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A 19-year-old young man has sent us a query regarding how to keep a girl interested in him. They met each other on a teen dating app last week. The young man’s query: Dear Dating Coach at DatingAppsAdvice.com, Thank you for reading my message. I met a very hot 18-year-old girl on a teen dating […]

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two teens girls

A 19-year-old young man has sent us a query regarding how to keep a girl interested in him. They met each other on a teen dating app last week.

  • The young man’s query:

Dear Dating Coach at DatingAppsAdvice.com,

Thank you for reading my message.

I met a very hot 18-year-old girl on a teen dating app last week. I took her out for a date in a very nice coffeehouse. We enjoyed the drinks and music. The conversation was great. But I’m going to Europe today, so we won’t see each other for a few weeks. She is also going to Australia for a week. What should I do?

This is only the beginning of this relationship. Because she is extremely hot (she looks like Megan Fox), I don’t want to ruin it. Also, I don’t want to look needy or clingy. How can I keep her interested in me?teens

We have sent each other long text messages for a few days. Although I hate sending long text messages, I still did it with her because I really, really like her. She is the woman of my dreams. I’ve been dreaming of dating Megan Fox for four years already and now it seems that my dream is going to come true pretty soon.

After sending her a very long text message two days ago, I haven’t heard from her yet. Has she lost interest in me? Can I send her a message when I arrive in Europe? Please help!

—- Jason A., 19, university student in Auckland, New Zealand (a member of a teen dating app)


  • Our advice for him:

Dear Jason,

Yes, you can send her a text when you are in Europe. Don’t overthink it. Just send her a photo or something simple. Remember: long text messages are less powerful than short text messages.

Here are some example texts that you can send her:

I keep thinking about you and it’s annoying me :-P” (The key is the naughty face at the end of this text message – you need to let her know that “annoying me” is the joking element. In this way, you don’t look needy or clingy, but the message is clearly communicated to her.)

They have amazing coffee at this coffeehouse.😊But this just makes me miss the coffee I had with you.” (Short, simple and to the point.)teen men on app

Finally watched Revolutionary Road. One of my new favorite Leo DiCaprio movies!” (Please note that this text doesn’t have to be about a Leo DiCaprio movie called Revolutionary Road. Just pick any memory that you both have from that date and send a short text like this to remind her of it.)

There is a variation:

I’m sitting in a coffee shop where the same jazz music that we listened to is on… jazz music somehow isn’t as sweet without you here.” (Note that it doesn’t have to be “jazz music”; this text can include any music that was played while you were having the first date with her.)

Another variation:

Just out with my friends seeing that cool band [insert name] we talked about. 😀 Why aren’t you here!” (The key is the naughty face in the middle of this text message so that she knows you aren’t really saying she should fly to Europe right now.)

Just send 1 or 2 messages like these examples to her before you can have another date with her again. Her reaction will tell you what to do next. Of course, if her reaction is good, you know you must ask her out again. Hopefully this makes sense.

By the way, chances are she has other options from the teen dating app, so please don’t assume that she is only talking to you right now. (I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but women always have lots of options on teen dating apps. Sad but true.)Teen Dating App Advice

It doesn’t really matter whether she likes you as much as you like her.  Even if she likes you less or she has an ideal type of man in her head, you are the one who offers her s*x and a relationship. Did her ideal man offer her s*x and relationship? Probably no. What matters more is whether you are able to lead her to the right direction in all your communication with her. Of course, you shouldn’t ask her sensitive questions out of the blue. She wouldn’t freak out if the ambience/context of the conversation is right.  Since the context is online chat now, it requires higher level skills to do it well.  Therefore, to be safe (as you do care a lot about her), you can probably wait until you see her face-to-face again because it’s much easier to observe her reaction when it’s done face-to-face.

There are many beautiful and lonely women in this world.  The reality of most single women is: they are lonely, bored and horny.  Even women in relationships can also feel lonely, bored and horny because at least 50% of all relationships are not healthy/successful in modern-day society.

Enjoy the teen dating app! Good luck & all the best,

Dating Coach at www.DatingAppsAdvice.com

  • Other thoughts:

These days many young men on teen dating apps are internet entrepreneurs because going to university is overrated in this day and age when the Internet is the best place to do business.

If you are a successful young entrepreneur on a teen dating app, you may have a look at our example dating profile for you to consider:

I’m a loving, hard-working and modest person. As a self-made businessman, I independently run a successful business with its headquarters in [insert location]. As I worked very hard all by myself, my business is already very well-established. Therefore, now I’m expanding my business in [insert city name], [insert city name] and other major cities. Due to my profound understanding of online marketing and web design, I also plan to start an e-commerce app soon, thereby further utilizing my knowledge and skills.men on teen dating apps

In my spare time, I appreciate quiet time such as listening to classic music in an elegant ambience. Sometimes I get lost in thought while seeing thought-provoking movies. Also, I like an active lifestyle which keeps me healthy; hence, I go to the gym and enjoy holidays with friends. Going to the beach is my favorite (sea, sand and sunshine). And as a gourmet, I regularly try new restaurants and prefer Indian food, seafood as well as Italian food because I believe that enjoying life is just as important as working hard.

On this teen dating app, I’m looking for a woman whose inner beauty matches her outer beauty. A fun-loving and honest lady who is ready to explore the world with me in a committed long-term relationship.girl on a teen dating app

My ideal partner is a spiritually motivated person who demonstrates positivity. If she respects her parents, that means she values family and can treat my parents with respect as well.

If you are the special and genuine woman that I’m looking for, let’s chat online first and then we’ll meet in person.

Teen dating apps are becoming more and more sophisticated, effective and interesting nowadays.

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Should College Students Join College Dating Apps? https://datingappsadvice.com/should-college-students-join-college-dating-apps.app https://datingappsadvice.com/should-college-students-join-college-dating-apps.app#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 09:03:04 +0000 https://datingappsadvice.com/?p=2551 college dating app

Recently I’ve received many questions from college students asking me this question – “Should I join a college dating app?” By the way, for readers from Australia, “college” actually means “university” in America. (I know in Australia “college” is usually a high school). Your college years should be the best time to build a real […]

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college dating app

Recently I’ve received many questions from college students asking me this question – “Should I join a college dating app?”

By the way, for readers from Australia, “college” actually means “university” in America. (I know in Australia “college” is usually a high school).

  • Your college years should be the best time to build a real social circle.

Do you know that many people go to Harvard and Yale in order to have powerful friends? That’s true. Most people meet their best friends at college.

Also, a lot of women go to well-known universities in order to find high-value husbands, according to Kate Northrup, author of Amazon best-selling books Money: A Love Story and Do Less.

That means your time at college is the best time to build a social circle that serves you and makes your life better in every way.

If you are a guy at university, you are probably surrounded by young women who are willing to hook up with male classmates in their social circle. Please note that this phenomenon only exists at university.students apps

Once you and your female classmates graduate from university, you will have to meet potential partners in other ways. Also, most women who finished college will not consider dating men who are at their own level, meaning they begin to become more hypergamous – they want to date out of their league.

In that case, you are competing with wealthy, mature and sophisticated men in the society who also want to date women that you like.

Therefore, I wouldn’t say using college dating apps should be your priority before you graduate from college. As a matter of fact, you would be well-advised to meet girls on campus through your friends and your social circle.

Remember to say yes to every party invitation at college. I know you are busy with assignments and other projects that you have to study, but you should know that if you are a guy, your time at college is your best time to hook up with young and hot women.

Most men are not able to hook up with young and pretty women after graduation from university because most men never learn game.

But at university, you don’t really need game. You are already surrounded by young, beautiful and horny women that meet your needs. All you need to do is to build a genuine social circle that constantly brings hot, young female friends on campus to you. So, you don’t really need to use college dating apps or rely on a college dating app.

  • Sometimes, using a college dating app isn’t a bad idea.

Now I’d like to point out when you need to use a college dating app if you are curious. In fact, there are several situations in which you will have to use college dating apps:

  • If you have no friends on campus, you must download a college dating app so that you can still get laid via online dating.
  • If you are an exchange student on a new campus, you don’t know anyone there. Then you should download a college dating app immediately so that you won’t be sex-starved in a new environment. Nobody wants to walk around with a hard Johnson without getting laid.
  • If you are an international student in Australia, you should totally use a college dating app because most university students in Australia don’t want to meet new friends – most Australian students go to local universities with their existing friends from high school.

If your circumstances are none of the above, you should still try your best to build a real social circle because social circle game is the best way to have passive income s*x – your friends are able to bring hot women to you at parties.student dating app

  • What should a college student do before graduation?

My answer should vary because different people have different situations. Now let me deconstruct my answer in detail for you.

  • If you are genuinely interested in your major, you should focus on what you study because you won’t have so much time to learn what you are interested in after graduation.
  • If you are not really interested in your major but you still want a degree, you would be well-advised to pass every course. Meanwhile, you should read extensively – just borrow every book that interests you from the library – what you read doesn’t have to be about your major. You will thank me later.
  • No matter you are a man or a woman, you must learn game at university. Without good dating skills, you are only relying on luck in terms of your love life. That’s not the most effective way to get what you want in your dating life.
  • Fall in love with someone just because you want to. While studying at university, you don’t need to use logic to convince yourself whether you should or shouldn’t date a particular person. Ideally, you need to fall in love just because you like that person. You don’t need many logical reasons for that. After graduation, probably you will realize that your college years were the only time when you were able to fall in love based on emotions rather than logic.

Joining a college dating app can’t teach you any of these insights, so it’s beneficial to read articles on this website regularly. Therefore, I highly recommend you to watch this space so that you can check out our useful information in future.best student app

  • Why do girls date their male classmates at college but prefer mature, older men after graduation?

When girls are studying at university, they generally date their male friends on campus, partly because more mature, older men don’t offer them s*x at this stage, and partly because they are young and horny right now – their male classmates are also young and horny at the same time.

As a result, they don’t really need to depend on college dating apps.

That’s why most girls’ first boyfriends are someone they met at school or university. However, after graduation, most ladies will meet more sophisticated and successful men in the society or at their workplace. In that case, they will be attracted to older, more mature men, which is understandable.

Just read Fifty Shades of Grey and you will understand why a pure virgin Anastasia wants to date the billionaire Christian Grey.

All women want to date up. It’s in women’s DNA due to evolution. One million years ago, when men and women were living in caves, women had to date stronger men in order to survive – they needed their men to protect them and their kids. That’s how human beings continue our history.

Although this is the 21st century already, the human brain hasn’t changed that much, so women today still want to date up and marry up. The majority of sugar daddy dating sites’ members are female – about 80% of their users are women. And most readers who read Leil LowndesUpdating: How to Date Out of Your League are also women looking for providers or sponsors.

College students can try college dating apps, but they would be ill-advised to rely on online dating only – they must build a real social circle and get laid offline.

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Spotafriend – Teen meeting app review https://datingappsadvice.com/spotafriend-teen-meeting-app-review.app https://datingappsadvice.com/spotafriend-teen-meeting-app-review.app#comments Mon, 16 Jul 2018 12:28:20 +0000 https://datingappsadvice.com/?p=607

Spotafriend is a teen dating app that is becoming increasingly popular. What are the pros and cons of this dating app? Let's find it out!

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As a leading teen social app online, Spotafriend has been on the market for quite a while. Is it really as good as it claims to be? Let’s find it out.


  • Swipe left to pass and swipe right to show interest. When two members have swiped right to each other, they become friends instantly.
  • Private chat: After finding a match, you can begin to chat immediately.
  • GPS technology: It’s a location-based app which only introduces people nearby to you.
  • It’s free to download and use.


  • Ultimate Access for 1 Week: $2.99
  • Ultimate Access for 1 Month: $7.99
  • Ultimate Access for 3 Months: $16.99
  • Ultimate Access for 6 Months: $24.99


  • Friends in your proximity: You will only meet new friends near you.
  • No pressure: This is not a dating app. It’s just a social app for you to meet new friends, so there is no pressure on you!
  • Private chat: Instant messages at your fingertips with your new matches.
  • This is the only social app which allows people under 18 years old to use.
  • A big database means you’ll meet more new friends.


  • You have to buy ultimate access if you want an ad-free experience on this app.
  • Unlocking swipe history and unlimited boomerang are not free.
  • Sometimes this app freezes on your phone.
  • This app can be slow at times.
  • You may lose your chat history because this app doesn’t save everything.


Spotafriend - Meet Teens App

Swiping your way to mates not dates. — Daily Telegraph

Users’ comments:
“I’m only 14 years old and I love Spotafriend! I’ve met so many close friends through this app. Very cool! I have recommended this social app to all my friends at school, and they love it, too.” (Blake, NYC)

“This is the only social app that allows real teenagers like us to download. I’m 13 years old and my sister is 15. We are both on this app to meet new friends. So far, we like it.” (John, L.A.)

“Tim and I met each other on Spotafriend in April, 2015. Initially, we were just friends. Then we started a relationship in December 2017. I think our journey is the best.” (Jennifer, Portland)

Experts’ comments:

“A high-quality app for teenagers to meet new friends nearby. Most social apps are actually dating apps, but Spotafriend is really about finding new friends rather than dates. So people are more relaxed on this app.” (Curt Coch)

“I highly recommend Spotafriend to high school students who are looking for new friends instead of dates. Starting from friendships is always a more healthy way to build relationships gradually.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive Summary:

Although priority listings in your area, Ultimate Badge on profile and changing old swipes aren’t free features, Spotafriend is still a very good social app for teengers to use for free. Every month, there are new updates available, so users can always enjoy the best and most advanced interface which is simply streamlined. Spotafriend has been featured in mainstream media extensively because this is the only social app which allows people under 18 years of age to download and use and it is best characterised by looking friendships rather than love, which is a unique selling point in the overcrowded online dating industry.

itunes download


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Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys – Find a Girl or Guy Hook Up App review https://datingappsadvice.com/meet-chat-for-girls-guys.app https://datingappsadvice.com/meet-chat-for-girls-guys.app#comments Sat, 07 Jul 2018 13:35:38 +0000 https://datingappsadvice.com/?p=600

Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys is the best teen app out there because it has the biggest database in the industry.

The post Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys – Find a Girl or Guy Hook Up App review appeared first on Best free dating apps advice.


If you are a teen dater between 17 and 19 years of age, don’t miss out on Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys because this is the world’s biggest teen dating community where daters are looking for flings and casual hook-ups. You are only young once, so make the most of your youthful time!

You only live once & you are only young once. No regret is the right motto.


  • Swipe left or right to meet girls or guys.
  • Press “Feature me” to promote your dating profile in the teen dating community.
  • Limit your visibility by specifying which age group can see your dating profile.
  • A premium member can unlock popular members’ profiles, and see who has viewed & liked their own profiles.
  • A premium member has a crown which says they are a verified premium member.
  • A premium member is able to remove ads.
  • Access teen daters worldwide.


  • 1-week free trial & $19.99 for one month;
  • $9,99: 1-month membership;
  • $19.99: 3-month membership;
  • $30.99: 6-month membership;
  • $45.99: 1-year membership.

Please note that you are able to switch off the auto-renewal payment setting after purchasing a membership.


    1. This teen dating app has a lot of girls, which is a great selling point because most dating apps have way more men than women.
    2. It is a very active community. Most members are very active on this app.
    3. Unlike other teen dating apps that may have older members, Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys’s members are significantly younger in general.

itunes download

Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys



There are many girls on this app who expect getting paid by sleeping with men.

It’s hard to find a serious relationship on this dating app.

It sometimes has technical issues that don’t allow new members to access premium features after they’ve bought the premium membership.

Users’ comments:

“I like Meet & Chat for Girls and Guys because I have met so many hot girls via this teen dating app. I’m 19 years old this year and I’ve been using this app for six months now. So far the results are very cool. Next year when I turn 20, I’m not sure whether I should stay on this app. lol” (Jamie, Miami)

“A high quality teen dating app for the modern teenagers! All my friends are on this app to look for fun because it’s only for people between 17 and 19 & time has wings – We’d better do something with it when we still can!” (Michelle, San Francisco)

Experts’ comments:

“There is a difference between dating to get paid and finding a casual relationship. But I think everyone has their own definition of these terms. If you are open-minded, you can try Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys because it’s the best teen dating product so far.” (Jade Seashell)

“Although most of our readers are mature men, we occasionally have some younger readers who asked for our opinion on teen dating apps, and we have recommended this app to them.” (Curt Coch)

Executive Summary:

Inspired by the teen dating movie Endless Love, online teen dating community has flourished recently, and Meet & Chat for Girls & Guys is one of these teen dating apps out there. If you are looking for a fun-loving girl or an interesting guy, this is a very high-quality app for daters between 17 and 19 years of age.


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Teen Dating: a teen dating app for teenagers between 17 and 19 https://datingappsadvice.com/teen-dating.app https://datingappsadvice.com/teen-dating.app#comments Mon, 23 Apr 2018 10:14:19 +0000 https://datingappsadvice.com/?p=342

Teen Dating is an online dating app for teenagers between 17 and 19 years old.

The post Teen Dating: a teen dating app for teenagers between 17 and 19 appeared first on Best free dating apps advice.


Teen Dating is an online dating app for teenagers.  If you are between 17 and 19 years old, this is the perfect dating app for you because you will meet so many like-minded teenagers who are interested in the same thing: meeting new friends!


  • It’s a free app for all.
  • Meet local friends online.
  • Match you with someone who shares the same/similar interests with you (a great automatic filter).
  • Flirt/chat with other members for free.
  • Send a Crush to someone who you’d like to meet in person. You can send them a direct message before matching, which is a unique feature!


  • It’s a free dating app.
  • Premium subscriptions packages are available if you want to enjoy advanced features:
  • 1-month subscription package: $14.99
  • 3-month subscription package: $19.99
  • 6-month subscription package: $47.99
  • 1-year subscription package: $74.88

(Please note that your subscription will renew automatically unless auto-renew is switched off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period of time.)


  • Teenagers only. You only meet exactly who you like.
  • Very easy to sign up and join the community.
  • There are so many members on this app, so you will find the best match from your location, based on interests, hobbies, gender, age, photo, and so on – without any limitations.


  • You don’t really know the age of a member, so you have to be very careful before meeting someone in person. If you hook up with someone who is under 17 years old, it can be illegal in some countries.  If you are seduced by someone who is actually 50 rather than 18, probably you have to call the police.  Our suggestion is always ask for your parents’ permission first (PG recommended).

It’s designed for teenagers between 17 and 19!

Users’ comments:

“This app is very useful.  At last, there is a dating app which is designed for teenagers only.  I love it.” (Kristy, 18, San Francisco)

“I’ve met some very cool friends on Teen Dating app.  We share the same interests.  Awesome!” (Eric, 19, Dallas)

“I have recommended this app to all my friends at school.  I think everyone should join it.  My parents know I’m using this app, and they are okay with it.” (Vicky, 17)

itunes download

Experts’ comments:

“Teen Dating is a very popular app among teenagers between 17 and 19 years old.  This app is for young people to chat and hook up.  I don’t think most of them are looking for serious long-term relationships at this age.” (Jade Seashell, relationship advisor and columnist)

“We like Teen Dating app.  It’s a chat and hook-up app for teenagers to have fun.  If a teenager is looking for someone who is of the same age, this is the right app for them to use, as long as they know how to protect themselves online and offline.” (Curt Coch, Founder of iDateAdvice – the best dating advice website on the Internet)


Teen Dating is an online dating service for teenagers between 17 and 19 years of age.  Its user-friendly features and clean & neat interface have attracted a lot of young people who are looking for love and hook-ups.  It’s worth trying if you are curious about dating and relationships.


teen dating app screen

The post Teen Dating: a teen dating app for teenagers between 17 and 19 appeared first on Best free dating apps advice.

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