics. Unite into the teams of positive minded people who fight stereotypes and forced loneliness.

If to do so confidently and always remain careful, even CurvesConnect becomes a great tool in skilled hands, able to bring success in one’s private life. Let it be so, if you want to try.


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Xmeeting Review (Real or fake profiles?) Fri, 16 Oct 2020 09:15:06 +0000 xmeeting review free

Top adult dating site Design and usability Women’s profiles Cons and warnings Security level The ads and promo links The lack of features Pros and extras Pricing Users’ opinions Expert’s summary   Top adult dating site Modern culture completely accepts and encourages hookups, as a part of the personal freedom concept. Xmeeting is one of […]

The post Xmeeting Review (Real or fake profiles?) appeared first on Best free dating apps advice.

xmeeting review free

Top adult dating site

Design and usability

Women’s profiles

Cons and warnings

Security level

The ads and promo links

The lack of features

Pros and extras


Users’ opinions

Expert’s summary


Top adult dating site

Modern culture completely accepts and encourages hookups, as a part of the personal freedom concept. Xmeeting is one of many adult dating sites, and we’ll see whether it’s among the leaders.

The good thing is that Xmeeting is indeed meant for local casual affairs and it’s seen from the women’s profiles. Another good thing is that women look decent and attractive enough.

Design and usability

It can be said that Xmeeting is perfectly designed in a modern way. Its colour pattern is yellow and green, which is associated with the fun lifestyle and bright adventures of those who have joined.

All pages show the big gallery of female photos or lead to viewing them. All the interface is built around that gallery, so, there aren’t any special features or options on Xmeeting aside from it.

Women’s profiles

For some reason, girls’ profiles on this site are somewhat less qualitative and attractive than on its sister sites, Xdating and the others. First of all, the age range is very diverse and unpredictable.

On another hand, the female member base is way bigger than on those sister sites, so it’s the fair balance. One can meet hot women both for local hookups and for international casual sex.

Obviously, no one manages the main page so there are quite different personals from hot teens to senior ladies who also hope to get laid or at least to flirt online. They are shown on the main page too.

On hookup sites like this one, no one should expect very detailed profiles. Indeed, they are brief on Xmeeting. The focus is on the visual effect,not on the deeper investigation of one’s personality.Xmeeting Review

Cons and warnings

Although Xmeeting is mostly effective and cool, there are some serious cons one should know about. Some of them concern safety and other ones concern the quality of services or search results.

Security level

The site policy says there is a certain protection of users’ personal data, and the platform responds to all modern technical requirements. But it says some opposite things as well.

For example, it is said openly that each user should be aware of the fact his personal photos might be considered an illustrative material and used by the third sides, as well as all entered data.

What does it mean? The practice shows, it means that photos and self-description info can be applied on the so-called advertising profiles, or fake profiles on other sister sites of the company.

A person decides himself whether he or she is ok with such a statement. Again, as an experience shows, no one really reads the Policy so the users prefer to go with the flow when they join the site.

While adult dating online is always riskier than other types of virtual relationships, even if the service quality is the highest. And let’s be direct, it’s not super high on Xmeeting, rather average.

Regarding safety, there’s no customer support, and we mean, at all. No one responds to the users’ requests, and there’s no proper list of frequently asked questions or typical problems.

The ads and promo links

Another warning concerns the ads on the site which are too many, even for a very patient user. Moreover, they’re all of naughty and erotic character, so it takes time to get used to their intensity.

It’s a problem for basic members though, since after upgrading to Premium the number of ads is noticeably decreased. Still, one needs to work on his perception for tolerating them on girls free

The lack of features

Even comparing to the sister sites, Xmeeting doesn’t offer many unique options. On the opposite, it can be called a bit primitive as there are only photo gallery, messaging, and webcam sections.

Taking that it’s a hookup site and not the platform for serious dating or friendships, there’s no need in social network features or a big diversity. Still, some options would be needed for casual sex.

For instance, users’ faces aren’t blurred, there aren’t private albums shared through the secret password, nor the messages are disappearing after 60 minutes or 24 hours. These and many others lack.

Pros and extras

There is one big advantage of Xmeeting that probably covers all the cons, it’s virtual sex with real people who are ready for having fun online. There are hundreds of them, and it excites.

Many older singles and couples, regardless of their possibility or non-possibility to be sponsors and sugar parents, enjoy this opportunity to watch and admire young hotties online of both genders.

Under the purpose of users’ anonymity, the site suggests to create any username by oneself, instead of using the real name. Although it makes chatting very impersonal, it improves safety for sure.

Another way to stay partially anonymous is to upload the faceless main photo. Many female users obviously do, so a male member should become immune towards such photos with the body meeting


Xmeeting is medium-priced and the cost is the same as on other sister sites of this owner. It makes 34.95 USD a month, or only 16.66 USD a month if to pay for 6 months at once.

Probably realizing its disadvantages, the site has many profitable offers, from the 40 percent discount on Premium membership to the prolonged free trial. It makes Xmeeting pretty affordable.

Users’ opinions

“Xmeeting is a good site for hookups, at least it helped me to get laid multiple times. Girls there are very frank and sexy, some look like models but not that arrogant and demanding.

In other words, all young women I met there were down-to-earth and pretty accessible. I don’t know why there’s so much fuss about sugar dating at all if you can get hot chicks for free.

This is what I did. I remain the member of Xmeeting as more as they offer various membership discounts and free prolongations. I didn’t see such profitable conditions on other casual sex sites.

The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is the absence of mobile app. The site is adapted for mobile usage, but there isn’t any separate app one could download. It’s not convenient.

Otherwise, I am satisfied by this platform and I know my buddies succeeded there too. For better results, just combine it with other sites and you’ll never run out the options for quick hookups”.

“I met my recent girlfriend on Xmeeting although we both planned a casual affair. She was the only person I met there. There was very strong chemistry between us, from the first moment.

We have a no strings attached relationship and can do what we want, still. As a couple, we are seeking threesomes and other adventures, so we lose none of our freedoms. It’s quite cool.

I have no idea whether all other girls on Xmeeting are that hot, smart, and special. Maybe it’s only myself who is so lucky. But in any case, I am thankful to this hookuping site a much Xmeeting

We decided to remain there as a couple and fish for some attractive unicorns. If we’re more successful on other sites and apps, we’ll leave this one, but for now we’re ok and we love it”.

“Casual sex is my choice in life after some very painful breakup in the past. Xmeeting became my personal source of hookup stories that are fun and satisfying, so I’m its loyal member.

It’s easy to use and I could even recommend it to my grandfather if he suddenly needed a hot woman. There’s nothing complicated at all and cute pretenders are finding you by themselves.

What I liked is the transparency of all actions. I saw who was online recently, who liked me and who viewed my profile in return. It’s very comfortable if you want things clear and care about good results.

I honestly have my own strategy of hookuping online and I gladly share it with the others. But at the same time, nothing would work without a decent platform so I’m grateful to Xmeeting.

Although I never received any feedback from the team there, I rarely had reasons to complain at all. All was user-friendly and client-oriented, I managed to meet many new personals through it.

At the end, I’d like to admit each user needs to follow common sense on Xmeeting like anywhere else. Although it’s a legit adult dating site, scammers and liars happen there as well.

Analyze what you see, chat with the girls who have normal profile photos with clearly seen faces, and you’ll succeed on this site easily. It’s really created for horny folks and it works great”.grateful to Xmeeting

Expert’s summary

None hookup platform is perfect, just there are well-promoted ones and those with very diligent teams committed to create an innovative product. Xmeeting doesn’t belong to those types.

Yet, it has its niche and its thankful audience so it cannot be rated low. Certain efforts are put into its design and promotion, so it’s partially trendy and suitable for all age groups.

Its extreme simplicity can be presented as an advantage or a drawback, depending on each user’s views and preferences. At least, it’s easy to use and can be recommended to mature or senior singles.

As to the site purpose, it isn’t limited by local hookups only. Many use it for virtual sex online, and it’s not a secret. This activity will always exist, and Xmeeting does a good thing by offering it.

In this regard, the site keeps a healthy balance between decent flirting and vulgar erotic. Some ads and suggested links can appear almost pornographic, but not the site itself and it’s reassuring.

In fact, doesn’t matter how much Xmeeting succeeds or not, some difference from Tinder-like platforms is always needed. People want something more profound and fun than just swiping endlessly.

That’s why we encourage singles and bored couples to join Xmeeting and find what they dream of. This time, the member base is really big and diverse, so chances are high and success rate is high too.

It isn’t really clear whether the team is going to update the site further and add the needed functions. Until then, we’d rather rate it as a three-star hookup site for all categories of users.


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