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If you are an ambitious woman looking for a high-value man, you are probably considering joining an elite dating app to meet successful men. Similarly, if you are a rich man looking for a hot woman, maybe you are also thinking about where you can find the right woman so that you can live your […]

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men in dating app

If you are an ambitious woman looking for a high-value man, you are probably considering joining an elite dating app to meet successful men. Similarly, if you are a rich man looking for a hot woman, maybe you are also thinking about where you can find the right woman so that you can live your love life on your terms. Now this article will explain what you need to know in this regard.

  • How do you define “elite”?

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, “elite” means a group of people who have a lot of power and influence because they have money, knowledge, or special skills.

In theory, that’s true. In practice, there are various types of elite dating apps that cater to different groups of elite individuals.

Firstly, there are elite dating apps such as The Inner Circle and The League where ambitious men meet ambitious women. Most people use these two apps are well-educated, intelligent professionals or women on dating app

Secondly, there are luxury dating apps such as Luxy and Millionaire Match where rich members meet attractive members and build genuine, meaningful relationships. Please note that Luxy is for rich men to meet relatively rich women, whereas Millionaire Match is mostly for rich men to meet hot women. Also, Millionaire Match has a much longer history than Luxy, but Luxy has stayed on iTunes for much longer recently before all wealthy dating apps were removed by Apple.

Thirdly, there are elite dating apps such as Seeking and Sugar Daddy Meet where wealthy men meet attractive women for NSA relationships or arrangements. The biggest sugar daddy dating app in the world is Seeking which is available on Android currently.

Please identify how you define “elite” and then you can choose an elite dating app from the above-mentioned list.

  • Meeting elite daters online AND offline:

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t recommend online dating to people who want to date up or marry up because at that time, successful singles wouldn’t need to use online dating sites & dating apps didn’t exist ten years ago.

But today I would say you should try online dating and offline dating at the same time because these days things have changed a lot – everything is digital now.

Chances are you will meet legitimate millionaires on elite dating apps nowadays because almost every single individual is on some kind of dating app or dating website.

But online dating isn’t the only way to find a high-value men on dating app

Actually, you can still find a successful partner offline. You may want to use some community-based methods to meet someone high-value.

In terms of how to meet someone rich offline, I highly recommend you to check out Ginie Sayles’s teachings, including her books and DVDs, because her strategies were all developed in the 90s before the Internet became mainstream. That means her strategies work very well offline.

The following itemsare for those who are very ambitious and want to know how to get rich by meeting the rich or marrying the rich. No matter you are single and looking for a rich mate or you are a business owner looking for rich clients, I’d like to show you how Ginie Sayles’ books can bring you a lot of good value.

  • How to Meet the Rich for Business, Friendship or Romance(book written by Ginie Polo Sayles)

If you are a freelancer looking for rich clients for your business, this is the single most important book that you must read (Yes, I said must, not should). Most marketing books teach you theories that are hard to implement in a small business or a freelance business, but this book is different. As I run a small business myself, I have utilized Ginie’s strategies in my business and it’s working. In fact, Ginie also released a DVD How the Rich can Make You Rich (a business seminar) in which she talks about what exactly you need to emphasize when you are introducing your product or service to four different categories of rich clients. As to meeting the rich for friendship or romance, this book also offers some solid advice if you decide not to use an elite dating app, but I highly recommend reading the business section of this book (and you will have something useful to talk about with your rich partner who happens to run a successful business).

  • How to Marry the Rich: The Rich Will Marry Someone, Why Not You?(book written by Ginie Polo Sayels)joining an elite dating app

This book is all about how to marry the money, which means you need to be open-minded enough to read it! Of course, principles in this book can also be used in dating the rich without joining an elite dating app (not necessarily marrying the rich). This is the most practical, the most honest and the most comprehensive book I’ve ever read in the luxury dating industry. I’ve been in this industry for nearly twenty years – I have read at least 1,000 books that are relevant to wealthy dating and this book is the best. Having said that, some of its information is slightly outdated because it was written in the 90s, but the good news is human nature doesn’t change.

  • The Seduction Mystique(book written by Ginie Polo Sayles)

Our dating consultant Jade Seashell read this book when she was writing content for her online program Irresistible Women’s Academy. This book is a major part of her research. The language in this book is intoxicating! After reading this book myself, I not only learned a wealth of knowledge about seduction, but also learned how to write in a more engaging way because of this book. I would like to recommend it to women who are looking for long-term relationships that are sweet, sustainable and satisfying!

  • Rich S*x: The Sexual Dynamics of Money(book written by Ginie Polo Sayles)

happy men in date app

Once you’ve entered Ginie’s world, you don’t want to leave. Rich S*x is another eye-opener which teaches her readers how rich men operate in the bedroom before elite dating apps were invented. In this book, Ginie Sayles shares six rich s*x styles as well as how courtesans and mistresses operate. I don’t think you have to be a courtesan or a mistress in order to benefit from this book. As a matter of fact, any man or woman who would like to date the rich or marry up would be well-advised to read this book and benefit from its valuable information.

Yes, the above-mentioned list is about getting rich by finding rich clients or choosing a hypergamous lifestyle without using elite dating apps. It’s not for the faint-hearted as every book in this list is quite bold.

  • A switched-on dater would leverage the knowledge from luxury dating experts and then use the knowledge/skills on elite dating apps.

Online dating and offline dating don’t have to be two completely separate things. As a matter of fact, many smart daters read books about offline dating and then use the knowledge they have learned for online dating. That is very effective.

Once you’ve met someone via an elite dating app, you have to meet that individual in person anyway if you are serious. Therefore, you can easily use what you’ve learned from various sources to your advantage and get the high-value partner that you want.

Yes, it is necessary to join an elite dating app so as to find a high-quality partner, but that is not the only way to do it.

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Millionaire Match dating app review (wealthy dating) Wed, 12 Dec 2018 11:48:31 +0000 Millionaire-Match-dating-app

Milionaire Match is a luxury dating app for wealthy men and hot women.

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Millionaire Match dating app is the world’s leading dating platform for rich guys and attractive women to meet each other. It’s the ultimate place for CEOs, business owners, investors, doctors, lawyers, models, movie stars and beauty queens to meet each other and start relationships. Theoretically, Millionaire Match dating app isn’t a sugar daddy app; yet realistically, high-quality arrangements are usually found on this app because the majority of high-value sugar daddies don’t need to join sugar baby dating apps – they prefer Millionaire Match dating app.

Millionaire Match dating app helps you live your dreams. Also, if you are their happy customer and you look hot, you may even contact Millionaire Match because they sometimes need product endorsers to appear in their press releases worldwide. In this way, Millionaire Match will pay you instead. Having said that, you must meet these standards: 1) You must be their legitimate member; 2) you must look very attractive; 3) you must be able to provide positive comments on Millionaire Match dating app via telephone or video; 4) you need to have outstanding writing skills.


  • Members cannot include ‘looking for a sugar baby/sugar daddy’ in their dating profile because this will make Millionaire Match dating app delete their profile – Millionaire Match is supposed to be a sugar-free place as it’s a millionaire dating app only.
  • Discover other members in your local area.
  • Chat with other users online.
  • Certified millionaires: you know you can trust who you are talking to.
  • Browse other users’ profiles anonymously.
  • View who’s interested in you.
  • Excellent customer support 24/7.
  • Swipe left or right to indicate whether you like someone or not.


  • 1-month member: $100.99 (with auto renewal)
  • 3-month member: $239.99
  • 6-month member: $399.99
  • 1-month member: $109.99 (without auto renewal)


  • Add your favourite members to a list.
  • Anything is possible. Although Millionaire Match dating app doesn’t allow its users to look for sugar relationships, many members still managed to find sugar daddies and sugar babies via this app. In fact, any kind of relationship is possible here, no matter you are looking for a casual hookup or a serious commitment.
  • The quality of rich men on this app is pretty high because many of them are ready to get married and spoil their wives in a sugar style.
  • This app can be used on iPhone or iPad.
  • Send images in text messages.
  • Wealthy men who join Millionaire Match dating app are verified millionaires, so you know it’s a reliable rich men dating app.

* Gay or lesbian daters can’t find enough people to meet on Millionaire Match dating app.

  • Members can’t say they are looking for arrangements in public.
  • It’s quite expensive.Millionaire Match Rich Singles Dating App

Users’ comments:

“I met my husband on Millionaire Match dating app. As a retired sugar baby, I prefer marrying a rich guy so that I can continue enjoying a luxury lifestyle. Thanks to Millionaire Match, my dream has become true.” (Ann, 30, Brisbane)

“The quality of women on Millionaire Match is very high. Most ladies that I’ve met via this app are very rich themselves. They are either successful businesswomen or capable professionals that I respect and admire.” (Jack, 34, London)

“Millionaire Match dating app has extensive media coverage and very good press because it has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, so I believe in this reputable dating app for rich guys and hot women. Some of my CEO friends met their girlfriends on this app, so I’m trying it, too.” (Richard, 35, NYC)

“As a successful woman, it’s hard for me to find someone suitable in my life because most men don’t make as much money as I do & I don’t want to financially support a guy at all. That’s why I joined Millionaire Match dating app to meet someone who deserves my attention and love – someone that matches me!” (Sally, 33, Toronto)

Experts’ comments:

“Millionaire Match dating app was developed in 2001 by my friend’s company. It’s their high-end product which has millions of millionaires worldwide. Because they have been in the online wealthy dating industry for almost 20 years, they know what they are talking about very well.” (Diane Williams)

“No matter you want to meet a sugar daddy or find a rich husband, Millionaire Match dating app can help you achieve your goal in your love life.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

With over 3 million active members who are sexy women and wealthy men, it’s relatively easy to find someone suitable on Millionaire Match dating app. If you are aware of finer things in life or if you only want to meet high-value women, please download Millionaire Match dating app. But please note that your iTunes account will immediately be charged at the confirmation of your purchase. Auto-renewal for the same upgrade price at the end of 1-month period will be activated as well. Yet auto-renewal can be switched off – all you need to do is to click on ‘Account Settings’ and switch it off at least twenty-four hours before the end of the current period. Cancellation of the current upgrade plan during an active period isn’t

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Couplemaker Dating – Chat Meet (dating app review) Fri, 30 Nov 2018 03:29:12 +0000 Couplemaker-Dating-Chat-Meet

Why men looking for Korean women should download Couplemaker dating app and find blind dates today.

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Couplemaker dating app is a mobile dating product launched in Korea and it’s now very popular in English-speaking countries as well. Actually, if you are a western guy looking for a Korean girlfriend, you must download Couplemaker dating app now.

Efficient blind dates at your fingertip.
• Crush factor: circle the user that you like among a list of members’ photos that are introduced to you.
• If you and another member circled each other’s dating profile, that’s a match.
• Once the match is discovered, you can see each other’s names and contact details. That’s how you contact each other.
• Every dating profile is manually checked by Couplemaker dating app’s staff members.
• Only approved users can use this service.

$6.49 – $65.99 per item

• Couplemaker dating app is a great alternative if you dislike mainstream dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble which display your photo AND your name in the community. In other words, if you live in a small city where everybody knows everybody, you probably don’t like it when other members can see your name as well as your photo at the same time.
• Couplemaker dating app is the best blind date app on the market because you will only see another member’s name and contact details after a match is made. Your privacy is well protected.
• Couplemaker dating app is the best Korean women dating app if your goal is to get a Korean girlfriend.

• Couplemaker dating app doesn’t have enough English-speaking members if you live in an English-speaking country because the majority of its users are in Korea.
• It is quite expensive, compared to other similar dating apps. You have to pay in order to contact other members.


Users’ comments:
“Now I don’t need to ask my friends and co-workers to introduce other singles to me anymore because I can easily meet interesting and attractive people on Couplemaker dating app. This is so handy.” (Leeanne, 32, Sydney)
“I always wanted to meet more Korean women. Luckily, I found Couplemaker dating app on the Internet! Now I’m dating three Korean beauties at the same time.” (Linus, 35, New York)
“This is the only dating app you need if you want to date Korean ladies. And the Korean girls on this app are absolutely stunning!” (Benjamin, 27, L.A.)
“I am a Korean woman living in America and I only use Couplemaker dating app to meet western men, because if I use Tinder or Bumble, I will meet many western men who aren’t interested in Korean women like me. But on Couplemaker dating app, I always meet western men who are very interested in meeting Korean girls. This is perfect.” (Kim, 25, Miami)

Experts’ comments:
“Couplemaker dating app is the No. 1 blind date app for those who are interested in meeting girls from Korea.” (Jade Seashell)
“When you travel to Korea, you must download Couplemaker dating app immediately.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:
Couplemaker dating app is an effective app for you to flirt with ladies from Korea. You need to make sure your photo looks great if you’d like to have more matches on this app.


The quality of your photo determines how many matches you’ll get.

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Dine Dating App Review (first dates – guaranteed) Sun, 25 Nov 2018 07:40:46 +0000

Dine dating app guarantees first dates!

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Apple App Store regards Dine Dating App as the best new app in 2019. This dating app has been featured on Business Insider, Venture Beat and Phone Arena, so it must have done something right!


  • Only meet people who are interested in going on a real date.
  • Meet local singles on real dates at restaurants, bars and cafés in your local area.
  • Stop wasting time chatting online without organising an actual date.
  • Talk in person to understand each other better.
  • Simply choose some restaurants you like and Dine dating app starts becoming your matchmaker.
  • Dine dating app introduces you to other local singles as well as their favourite restaurants.
  • You decide where to eat and meet.


  • Premium subscription: $27.99
    * Premium subscription: $99.99
    * Dine Gold: $64.99
    * Premium subscription for Dine: $27.99
    * Premium subscription: $69.99
    * Dine Gold: $64.99
    * Dine Gold: $149.99
    * Premium subscription for Dine: $9.99
    * Dine Gold: $349.99
    * 10 Dine Coins: $24.99


  • This is an extremely efficient and effective dating app because it directs you to the right place to meet other singles immediately rather than waste your time chatting online without any result.
  • Its membership system filters the crap out – low-quality daters and scammers won’t pay for this service, so you’ll only meet genuine people who are actually looking for real dates and love.
  • When dating is combined with food and drinks, love life becomes yummy.


  • $65 per year isn’t a low fee, so this app has a smaller number of members compared with other dating apps.
  • Dine dating app doesn’t even allow you to contact other members unless you’ve paid $65 first.

Dine Dating App review

Users’ comments:

“Dine dating app used to be free to use and I met some very cute girls via this app. But now it requires a membership fee that I’m not happy to pay, so I’ll go to Tinder and Bumble instead – I’ll never pay for dating services. I just don’t value these things.” (Daniel, 25, Portland)

“I don’t mind paying $65 on Dine dating app because the girls on this app are hot. Almost every woman that I’ve met on this app knows how to enjoy life, looks sexy and has a positive attitude towards relationships. I have recommended Dine dating app to all my single friends.” (Timothy, 27, Hollywood, Florida)

“The only problem with Dine dating app is that many ladies use this app to get free meals from men. I have met 5 women via Dine dating app and all of them didn’t offer to pay for the dinner. They all blocked my phone number after the first date. I am not an ugly dude with no charisma, so I just feel being used by these manipulative whores.” (Charlie, 29, L.A.)

“I used Dine dating app to meet men. Even though I don’t always meet attractive men on this app, I still enjoyed the free dinner.” (Louise, 24, New York City)

Experts’ comments:

“Dine dating app is a high-quality dating product for singles to meet and date each other in real life. When you look at someone’s favourite restaurants, you understand that person’s taste, socioeconomic background and lifestyle a bit better.” (Jade Seashell)

“As a woman, you should offer to pay for a dinner date, but the guy you are dating should tell you that he will pay for the dinner. If he wants you to pay for the dinner on the first date, that probably means he doesn’t want to invest in you. Women don’t like cheap men.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Dine dating app is a great platform to meet other singles effectively. Our advice for women is: If you really don’t want to pay for the dinner date, just don’t pay for it, because if you do offer to pay, you will create the foundation of this relationship in a way that isn’t on your terms – he will know that you don’t expect him to look after you, so his behaviour will only become worse and worse in the future. On the first date, the guy should be on his best behaviour & if he doesn’t even try to impress you on the first date, he will never want to impress you in the long term. Our advice for men is: If you don’t want to be used by women, perhaps you should join another dating app that doesn’t specify dinner dates; however, if you are a rich man and you do want to meet hot women who knows how to smell roses, enjoy life and have fun, you should join Dine dating app to meet these attractive girls.

itunes 200x

Who should pay on the first date? If you don’t like the woman you are dating, you can ask her to pay for the dinner date so that she will automatically block your phone number without you dumping her. This simple strategy saves you money, time and energy. You will thank us later. (You are welcome.)

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Waplog – Free Chatting & Dating App to Meet Singles (dating app review) Fri, 23 Nov 2018 05:23:48 +0000 Waplog -Dating app. Chat. Meet

Waplog is a free dating app for singles to meet each other on the Internet and start flirting immediately.

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Waplog -Dating app. Chat. Meet

Waplog is one of the biggest dating apps in the world with millions of users around the world. Now let’s find out why this dating app is so popular!

• Only meet with people nearby.
• It’s a free dating app which allows you to contact other singles for free.
• Its security and privacy protection measures are advanced.
• Watch stories online.
• Add your own stories.
• Relationships, hookups and friendships are all allowed on Waplog dating app.
• Verification system ensures a safe environment.
• Turn your videos into cash – you can create locked videos. Waplog not only asks zero dollar from you, but also helps you to make money online.
• If you’d like to have a VIP membership, you can buy a VIP subscription and boost your dating profile for 15 minutes so that you’ll get more matches in your local area.

• Free to join and free to use.
• VIP features: $1.13 – $139.99 per item.

• Waplog dating app is the only social networking app that helps you to make money while using this service for free, even though new users claim that making money from this is a myth rather than a reality.
• Its massive database means finding a partner here isn’t hard.
• You can find friendships, hookups and relationships on Waplog dating app easily. Anything is possible.

• The reason why Waplog dating app has so many reviews on Google Play Store is that every user is forced to write a review frequently before they can keep using this apps for free.
• It’s a bit hard to find the “delete” button which allows you to delete your dating profile on Waplog dating app.
• It is reported that the number of active users is decreasing nowadays.

Waplog -Dating app

Users’ comments:
“Although Waplog dating app is similar to Tinder, its features are better because it allows me to upload videos and make money from my videos. I love it. Even though I’m not really looking for a partner online, I still use Waplog to make money. This dating app is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in monetizing their videos on the Internet because the traffic is sent to you automatically.” (Monica, 26, Toronto)
“I have no interest in finding a partner via Waplog dating app. All I’m interested in is how to add videos and turn them into cash. However, unlike some early users’ experiences, I find it impossible to monetize my videos on this app.” (Will, 23, Birmingham)
“Waplog dating app is good because it’s free. But the quality of its members doesn’t seem to be very high. I’m not impressed.” (Bianca, 29, Melbourne)
“I like the fun energy on Waplog dating app.” (Luke, 30, San Francisco)

Experts’ comments:
“Waplog dating app is a successful dating product in the online dating industry. Even though it was not created by a company in an English-speaking country, it has certainly dominated a big part of the market in English-speaking countries.” (Jade Seashell)
“I think Waplog dating app is a reasonable app for people to look for all kinds of relationships online.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:
Waplog dating app is a popular, mainstream dating platform for singles to find love online. You don’t necessarily have to look for a commitment; you can look for friends with benefits, one-night stands, casual hookups, etc. No one is here to judge you, so it’s totally up to you in terms of what you want and when you want it.

itunes 200x

Waplog monetizes their users’ attention by selling ads in the community. Meanwhile, it also sells VIP memberships to its users. That’s a good business model because members find it affordable. It’s a win-win situation.

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Clover dating app review (meet and chat with local singles) Sun, 18 Nov 2018 08:29:57 +0000 Clover dating app

Clover (meet & chat with local singles) is a dating app that has been very sensational on the market.

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Clover dating app

Clover dating app is a sensational social networking and flirting app for singles to meet each other in the local area instantly. It claims that once you’ve joined Clover, you can delete all other dating apps on your phone because Clover dating app is the only tool you need to meet local singles in the fastest way. Indeed, it has all the features that you like on other dating apps.


  • Swipe left to pass someone or swipe right to like somebody.
  • View fullscreen photos with high definition.
  • It has the simplicity of Tinder and the science of – seriously perfect!
  • Join Mixers to meet local men and women who share the same interests with you.
  • Join local singles’ parties and events.
  • Join online meetups.
  • Advanced search function to filter people nearby: looking for friends/dating/serious relationships, body type, weight, occupation, ethnicity, etc.
  • Organise a list of your favouirite members.
  • You can promote your social media pages on your profile (e.g. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat) so that other users will know you better.
  • Block users of certain age groups and certain locations. For instance, if you are a 20-year-old woman looking for a young man, you can block men who are over 40 years old so that they won’t see your profile and won’t harrass you. Another example is if you are from New York and you are married (but you are looking for friends in L.A. as you visit L.A. every month for business purposes), you can block users in New York so that nobody in New York can see your dating profile on Clover dating app. In this way, you will only meet singles in L.A.!
  • You can share pictures, video and audio messages with other members.
  • You can use it on Apple watch.
  • You can post 100 profile photos.
  • You’ll see who is interested in your profile
  • You can send unlimited gifts if you are a premium member.
  • Multimedia chat is only available to premium members on Clover dating app.


1 month’s premium membership: $29.99;
6 months’ premium membership: $89.99.

clover dating app


  • You can use Clover dating app for free for 7 days. This is the free trial period.
  • It is probably the most comprehensive dating app on the market.
  • The design is extremely classy.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • The pricing is reasonable.


  • The quality of its members isn’t very high. A lot of active users don’t respond to messages.
  • When you are using its 7-day free trial period, you interact with more singles on this app. But once you’ve purchased a premium membership, you actually meet less singles on this app. What does that mean?
  • Some members are complaining that even if they deactivated their dating profiles on Clover dating app before the end of the 7-day trial period, this app still charged them $29.99.

Users’ comments:

“I don’t like this app because although it has so many features, most of these features don’t work at all. I used filters to block smokers; however, I still received messages from smokers. Unbelievable!” (Amanda, 39, NYC)

“Clover dating app doesn’t work for me because although I like this app, I don’t like people on this app. Whenever I join Mixers online, I always meet someone negative. Avoid at all cost!” (Lisa, 40, L.A.)

“I’ve lost faith in online dating because of Clover dating app – it’s just such a waste of time. I’ve been in this community for nearly six months and still haven’t met 1 decent person yet.” (Josh, 28, Miami)

“I highly recommend Clover dating app because it works pretty well. I’ve met some friends with benefits as well as my current partner. Now I’m engaged.” (Ryan, 32, Toronto)

“I stopped using all other apps because Clover dating app is the only app I need for my love life.” (Bruce, 28, Vancouver)

Experts’ comments:

“Clover dating app has been featured on Metro News, Betakit, Digital Trends and Techcrunch. As it’s highly recommended by many dating experts around the world, it must have done something right.” (Jade Seashell)

“Women on Clover dating app are hot.” (Curt Coch)

Executive summary:

Clover dating app is one of the best dating apps in 2019. Although it’s been doing well in many ways, it would be well-advised to improve its service because the competition is increasingly stiff nowadays.

itunes download

Get real dates with On-Demand Dating! The most attractive occupations among women on Clover are flight attendants, speech therapists and product managers. The most attractive occupations among men on Clover are lawyers, doctors and psychiatrists. What does that tell you? Well, perhaps that means men value women’s reproductive value, whereas women value men’s survival value, if we can use these ancient terms?


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The Inner Circle – fine dating app review (with real users’ comments) Fri, 09 Nov 2018 04:43:32 +0000

The Inner Circle was launched in Amsterdam in 2012 and now it has become a hugely successful dating app.

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The Inner Circle is a selective dating app for young professionals living in the same city to socialise with each other. This is a VIP only dating app.

• The Inner Circle dating app operates on an invitation-only structure. You have to be invited in order to join this app. This is a great way to make sure that users are legitimate members.
• The interface is very similar to Facebook’s interface, so it’s very user-friendly.
• Browse photos and send likes.
• Build profiles to attract other singles.
• Interact with other members and chat online.
• Use social network analysis to make connections.
• Post your plans to go out on your timeline.
• Organise meet-ups.
• A member can invite 5 friends who will be screened before approval.
• Although it’s an app on iOS and Android, you can also use its website version.

$5 per week

• Every user has to be invited in order to join The Inner Circle dating app, so the quality of its members is extremely high (social proof + screening).
• It has received six major awards and nominations since its inception: Newcomer Website of the Year (UK), Best London Dating Event, Best Dating Events Brand of 2015 (UK), Best Niche Dating Site 2016 (Europe), Online Dating Brand of the Year 2016 (UK) and Most Disruptive Innovator 2017. Clearly, The Inner Circle dating app is a well-respected dating product on the market.
• You not only join an online dating app, but also can join their live events if you want to. That’s a perfect way to meet people online and offline.
• In 2018, The Inner Circle dating app has about 1 million members and nearly half a million applicants on the waiting list. Apparently, the huge database indicates a high possibility for you to find a good match here. You need to meet enough people and filter them before you know who is the best one for you.
• Its design is similar to that of Facebook, so anyone can use it easily without an issue – even your grandma is also on Facebook.

The Inner Circle – Fine Dating

• The Inner Circle dating app is very popular in European cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Milan, London and Barcelona. It’s not very popular in North America and Oceania. Hence, if you are from the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, perhaps this fine dating app isn’t the right app for you. Thus, you may want to use other more mainstream apps such as Tinder and Bumble instead.
• It’s actually quite expensive – you have to pay $5 per week in order to access all the features of this app. That’s about $20 per month.

Users’ comments:
“I joined The Inner Circle dating app in 2014 and met the love of my life within 2 months. We chatted online and then met each other in person when both of us attended a live event organised by this app. It was definitely love at first sight with a prior understanding of each other because we talked a lot on the internet before the event. I think this is a great way to meet people via both URL and IRL.” (Naomi, 35, London)

“My girlfriend and I met each other through The Inner Circle dating app which is a fantastic platform to meet singles looking for love. At the beginning, I only wanted to meet more people and expand my network because I moved to Paris from Australia and would like to know more local people in Paris. Then I met Celine who became my girlfriend. Our relationship is going really well, so I’m very grateful for this phenomenal app.” (Timothy, 34, Paris)

“Excellent app brings excellent results. I’ve met many high-value women via The Inner Circle dating app. They are so intelligent, well-educated and sophisticated. I dated a few of them. Now I’m not in a relationship yet, but I quite enjoy the dating experiences offered by this app. Currently, I’m seeing an elegant and fine lady who looks like Audrey Hepburn.” (Kyle, 29, Milan)

Experts’ comments:
“The Inner Circle dating app is a sensational, professional and phenomenal online dating product. We have seen a lot of dating products on the market and this is probably one of the best.” (Curt Coch)

“A seriously perfect dating app if you live in Europe.” (Jade Seashell)

Executive summary:
The Inner Circle is a fine dating app which only accepts new members who are invited by existing members. Because of its strict screening process, the quality of its users is very high. All of its members are young professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and teachers. As a result, if you identify yourself as a well-educated young professional with a good career, you should probably join this app to look for the love of your life online and offline (this app does organise offline events).

The Inner Circle fine dating app is the single most important dating platform in major cities in Europe.

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