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Casual relationships are mainstream in today’s day and age because these relationships are less stressful and more fun!  If you are looking for casual dating, make sure you check out these casual dating apps and start the adventure today.

  • What do we recommend?

We highly recommend Bumble, Blendr and Wild because we’ve tested these casual dating apps ourselves – We know they really work!  So we hope you can try them as well.

  • Why do we recommend them?

Life is short, and youth is even shorter.  If you think you are young, soon you’ll be old; if you think you are old, soon you’ll be older!  That’s just the truth.  So please don’t waste your time and begin to enjoy life when you still can!

Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “The only regret that I have is I didn’t hook up with enough hot chicks in my twenties. Now those years are gone!” Indeed, many successful entrepreneurs in their 50s mentioned something similar during interviews – they all believe that they should have begun to be happy much earlier! So don’t let this become your regret in life.

  • Why do men prefer flings?

Men choose casual dating because men are biologically programmed to date multiple women at the same time. That’s just the raw truth that the mainstream society doesn’t want to admit. Traditional relationships have their own place, but a wise man will never deny the excitement of casual relationships.

  • Why do women enjoy flings?

Women choose casual dating because modern women are liberated. Empowered women know they have the same rights as men! If you are an enlightened woman in modern-day society, you should know this is the best time to be a woman in human history because at last you have the freedom to enjoy yourself now. Mainstream culture only wanted to use slut-shaming to control women, so women were mentally hijacked. But nowadays, women have the freedom to choose whatever lifestyle they want.

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